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Blog July 7, 2021

Moving With a Dog to a New Home

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Jane Davis

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Everyone who has pets would agree that moving with a dog is not an easy task. But, we are sure that without your canine companion, you can’t picture your future home. Dogs are territorial animals, and even without the relocation process, changing their former place is difficult enough. Of course, you want to make your interstate moving as stress-free for your pet as possible, so here are a few tips that will help you.

How Does Moving Affect a Dog?

Is moving stressful for dogs? Well, there is no doubt that relocation doesn’t always have a positive impact on them. It’s almost the same as relocating with kids. However, their home is where the owner is, so as long as we are with them, they will adjust to any change of environment sooner or later. You should check out some tips and moving hacks that could ease the entire process for both of you.

dog Try to help your furry friend get through this hard time more efficiently

How to Prepare Dogs for the Move-Out Day

Moving with pets is not an easy task. On the day of the relocation, with so many long distance movers and packing supplies all around, things can escalate quickly because that is a clear signal that something big is going on, which can upset them. Here are some ideas that should help you survive the packing day without upsetting your pet.

Consider Taking Your Pet to Your Friend or Family Member

Try taking your furry friend somewhere else if you can’t seem to find a way to protect him from all the chaos in the house. This is the best option in some situations, considering that nervous dogs need continuous care. And the odds are you won’t be able to concentrate on him too much with everything else going on. Also, seeing an angry dog running right beside you while you or cross country movers are juggling large items can also be risky.

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Put Your Dog in a Quiet Room to Help him Relax

There will be quite a few individuals in your house if you decide to hire a long distance moving company. This can make your pet frustrated, so having a quiet room to protect your dog from all the chaos would be a good idea. Along with food and water, you can put some of your dog’s favorite toys in there. Do not forget to check up on your canine friend from time to time.

holding-a-dog Be sure you prepare your pet for the relocation day well in advance and have enough treats and food

Pet-Related Tips for Moving With a Dog to a New Home

There are many things to look out for when relocating with pets. For instance, if you’re flying with an animal that has never flown before, try to avoid last minute moving and start planning it in advance by establishing familiar situations. If your puppy is not accustomed to being carried in a carrier, you should let him get familiar with it. There are also calming medicines that you can ask your vet about or other stress relievers for stress-free moving. Take a look at these useful tips that will make the whole relocation process easier for both you and your furry friend.

Don’t Change the Routine When Moving

If their eating schedule, sleeping, and going out for a walk stays the same, it will be easier for them to adapt. That’s why you need to ensure their bed and toys are on the household inventory list among moving essentials because, during the move, they will maintain your pets’ good mood and keep him entertained. Bring its favorite food as well. It may be more challenging for older dogs to adapt, but they’ll come to it, too.

Introduce Your Dog to Your New Home

Before letting the dog in, you need to inspect the house for any potentially harmful items that could have been left by the former owners, such as cleaning products or pesticides. Then you can place his bed somewhere safe and quiet and let him explore the new house at his own pace. Don’t rush him. Each dog needs a different amount of time to adapt to the new space.

Don’t Forget That Dogs Need Regular Exercise

As we mentioned before, dogs get more frustrated and upset if you disrupt their daily routines, and you may neglect them while getting organized to move. The wellbeing of your pet should be among your priorities, no matter how busy you are. Make sure that exercise time is included in these chaotic days. Not only can this help maintain the daily routine of your puppy, but it will also help reduce tension. Ask a friend or family member to take your furry friend for a walk or a bit of training if you can’t find any time in your schedule for the park. Watch the video below for some ideas for your pet’s exercise and daily training.

Be Patient With Your Dogs if They Bark a Lot

Note, your pup doesn’t understand what the big deal is all about, so his stress is greater than yours. You should know that it is a normal reaction to an unfamiliar situation if the animal expresses fear through excessive barking, whimpering, or another type of strange behavior. This is normal to happen, even though you have taught it the basic training. Thus, be patient with him.

puppy-is-sitting Every animal needs some time to adapt to a new place

How Do You Move a Dog to a New Home?

Well, it isn’t easy, but it can be more painless if you follow the tips we have given you. How long does it take for a dog to adjust to a move? It will take your pet a few weeks or more to adapt to their new home, so don’t think that everything will be perfect from day one. It can be difficult, but moving to another state alone with your faithful companion is achievable. Just make sure to put your pet’s toys and other belongings on the packing list. In order to concentrate on other essential things, such as guiding your feline friend through all the changes, you can rely on the professional long-distance movers who offer long distance moving services such as packing service and renting storage.

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