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Tips on how to pack and move collectibles

Tips on how to pack and move collectibles

Tips on how to pack and move collectiblesEveryone has a hobby, and one of the more popular hobbies is setting up a collection. So no matter what you collect be it coins, stamps, figurines, concert posters or anything else. And as collectors, people usually get nervous when they have to pack their treasured collections onto a moving truck. When you spend so much time and money curating a collection, there is no doubt that you want to pack it carefully to make sure that it arrives exactly how it left. In this article, we would like to provide you with some tips and advise you on how to move your collection which we hope that you will find it helpful when it comes time to pack your collection. If you are planning to downsize and are trying to figure out what your options are when it comes to donating or selling these types of items we hope that you get some great ideas from this article.


Packing the different collectibles

When most people talk about collectibles, the usually refers to a few different types of things, and those things kept in their original boxes. Fragile items like ceramics, pottery, and glass figurines, paper items such as posters, stamps, documents and books, and coins or currency. So let us give you a few tips on how to pack each of these.


Packing boxed collectibles

It is well known that collectibles that are still in their original boxes are more valuable and these are some tips on how you can pack them without them losing value. Use acid-free packing paper to wrap each box individually. Make sure to attach the tape to the paper when you tape it up, or you risk damaging the box. Then wrap the box in bubble wrap, paying special attention to the corners and edges. Prepare a large box for your collectibles, put a layer of crushed paper at the bottom to pad the bottom of the box. Fill any gaps with crushed paper and place another layer of crushed packing paper on top to protect the boxes from getting cut when you open them after they arrive at their destination. Make sure to label the box as fragile and avoid stacking heavy boxes on top of it.


Packing fragile collectibles

Wrap each piece of your collection in bubble wrap or if you want you can use several sheets of packing paper. If you have to pack smaller items, you can also use dish protector sleeves. Again as you wrap, make sure that you do not tape the collectibles as that could damage the finish or the paint. Once again place a layer of crushed paper in the bottom of the box that you plan to use to transport the collectibles. If the items are heavy, it is best to use smaller boxes with about 40 pounds in a box max, or if the items are small, you could use a dish pack box to move them. Fragile items travel best when they are stood up rather than laying down so make sure that you do your best to keep items upright. Place crumpled paper around each item to keep it from shifting around. Shake the box gently and if you feel the items moving around pad with more paper. Tape the box shut and remember to mark it as fragile.


Packing paper collectibles

Most of the time paper collectibles are kept in some sort of album, book or frame. If your items are loose, we recommend that they are placed into an album with acid-free paper to protect them. If they are in albums, just wrap the albums in acid-free packing paper and place them into the moving box. To pack posters, roll them up and place them into poster tubes and then pack them into boxes.


How to pack coin and currency collections

When dealing with these kinds of high-value items, we recommend that you take them with you. It’s also important that you check with your insurance company to determine whether the collection is covered while it is in transit. Some coin collectors who have to move their collections, which are often worth twenty-five thousand dollars and more, and being worried about traveling with them. If you are one of these people, you might want to hire an armored transport carrier such as Loomis or Brinks, to move your coin collection for you. As on how to pack your coin or currency collection Whether you choose to transport it yourself or not, it will need to be wrapped in packing paper and boxed for transport. Boxes over forty pounds may be difficult to carry so we recommend you use smaller boxes to make transporting your collection more manageable.


If you do not want to move your collection

Though it is sometimes hard to do, moving your collection is not an option, and you have to find something to do with it. Here are some ideas of what to do with your collection.

– You can sell your collection: Local antique shops, eBay, online collectors, Amazon.com, and trade shows are great places to unload your items. Just be prepared, when you sell an entire collection you will get less money than what you will get when you part it out.  So even tough it might take more time, you may want to sell your pieces individually to maximize your earnings.

-Donating your collection: there are two ways to go about this first if there are museums that specialize in what you are collecting, they will often take donations of items that match their galleries. And second, some charitable groups will take these types of donations. If there is a group who would use your collection or a group who could resell your collection for donation money, you may also want to check into causes that mean something to you.

If you have any additional questions about moving collectibles, get in touch with our representatives and they will help you out as best they can.