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How to safely pack your computer for the move

How to safely pack your computer for the move

How to safely pack your computer for the moveWhen moving to a new home, it’s important to know how to pack and transport one of your most prized possessions, your computer. Packing your computer correctly will ensure that it arrives at its destination safely and ready for use when it arrives at its new home.

Preparing the computer for transportation

Before you begin packing, you need to make sure you have everything you need to pack your computer safely. Begin by measuring both the monitor and the computer tower so you can get a box that can comfortably fit both items. Then gather your supplies, you should have at least one moving box, packing tape, a permanent marker, sealable plastic bags and bubble wrap. Back up all of your computer data on a cloud service or an external hard drive and remove any disks, flash drives, and other devices that might be plugged into you or are inside your computer.


Packing the cables

Shut down the computer, then take a picture of how the cables are plugged into the back of the computer to help with reassembly. Remove all the cables that are plugged into the monitor and the computer tower. Fold and secure each cable to prevent tangling and keep them organized. Put all of the folded cables into a plastic bag and wrap it with bubble wrap for extra protection. Secure the wrapped bag with packing tape and set aside.


Packing the computer tower

Pack the bottom of the box with several layers of crushed packing paper which should provide a cushion for the computer tower. Wrap the tower in several layers of bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape, make sure not to tape the tower itself. Place the tower upright in the box.


Packing the computer monitor

The entire monitor should be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap which should then be secured with packing tape, again make sure not to tape the monitor itself. Place the monitor upright in the box with the screen facing the inside wall of the box. Fill any gaps between the monitor and the tower with crushed packing paper then add an extra layer of crushed packing paper on the top of the monitor and tower for extra protection.


Packing the mouse, keyboard, and other accessories

The mouse and keyboard should be wrapped separately in packing paper and secured with packing tape. Do the same for your, modem, speakers, webcam router and any other small computer accessories that you have. All of these should be placed inside the box on top of the protective layer over the tower and monitor, the bag of cables should also go in with them.

Once the box is full, you should add more crushed packing paper until there is no more space between the opening of the box and its contents.

Close the box and give it a gentle shake to make sure none of the items inside can shift. If there is shifting, add more crushed packing paper.  If there is no Shifting, tape the box shut and label the box with what’s inside and in which room it should go.