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Blog July 8, 2021

Tips on Using Storage While Moving

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We know that moving to a new place involves juggling a lot of tasks and can be very hard. Sometimes it can be much easier to store some or all of your belongings while you move which can help reduce some of the stress of relocation. Here are a few tips on how you can best use storage to help make your move easier.


Use storage to break down the amount you have to pack at once

When moving with short notice, for example, you have to move in a month, storage can add some more elbow room to your plans. You can keep your belongings in a storage unit while you stay with a friend and search for a new place. When you find a new place, you can then move your things into it directly from the storage unit. If you have kids, you can also use your storage space to store some of their boxes with toys and other non-essential items to take the pressure off of dealing with so many boxes. Storage can also be of use to you when you have taken a job opportunity in another state or city. Storing your household items in a storage unit can make it easier to travel to your destination before you get settled there.

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Know what needs to be stored

See if you can replace the items you plan to store easily if you leave them behind and if the items in question will fit the new space. If the item has sentimental value, such as a favorite piece of furniture or a family heirloom you might want it stored away until you find the perfect place for it. Boxes of trophies, photos, and other memorabilia, can also be stored away, you will most likely eventually want those items, but you won’t need them during the initial relocation. Storing items in a place near your new home is a good idea as it will be easier to get them when you are ready.

Do some research

If you are thinking of reserving a storage unit, you will often be in a better position if you call ahead of time, depending on management you might be put on a list and notified when the unit becomes available. If you just show up, there might only be one or two units available, but you run the risk of getting a unit that can be either smaller than what you need or larger than you want. Most places will not allow you to schedule more than a month ahead as they can not guarantee the prices. Some on-demand storage companies can let you set up a reservation up to six months to a year in advance. These companies will pick up your things and store them in a secure place. If you are not going to need access to your belongings until you have completed your move, then on-demand storage is worth considering.

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