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Blog July 9, 2021

8 Most Important Reasons to Move

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Are you tired of unpleasant neighbors or being worried about your children’s safety? If so, you probably believe these are some pretty good reasons to move.

In fact, being unhappy in your home is one of the biggest signs that tell you it’s time to move. Start this adventure by finding a perfect location for your needs, as personal and professional fulfillment are the most crucial components when it comes to yours and your family’s happiness.

Reasons to Move – What Does the Recent Statistic Say?

According to statistical data, between 2012 and 2013, about 36 million USA citizens relocated to a new address. Research shows that their main motives can be grouped into four general categories:

  • Housing – 48%
  • Family -30%
  • Jobs -19%
  • Other -2%

But, to be honest, there are many different reasons for moving, be it locally or long-distance. People are looking for comfort, a bigger house, they want to find the right neighborhood, live in a better climate, or make progress in any field of their life. Here are the eight most important reasons why people decide to uproot their life and search for happiness elsewhere.

1. Need for a Bigger House

If your home is small, your desire to have more spacious rooms and a larger backyard is quite reasonable. Sometimes, even if the size hadn’t bothered you before, changes in your personal life have caused it to become a problem, such as starting a family or working from home. In fact, the need for a bigger house is one of the most common causes for relocation.

2. The Possibility to Learn – Both for You and Your Kids

Exceptional educational opportunities are not significant just for your kids, but for your own personal improvement, as well. Having the chance to attend an educational program closer to your home can have a crucial impact on your career in the future. Also, finding a new school for your children after a move is a wise long-term investment.

kids in school Living in a place with numerous educational activities will greatly affect you and your kids

3. Change of Lifestyle

It could be possible that your current living arrangement doesn’t fit your needs because you don’t like the location or its surroundings. That’s why you would probably like to choose the best place for you to start anew. Also, the weather usually motivates people to move to other, more pleasant areas.

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Family Members Frequently Asking About More Comfortable Surroundings

Maybe your kids want to live somewhere else where they will have more friends, happenings, and cultural events. Perhaps your significant other doesn’t like the unsafe environment and thinks that you should relocate to a safer city or a peaceful town district. Whatever the primary line of reasoning is, the complete change of scenery can sometimes give you and your family a positive boost.

4. Desire to Be Healthy

Perhaps you wish to spend time in a healthier environment, somewhere less polluted. That’s why you would like to find a more pleasant place to live that fits your habits and needs. And that desire shouldn’t be ignored – by relocating, you will improve the quality of your health and life overall.

Should anything be more important than your health?

5. Saving Time with Commute and Local Activities  

The truth is, long transportation time can be a very strenuous factor in your daily activities. Spending too many hours in commute on the way to work and from it or traveling to visit friends and family will take away a lot of time of your day. If you have the chance, you should move to a less crowded area and save your nerves. This might also be one of your reasons to move out of the city and into the country. Areas with more greenery and rivers will provide you with many opportunities for outdoor activities. You can finally go hiking or fishing and enjoy pleasant moments of leisure with your loved ones.

6. Sentimental Reasons for Moving

Many people are ready to move to the other side of the world because of their loved ones. Love is certainly one of the most common motives for relocation.

Moving for a Relationship

The need for a life together represents a crucial moment in any relationship and usually means finding a new perfect home for both of you. But moving can also be the consequence of a breakup and the first step to turning over a new leaf in life.

Family and Friends Are Too Far From Your Home

If family and friend support is a crucial factor in your life, then it can be a great motive to find a location near your dearest ones. Whatever the reasons are, emotions are one of the most exceptional elements of moving to another location.

7. Home Costs

If your costs of living have become unbearable and you feel like it’s the right time to find something cheaper, then you should do that. Reducing the bills and taxes is possible if you decide to relocate to a less expensive home in order to save money and raise the quality of your life.

Very high costs of living can spark the need for relocation

8. New Job

Among the citizens of the US, 9% changed their place of residence because of work, saying that this step improved the quality of their life. Besides, a quick commute to the workplace is also one of the factors that can affect your entire lifestyle. People tend to move to locations that are much closer to their job, which provides them with enough free time to spend the rest of the day occupied with other activities and hobbies.

Move and Start the New Chapter in Your Life

If you are looking for an ideal residence that can satisfy your personal and professional needs, then do not hesitate to relocate your entire household. Find the right place to create memories with your loved ones and make sure that anything valuable arrives intact into your home. A trustworthy and experienced moving company can help you with that by providing high-quality moving services. Only those who are dedicated, professional, and friendly can bring you joy and happiness during the relocation process. So, ask for a quote and get ready to start the next chapter in your life.

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