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Blog July 9, 2021

Best Ways to Meet New Neighbors After Moving In

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Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

According to a recent study, next-door friends can impact one’s happiness to a great extent. The research showed that 61% of adults aged 45 and older are lonely because they rarely meet new neighbors and next-door people in general. That’s why establishing healthy and harmonious relations with the people in your neighborhood should be one of your first concerns when settling into an unfamiliar environment. As they say: “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

If you’ve rented or bought a new place and moved in recently (on your own or with the help of professional moving services) and finally settled in, you’re probably thrilled about your home, new life and environment, and neighborhood. However, to make yourself feel at home and fit in, you should find the best way to get to know the people next door. We’ve compiled a list with the best tips and tricks for overcoming social anxiety and building a great relationship with the folks living around you.

Living in a friendly community might be the key to your own happiness

Why Is It So Important to Meet New Neighbors After Moving in ASAP

When you settle in, unpack the boxes and set up your living area, the first next step should be organizing the initial meeting with the people next door. Whether you’d like to give the impression of an encounter by chance or you are inclined toward a more official introduction, you should do it as early as possible. That’s how you can avoid uncomfortable situations of accidentally running into someone from the same street at the bank, local store, or a restaurant and pretending that you don’t know them. Also, making the first move will give a signal to your neighbors that you are willing to fit into their community.

Introduce yourself to the family next-door after moving in

Find Painless Ways to Break the Ice – Introduce Yourself, Ask Questions, or Throw a Meet-and-Greet Party

Whichever way you prefer to meet someone new, you should take a genuine interest in finding the most suitable timing to start a conversation. That’s why it is essential to observe carefully and check out the people around you. Finding some common ground and topics, such as having kids, old parents, and other shared interests, can help you approach the person much more easily. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t wait too long for the perfect opportunity to establish contact. Here are several ways to initiate contact with your neighbor and make it seem as natural as possible.

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Smile, Say Hello, and Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

If you happen to see one of the familiar faces from your neighborhood in a restaurant or a store, don’t be shy. Just go over and say hello. You will be surprised by the positive reaction this kind of gesture can receive. The initial introduction can smoothly turn into something more – a pleasant conversation and invitation to dinner at your place.

Attend Community Events

There is probably no better way to get to know your local community than to become involved in local events. This is an excellent chance to get to know not only the people in the immediate vicinity but all the interesting folks who live nearby. The event might turn into a perfect opportunity to make friends in a new city.

Invite Them Over for a Dinner Party

Having a chance to talk individually to everyone could provide both you and them with a feeling of closeness and friendliness. Organize a dinner party, create a daily schedule, and reserve a specific date and time for each household.

Also, by now, you should already be familiar with the type of foods and drinks they prefer. Knowing their habits will just add to the laid-back atmosphere of the evening and improve your guests’ mood.

Your Neighbors’ Habits May Be Your Guide

That being said, getting familiar with their daily routine can do wonders for your future relationship. It’s not just about your neighbors’ favorite pasta or cappuccino without sugar; it’s about their lives and leisure time. If you want to establish a strong and lasting bond with the families next door, you should know their working hours, outdoor activities, and when they watch their favorite TV show on Saturday evening. Showing interest in their lifestyle and respecting it might be the crucial factor for building tight-knit relations.

Online Connections Are Increasingly Popular

There are a plethora of programs for crime prevention that members can access by visiting their websites and registering online. One of the oldest and most famous crime prevention programs is Neighborhood Watch, created to unite individual citizens, private organizations, and law enforcement agencies in the case of an emergency or to reduce residential crime. If you want to register or get some additional answers, visit the NNW website and find out how to become active in community efforts.

Also, you can check online for a community website or Facebook page to get more information about local news and events. By joining a community website, you can exchange ideas about local issues, which can be one step forward to getting closer to the residents of your neighborhood.

Spending Time Outdoors Is a Perfect Chance for Getting Closer

One of the essential things after relocating has to do with spending time outside. It can be a good chance to meet your new neighborhood. There are so many ways to enjoy your environment and start communicating with friendly individuals at the same time, such as:

  • Read a book or just relax on your porch or patio
  • Instead of driving your vehicle to a car wash, wash it out in your driveway
  • Do yard work – who knows, talking about gardening tips with another plant aficionado can produce a great relationship
  • Just take a walk in the late afternoon, and there’s a great chance you’ll meet a neighbor or two
Dinner might be an excellent occasion for a laid-back atmosphere

Additional Tips to Help You Forge Healthier Relationships with Your Neighbors

Some folks don’t like making the first contact and speaking about their hobbies and favorite food. So, don’t be surprised if someone you’re trying to get close to is a social introvert – it’s not your fault.

Also, some folks are hypersensitive or overactive by nature, which may become a severe problem if you have kids. These loners can sometimes react too impulsively to small everyday nuisances such as loud noises, bad parking, or your pet’s behavior.
To solve prospective problems smoothly and avoid potential misunderstandings in the future, we’ve put together some handy tips on how to deal with neighbors that complain about everything:

  • If you have kids, make it clear to nearby residents that you’ll do your best to keep the noise to a minimum
  • Make sure you clean up after your pet
  • If you’re a planning social gathering or evening party, inform your neighbors in advance about possible noise during late hours
  • Keep your house exterior and your yard clean and tidy
  • Take out your trash on time
  • Be mindful of your neighbor’s parking space and avoid blocking access to their driveway
  • If your neighbor likes flowers, you can take the first step by knocking on their door and bringing them petunias or some other plant. Another excellent idea might be to compliment the plants in their garden or on the patio.
Some individuals don't like social gatherings, and you should respect that

Experts Say: “A Great Host Lets Guests Be Themselves”

Having a good and functioning relationship with the local community is one of the crucial factors for your happiness. Believe it or not, you can do a lot to improve your relationship after the relocation. It’s up to you whether your fresh start is going to be positive or rather unfortunate.

Warm hospitality at your home doesn’t require lots of money or a great deal of time. The goal is to exchange pleasantries and add small bits that let your guests know you care about them. Here are some final thoughts on how to meet new neighbors in the best way:

  • Always be yourself
  • Let your neighbors be themselves and feel at home
  • Keep it simple when it comes to table setting, dishes, and decorations
  • Background music is desirable
  • Prepare a meal and dessert
  • Relax and have fun
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