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Blog July 8, 2021

How to Pack and Move Collectibles Without Damaging Them

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Blake Shaw

Bostonian and residential moving and packing expert. Blake Shaw enjoys bar-hopping, music, and writing insightful content.

Are you someone who has a lot of collections? Maybe you have a lot of figurines, art, comics, or other collectible items. If so, then you know that packing and moving them can be a real challenge. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to pack and move collectibles so that they arrive at your new home in one piece. Stay tuned!

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Organization Is the Key to Figuring Out How to Pack and Move Collectibles

The first step, regardless of the type of collection you have, is to create an inventory list. To inventory your collection, you can use an Excel spreadsheet or an internet template. Keeping track of all the objects in your collection on a list ensures that you don’t lose anything throughout the move and that you unpack and stay organized when you get to your new place.

If you have a large collection or pieces that are valuable, you should have it appraised before you begin packing. Bring your collection to a professional who is knowledgeable about the objects you have. Collectors of comic books should seek out someone who is knowledgeable about them. Don’t try to value it on your own; an expert can provide you with a more realistic estimate.

Finally, double-check your insurance coverage. Even if your treasures are mentioned on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, it is possible that the coverage will not cover a transfer. To find out how much your policy will cover, contact your insurance broker. Also, don’t rely on your long-distance moving company’s liability insurance, which may only cover 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the worth of your memorabilia!


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Gather The Right Packing Supplies

Moving cross country starts with packaging your treasures, you’ll need the same basic supplies as you would for any other item. That means you need to go shopping for appropriate-sized boxes, tape, as well as packing paper and peanuts, and bubble wrap. However, you should expect to add a few more items to the list:

  • Paper that is acid-free (so instead of using newspaper, which can transfer ink to items, use white paper)
  • Depending on the collection, protective bags or sleeves should be used.
  • Specialty boxes are containers built expressly to transport a specific object.
  • If possible, use the original packaging.
supplies Obtaining different materials is a must when packing collectibles

Packing and Moving Comic Books Can Be a Tricky Process

Did you know that Action Comics #1 is one of the most valuable comics and they’ve been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, maybe you don’t own a comic as valuable as this one, but even the other collections are worth protecting. After all, you’ve spent time and money collecting them.

You already know that comic books don’t have a lot of structure, so they are easily damaged. That’s why using acid-free bags and backing boards is essential. Just remember, for each comic book in your collection, purchase the appropriate-sized bag. You’ll also require comic storage boxes, which may be purchased online or at your local comic book store. These are also available in three sizes – short, long, and magazine, and can be stored inside a box for additional protection.

Slip a backing board, shiny side up, into the accompanying acid-free bag to pack your comic book collection. Carefully slide the comic into the bag on top of the board. Turn the bag over and fasten the flap with tape by folding it over to the bag’s back. Repeat. Load the bags into the comic book boxes once you’ve slid all of your collectibles into individual bags.

After that, the comic book boxes can be stuffed into a conventional box. To safeguard the comic book package in the moving box, ensure that the empty space is filled up with peanuts. Use tape to secure the box and label it “Fragile.”

fragile box It is important to label properly your boxes

Add Extra Protection to Your Vinyl Records When Packing Them

No matter if you have a new or old album collection, you’ll want to make sure they arrive in the best possible condition at your new home. To begin, make sure you have enough acid-free inner sleeves and protective outer sleeves to cover the whole collection. You’ll also need to order compact boxes or vinyl record storage boxes. Keep in mind that up to 80 vinyl records can be stored in a small moving box.

Figuring out how to pack fragile items means that you’ll figure out how to pack up vinyls. After all, almost every music lover knows how these records are breakable and need to be handled with utmost care. That being said, here’s how to pack up fragile vinyls and avoid losing favorite albums during the move.

Know How to Wrap Up Vinyl Like a Pro

The first thing you should do after getting the plastic sleeves is to remove each record from its cardboard album cover. Why? The records may slide around in the jackets, causing damage to the tracks, and the jacket’s outside may be scratched. If your record doesn’t come with an inner sleeve or if the one you have is worn out, put it in one of the new ones. The jacket should then be slipped into a clear outer sleeve.

Line the bottom and sides of a record storage box or a small moving box with bubble wrap or a foam sheet. Place the jacket upright in the box, now in its outer sleeve. Then look up the record that corresponds to it. Continue to fill the box with records until it is full enough that none of them can stand upright but you can easily remove one. If your box has any space along the side, fill it with padding materials. Seal the container, label it “Fragile,” and designate which side is up.

Remember, if you’re going to pack your records, don’t lay them flat. The combined weight of all the records could cause the ones at the bottom to break. On a hot day, records can distort and even melt in a moving transport, so be careful. That’s why you should use professional long-distance moving services. Experienced east coast or west coast movers will ensure that your items are safely transported without damage.

music room Vinyls are highly sensitive and breakable

Action Figures Are The Easiest to Handle

You won’t need to order any extra supplies to box up your action figures, but you should look for the original packaging if you have it. After all, the original containers were created with the intention of safely transporting the action figure. Return your figure to its box and wrap it in bubble wrap, however, don’t get tape on the box because it can damage it.

Wrap the action figure in acid-free paper if you don’t have the original packing. After that, wrap it in bubble wrap. Add a layer of peanuts to the bottom of a fresh small or medium box. Place your wrapped action figure into the box, with or without its original packing. Make sure there’s plenty of room between the figures. Add another layer of peanuts after you’ve finished with the figures.

Continue layering figures and peanuts until the box is completely filled. Make careful to finish with a coating of peanuts so that when someone opens the box, he doesn’t slice into a figure. “Fragile” and “This Side Up” should be written on the package.

superman, batman and wonder woman Action figures are a bit easier to pack up

Hiring Cross Country Movers Can Make Packing and Moving Collectibles Easy

Whether it’s a collection of rare coins or a painting by your favorite artist, these items need special care if you want to make sure they arrive at your new home in the same condition. After everything we wrote down, you probably feel like you know a thing or two about packing and moving prised collectibles. However, it is completely normal to still feel insecure and afraid of doing it all on your own.

That’s where hiring a long-distance moving company can come in handy. The professional long-distance movers have the experience and equipment necessary to safely transport your collectibles across state lines without causing any damage. So if you’re gearing up for a big move and don’t want to leave your precious collectibles behind, be sure to call the best cross country moving company to lend you a helping hand.

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