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How to find the right neighborhood to move to

How to find the right neighborhood to move to

How to find the right neighborhood to move toWhen you are looking for a place that will be just right for your family, choosing a neighborhood is just as important as choosing a house or apartment. Ac neighborhood needs to be affordable, safe, have low crime rates, and provide you with everything that you need. If you are looking to buy a house, you should keep in mind that you are not just buying a home, you are investing in a neighborhood so be extra careful when choosing the area that you are going to be living in. To help you make this decision we have provided you with a few tips.


Make inquiries

Ask yourself what the most important features your ideal neighborhood has to have. Do you prefer a quiet street or a busier active street? Do you want to have amenities within walking distance? How about trees and parks? Close proximity to shopping and restaurants? Old neighborhood or newer development? After you have figured out what your perfect neighborhood looks like let us talk about a few things you should consider while you are searching.


Is it safe?

You can use a search engine like google or yahoo to type in the name of the city that you are planning to move to and look at crime statistics by neighborhood. This should provide you with some information, and most larger cities have detailed reports about their neighborhoods while smaller town only have general information. Contact the police, and they can provide you with details about a particular area, this is probably your best source of information on crime and safety in your new town or city. Most police stations can also provide you with information on how active a community is in a neighborhood is, if they are informed in crime prevention or community policing.


Look around

Drive around the area you plan to move to, look for graffiti or other kinds of vandalism such as broken windows. Also, take note if the homes have strong deterrents such as high fences or bars on accessible windows. Spend time walking through the neighborhood look at the conditions of the houses, front yards, streets, and sidewalks. See if people you pass make eye contact with you if they do chances are its a friendly and safe community. Also, pay attention to the type of people that live in the area, a neighborhood with young families and college students makes up a completely different kind of neighborhood than condos and high-rises.



How long will it take you to get to work? Will you be going with or against the traffic? Drive around at different times of the day and see what the traffic is like. Also, check and see what types of public transportation are at your disposal. If you need access to the airport see how long it takes you to get to the airport, and how much will it cost to take a taxi there. If you wanted to have amenities in the area, then you should see if you have easy access to them, note if you can meet your day to day requirements.  How close are the grocery store, cafes, and restaurants? You should also see if there are any bars in the area and see how noisy they get during the weekends.