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Blog July 9, 2021

Tips for Moving to a Smaller Home

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Have you ever heard about the “tiny house movement?” It is an architectural and social trend that encourages living in pocket-sized homes and emphasizes a simpler way of life. If you think that moving to a smaller home is a perfect solution to reduce the financial and emotional burden of physical possessions,you should consider taking the following steps.

Regardless of whether your reasons to move are financial, or you simply want to have a more minimalist environment, relocation can be a fresh start in your life. Whatever the case is, staying organized throughout the process is crucial for a stress-free move. Think hard and decide where to move, what your budget is, what things you want to get rid of, and whether this is the right decision for you.

You might not be too keen on the idea of a tiny house, but you may agree that a small place would be perfect for the fresh start that you’ve been yearning for. Contact your moving company, book the relocation date, and start looking for packing supplies. Excellent organization, a lot of patience, and enthusiasm about the new chapter are everything you need. Find out our tips on how to make the moving day stress-free.

Downsizing means less space, but also lower utility bills

Why Are Smaller Homes Better?

Spending days in a cozy, spacious, and top-notch house for years doesn’t seem all that unusual until the time comes to move. Everyone likes comfort, but have you ever asked yourself how much you actually need it? Fortunately, over the last few years, more people have realized that less is better. Besides less cleaning work, there are many advantages to living in a small home, such as:

  • Lower cost of living
  • More energy efficient
  • Less maintenance work and more possibility for outdoor activities
  • Coziness and intimacy

Every beginning is difficult, especially if you need to get used to a tiny kitchen and bathroom. In those terms, living in a smaller place can certainly be challenging. However, all it takes is some getting used to, and you will soon wonder why you would ever think you’d need more space.

home Tinier can be cozier

Sell Your Current Place and Declutter Your Possessions

Facing the limitedness of less spacious rooms is both demanding and testing. To fit into a smaller area, you should figure out how to save space without sacrificing the things you really need. That is what good downsizing is all about.

You may feel personally attached to most of your belongings at first, but after realizing that there are plenty of things you don’t use, your intense emotions will subside. Toss out old furniture, donate books to a local library, sell your clothes in a garage sale, or give unused kitchen appliances and items to a friend.

Calculate Your Total Space

When it comes to the things you decide to keep, you should figure out where to store them. Before you bring furniture and other belongings into your new home, you should calculate its total area. In a small house or apartment, every inch is essential, so don’t forget to count in:

  • Closets
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Drawers under the bed
  • Basement and attic storage
  • Bike storage
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A Tip on How to Accept Little Space and Live Stress-Free when Moving to a Smaller Home

One can be attracted to a tiny sitting room in case they live alone or with one other person. But, how do you adjust to such a change if you have two kids, a pet, and regular guests? At first glance, it seems impossible. However, the key is a perfect organization and compliance with determined rules. Since there is not much room, you should consider going easy on your shopping habits. Also, an excellent solution would be, whenever you buy something new, to get rid of another thing of a similar size. Playing with colors is another useful strategy for making every room seem larger and full of energy.

Decorate your walls and use cheerful colors to brighten up darker rooms

Tiny Apartment Might Be the Biggest Investment

Besides savings on utilities and all the maintenance costs, once you’re done downsizing, you will likely notice additional savings related to lower property taxes or rent. Over time, all these differences in your expenses will add up, and you will quickly realize that you can afford to live a more leisurely lifestyle than before, all thanks to downsizing.

Opportunity to Get Rid of the Unnecessary Stuff

Be honest with yourself and decide what items should be donated or tossed. Go through everything, and if you haven’t used something in a year, get rid of it. A good method would be to make two piles, one with useful and other with beautiful things. That’s how you can analyze what has a purpose and should stay and what is nothing but excess.

It’s Not the Time for Emotions

The truth is, people become attached to particular objects for various reasons, but in a small home, there is no space for duplicates and multiple sets of china. Leave your emotions aside and be brutally honest with yourself – there are many things you haven’t used for years. You might consider them a part of you, but it’s liberating to get rid of all unnecessary stuff.

First Organize, Then Pack

Before you move in, organize all your possessions into boxes, containers, and bags. Assemble all documents and place them in file boxes and file cabinets. When everything is where it should be, even the smallest room will look comfortable and pleasant.

First things first, think about good organization

Consider Storage as a Temporary Solution

Getting a storage unit may be the perfect option if your move is temporary or transitional. Sometimes the apartment you’re moving into isn’t large enough for all your things, but you don’t want to leave anything behind. However, keep in mind this service might become expensive for an extended period, so give yourself a deadline to make up your mind on what to do with your items.

Other Benefits of Moving from a Bigger Space to a Smaller One

When one thinks about living in a small house or apartment, the last thing that comes to mind is family bonding. Better communication is one of the significant benefits of such a lifestyle – children learn how to talk to their parents and each other if something’s not working.

Downsizing wisely can be beneficial for stronger family relationships

Cheaper Furniture and Materials Are a Thing of Past in Your New Home

Perhaps your life-long wish was to furnish your home with quality materials and furniture. Living in a small house allows you to make your dreams come true. That means you can replace soft engineered wood flooring in the kitchen with solid wooden flooring. You can purchase the Persian rug you’ve wanted for your living room and original paintings. All these high-end things will amount to less than they would if you had to furnish a huge house.

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