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Blog July 9, 2021

Moving Furniture Like a Professional Mover

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

If you’re rearranging your place or office space or moving cross country, moving furniture comes as a necessary assignment. Even when you reach out to the pros, chances are you’ll still be doing some of the work independently. It might look like a challenging task, but with a few actionable tips, you could nail this! Check out these five techniques.

How Do I Move Heavy Furniture by Myself?

If you’re transferring your belongings to a new home, it is essential to get organized before long-distance moving. Furniture moving, under any circumstance, requires planning. If you want to fulfill this task quickly and easily, stay tuned. Here’s the list of things you should know:

  • Learn how to estimate and prioritize,
  • Buy or rent the proper equipment,
  • Break large objects into more manageable pieces,
  • Discover and try out lifting techniques,
  • Think about the unpacking while packing.

Do you think you’ve got this? Remember, if it feels like a job for the pros, you can always seek professional long-distance moving services.

Within your home or cross-country, packing and transferring a robust item requires skills.

Estimate and Prioritize

If you wish to shift, carry, and relocate your properties efficiently, you’ll need to start by doing some assessments. Making a checklist and cataloging all items (especially the heavy ones) is the best method to stay organized. A household inventory list will be your new best pal. The listing should indicate which items should be loaded (and unloaded) first. Also, you must have a proper timeline for every room and piece of appliance. So, the most feared part of the job starts almost immediately – heavy lifting comes first. Get ready for it and start by packing the essentials.

Know where to start from - every large item goes to the back or the sides of the truck.

Get the Equipment

Professional movers utilize many gadgets to perform their tasks swiftly and with ease. You’ll need to get the right equipment too. If you’re not planning on repeating furniture moving any time soon, it would be best to rent the gizmo:

Lifting straps will relieve your back’s pressure. They prevent potential injuries and help you move heavy objects. These straps are adjustable and can be fixed according to your body type and the weight you’re about to lift. Sliders are also unavoidable – they protect your floor. Insert them below every massive object’s leg or corner. Dollies are hand-trucks that come with two or four wheels. When using them, secure your belongings with a rope. And if you’re willing to go DIY and make your own dolly, check out the following video

YouTube video

Disassemble Sizeable Household Elements

The more small items, the better! You might know how to pack fragile objects and even packing refrigerators isn’t a problem for you, but furniture requires a different approach. And that is disassembling. Indeed, you can’t apply this rule when packaging your sculptures. However, you should break sofas, cabinets, tables, and similar household utilities into smaller pieces.

Check how much your move would cost Free Quote

Try Proven Lifting Techniques

This is the vital part of your do-it-yourself training. Moving robust stuff implies more pushing and sliding, but still – doing everything properly will ensure your wellbeing and your belongings. Here’s the right way to deal with the heavy lifting:

  • Carry the weight in your knees and not your waist,
  • Maintain your balance by holding the objects close to your body,
  • Keep still and try not to bend and wind.

Nevertheless, if these methods don’t feel comfortable, you should hire cross-country movers to move furniture on your behalf.

Watch out for the injuries and strive to leave the walls and floor intact

Think Ahead – Unpacking Awaits

If you’ve chosen to skip the professional packing service, you must keep the whole scenario in your mind. Unloading your belongings awaits. Your instructions are pretty similar for this process:

  • Plan the whole thing, knowing that heavy items usually go to the back of the truck,
  • Prioritize,
  • Keep track of everything you own,
  • and watch your back.

Before you execute any of these assignments, be well-informed about the ultimate moving hacks. In case you need help to store your properties, you can always count on external storage services.

Once you load your stuff onto the truck, make sure you’ve thought about what comes afterward

What Else Should You Know About Moving Furniture?

When rearranging your personal or office space or relocating to a new home, questions will fill your head. Since shifting and transferring your things isn’t an easy job, here are some pieces of advice you will want to hear.

Can You Hire Movers to Move One Item?

If there’s a single object that gives you headaches, you should contact pros. You wouldn’t request full cross-country moving services to move furniture in the house. Still, cross-country moving isn’t the same as transporting your couch from the bedroom into a living room. You’ll need to look up a company that’s willing to accept this assignment since efficiency matters the most to them. Also, the compensation you’ll need to provide might be high. So, how much does it cost to have a couch moved? The pricing varies according to several factors. However, hiring east coast movers or west coast movers to move furniture costs between $60 and $80 per hour. If hiring them would help you achieve stress-free moving, make sure you encounter the most reliable ones.

Sometimes you must ask for experts that help moving furniture within homes.

Stick to Your Agenda and These Basic Tricks

Maybe you’re wondering – How can I move furniture for cheap? The answer entails trying it out on your own. Well, not really – your family and friends should take part. Still, before you include them, make sure you’re all on the same page and well aware of the correct ways to shift, pull, and slide stuff. If you still need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the expert long-distance movers who offer packing, storing, and even car shipping services. Their assistance comes in particularly handy if you’re having a last-minute move. So, once your belongings are safely transported to your new home – all that’s left to do is enjoy the new chapter and find more friends in a new city.

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