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Blog July 6, 2021

How to Make Friends in a New State

Posted in Psychology of Moving
Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Moving to a city or town in another state can be intimidating, and equally so when meeting others. You can only go so long being all by yourself – you’ll have to figure out how to make friends in a new state. Starting over and having to meet others can quickly fill your heart and mind with anxiety and all kinds of questions. Where do I meet people? What if I can’t find anybody? What if no one likes me? It’s like having to go to school all over again. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you harness your inner social butterfly and venture out to find some companions.

How Hard Can it Be to Meet New People

Humans are naturally social creatures, and we thrive off of being able to coexist with one another. In theory, getting friends isn’t all that difficult, but the human mind is filled with ways to find doubts, anxieties, and fears that often hold us back from experiencing relationships and life in general. On the flip side, all of those doubts and fears can disappear when you step outside of your comfort zone and put yourself out there in the community and start meeting people in a new city. Once you do, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make friends when you move. You might even find others who have also recently relocated for their own reasons to move.

friends in a new state Relocating and meeting others in a new city can be very stressful

Meet-Ups, Clubs, and Networking Events

There is no better way to find companions in life than spending time connecting through shared interests and hobbies. Not only are they great ways for making friends in a new city, but you get to learn and share your field of expertise. There are many opportunities to join all different kinds of meet-ups, clubs, and events throughout the year. You might end up having a few good buddies you can hang out with before you know it.

Facebook and Online Meet-up Groups

Thanks to the beautiful world of social media, hundreds, if not thousands, of online groups can join with scheduled meet-up events. Depending on your preferences, you’ll be able to find a few different groups you’re interested in and ways to start a friend base. Another option is signing up for groups from meet-up websites. They have plenty of niches you can explore and enjoy, so don’t be afraid to try.

Find a Club That Interests You

Joining a club is almost a full guarantee that you’ll have some good relationships. You are meeting people with a shared interest in hobbies, but you’ll get to spend time with them consistently. Another plus is that joining a club is an excellent way to battle relocation depression. There are all kinds of clubs you can join; here is a list of potential clubs you can join:

  • Wine Clubs
  • Books Clubs
  • Sports Clubs
  • Gaming Clubs
  • Clubs in your local church or place of faith
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Local Networking Events for Your Profession

Your profession and career is a great way to build long-lasting friendships. The primary benefit is that you get to bond with someone who can help you get to a higher plateau in your career. They can even help you figure out how to get a job in a new city. Whether they’re mentoring you or just supporting you, networking events are significant ways to have and maintain lasting relationships.

friends working at the cafe Joining groups and events is a great way to find lasting relationships

Join Local Classes in Your City

If you’re an avid hobbyist and love learning things, we guarantee that there are others just like you. Much like joining a club, you’ll get to know your classmates on a consistent basis. There’s nothing more fun than learning a skill with others. That’s the real appeal of taking a class – so many people and one of many great activities for meeting new people in a new city!

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Gym or a Fitness Group

Both physically and mentally challenging fitness groups are a great way to get in shape and find some friends. They can challenge you to get better, keep you mindful of your health, and can even teach you some things about your body you didn’t know. All you have to do is go to your local gym and sign up for a class.

Join an Art Class

It might not be the same as taking a fitness course but challenging your more creative side. There are plenty of art styles you can choose classes for and socialize. The main appeal of taking an art class is that no matter what level you’re at, you’re likely to find someone similar to you, so you have something to connect over. With time, your art skills will grow, just like your new-found relationships with your classmates.

Get on Your Feet With Dance Classes

If you’re looking for physical activity and exercise that’s mentally challenging in a creative art form, dancing is the best option. It’s a great way to step out of your comfort zone. You can learn all kinds of dances like salsa, bachata, tap dancing, hip-hop, breakdancing, etc. The most significant appeal is that your other classmates will show you all kinds of support, so it’s easy to introduce yourself to people in your city.

women at yoga class Signing up for classes can build skills and friendships

Making New Friends at Dog Parks

We all know that dogs can be your very best friend, and they’re so good at being social; they can help you socialize a lot more than if you’re by yourself. If one thing is for sure, most people love dogs. If you’re moving with dogs or are thinking about adopting one, you can look forward to taking your furry companion to a dog park; a place where you can find other dog lovers.

dog on the street Dogs can be your greatest companion and help you find others

Join Local Volunteer Groups

Volunteering in your local community is a great way to build lasting relationships in your town and one of the best ways to meet new neighbors. People have a shared love for doing what they can for their home and their neighbors. There are plenty of causes you can sign up for in your community.

buddhists Volunteering is best for meeting your neighbors and finding companions.

Find Cross Country Movers and Put Yourself Out There

Now that you have a few leads on where to find people and make friends, you can also look for a reputable long distance moving company to help you settle in your city and state. There are many different moving services you can choose, and they cover an extensive list of areas. No matter where you’re going, a reliable cross-country moving company has got you covered. All that’s left for you to do is go out there and make yourself known in your new home.

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