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How to disassemble furniture when moving

How to disassemble furniture when moving

How to disassemble furniture when movingWhen you are moving and don’t want to or have enough to hire a moving company to pack your furniture Disassembling your furniture is just one of those do it yourself projects that have to be done. Even if you have hired a company to help you move, disassembling your furniture ahead of time will be another way that you can save time and money when moving day comes around. Large bulky furniture was made to fill rooms with elegance but want made to fit through doors, hallways or up staircases. One of the easiest ways that you can maneuver around those corners and stairways without damaging the wall, door frame or chipping the fresh wall paint is to disassemble it. Disassembling furniture also has the benefit of being easier to carry and load onto the moving trucks, takes up less space saving you multiple trips and will be just as easy to offload when it is delivered to its final destination which can protect you from unnecessary pain and injury caused by carrying bulky items.

Plan ahead

There are a few things you have to do before you plan to dismantle furniture. First, make sure that you ask for some help, ask friends, family members or neighbors to help you dismantle as heavy furniture should not be dismantled alone. Measure your doorways and hallways, then measure the furniture which you are planning to move. This is the surest way to see which items have to be disassembled. Some doors might need to be taken off their hinges, or you might have to remove the legs of a chair to enable it to pass safely through. If your furniture had glass parts, for example, the glass top on a table, make sure that you remove it and pack it separately.


Disassembling the furniture

Once you have planned out how you want to move everything, then it is time to begin disassembly. It would be very useful if you have an instruction manual on hand if one is available. Sometimes you can find instructions on how to disassemble with a simple internet search if you can’t locate the hard copy. It will be even more useful if you can find tools before you start and keep them near and ready. Most furniture is kept together by screws and bolts, and it would be good to have a few different sized hammers, screwdrivers and other tools to help you with the process. You can save a lot of work by using an electric drill and a variety of different drill sizes.


Preservation of your furniture

After you have disassembled your furniture make sure that you keep all of the Screws, bolts, washers, and all other small attachments together. All pieces should be held in ziplock bags and labeled what piece of furniture they are from. Another option is to tape the metal pieces and the furniture legs to the bottom of the furniture that it belongs to. For items such as the table, wrap the edges and corners in a moving blanket to keep them protected. This will also protect the other pieces that they might scratch. Remove any pillows and cushions that are not permanently attached, then cover them in garbage bags for the move.