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Blog August 12, 2021

Adjustment Insomnia – What Is It and How to Overcome It

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Jane Davis

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Relocation can cause many medical conditions, such as sleeping problems

Suppose you’re planning on hiring professional East Coast movers any time soon, and you already started thinking about all the negative stuff that could come up. In that case, you should consider learning about adjustment insomnia. Nights when you can’t fall asleep happen to every one of us at least once. But, considering that around 70 million Americans actually suffer from sleeping disorders, everyone should slow down and do something that will improve their health.

One of the three most stressful events in American life is relocation. It can cause many physical and mental disorders, and one of them is sleeping issues and not being able to get quality rest, even when you’re exhausted. In fact, recent studies have shown that around 30% of people from all over the world suffer from this kind of disorder. There are many reasons why people move, and some are positive, like taking a job in a new city, and others are negative. In both cases, taking some actions and doing something about it is essential. This is an article about symptoms and prevention.

Learn What Is Adjustment Insomnia and How Cross-Country Moving Affects You

Moving across the country is a big change in people’s lives, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, it can be just too overwhelming for some people, and as a result, they can feel anxious and even depressed. When you decide it’s the best time to move, you should prepare first and have an efficient move. The worries can grow, especially nowadays when the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over. So, moving safely and having a stress-free move is essential.

Stressful events in people’s lives can affect their psychological health, like losing a loved one, changing a job, or relocating to a completely unknown environment. Adjustment insomnia or acute insomnia can be a result of this kind of stress. It can last for days or months, and symptoms are different:

  • Lack of contention,
  • Mood swings,
  • Fatigue,
  • Headaches,
  • No motivation and energy.
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How Do You Know You Have Insomnia and What Adjustment Disorders Mean

Adjustment disorders are psychological or behavioral reactions to a very stressful event in people’s life. It’s because we react differently to various situations, and for someone, hiring cross-country moving services doesn’t represent something to be afraid of. However, for others, the relocation process can shake their daily routine. If you’re one of those people, don’t hesitate to take the problem into your own hands and fight it back.

Physical and psychological disorders can be the result of many problems that people can’t or don’t know how to deal with and handle. For example, if you’re in a last-minute move and you don’t have enough time to learn all the relocation hacks and some useful packing tips, then you can feel overwhelmed. Even if you are in this kind of situation, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect your health because it can lead to more serious issues, like relocation depression.

If not treating the problem correctly, it can lead to more serious conditions, like depression

Are Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Different Before and After Using Long-Distance Moving Services

The relocation process isn’t only about things you need to do before the move; there’s a lot of planning, and the first thing you should do is create a list of moving essentials. However, a helping hand in this whole process is more than needed. So, avoiding relocation scams will do you well not only financially but also mentally. Hire reliable cross-country movers with auto transport service, and you won’t have to deal with the same stress twice.

There are two common sleep issues – the first one is short-term, lasting no more than three months. The second is long-term that can last more than three months. Around 10% of Americans suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, which means many people suffer a disorder of this kind. Let’s see what we can include in the most common symptoms:

  • Can’t fall asleep and staying up all night in bed,
  • Getting up several times a night and interrupting your sleep,
  • Can’t continue sleeping after waking up early in the morning,
  • Feeling constantly tired, even after waking up,
  • Usual things irritate you (and haven’t before.)

How Do You Treat Adjustment Insomnia – Are Sleeping Pills More Effective Than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

A treatment shown as one of the best and most effective for sleeping problems is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT-I.) It works by controlling and eliminating all those negative thoughts that can affect your quality of sleep. Some people find meeting new neighbors very stressful. Imagine you have to deal with your first neighbors that complain about everything. It can ruin your inner peace and lead to a sleeping disorder. That’s why having good sleeping habits will help you return to a state when you didn’t have these problems. CBT-I will most certainly help you in this process and keep you asleep the whole night.

There are other methods, too. Sleeping pills are one of them, but it’s essential to check with your doctor first if you’re considering using them. The drugs may be the instant solution for these medical conditions but take note of potential side effects, like an addiction.

Not Every Information You Come Across Is True – Make Sure You Double-Check

The internet nowadays can bring you many benefits. For example, you can check online if a long-distance moving company is legitimate in just a few seconds. Or, you can transfer your utilities in two clicks. On the other hand, there are some downsides, as well. So, if you want to check some information about your current state and eventually what would be the best treatment, the internet shouldn’t be the only reference. Keep in mind that some advice isn’t accurate, so having a second opinion is crucial.

Don't rely only on the internet when having sleeping issues

Mental and Physical Health Can Be Disturbed If There’s Not Enough Sleep

Most people feel anxious and even depressed during the relocation process. The vital thing to know is that’s a common feeling, especially if you’re relocating to a new city alone. However, this condition can become chronic and cause much more problems when you neglect it and don’t do anything about it. So, to prevent any severe forms of the sleeping issue, ask for help. You shouldn’t go through it alone. Additionally, when relocating with pets, you have to think about them too. And we all know our furry friends can feel everything, and that’s why it’s not only about you, but also your loved ones and your pets.

If you have never moved a pet before, and now it’s time to move with a cat, watch the video below and learn some useful tips and tricks on how to do it.

YouTube video

Get to Know What Are Acute Insomnia Causes and Tackle the Problem at the Root

Not having enough sleep just for one night isn’t the biggest issue you’ve dealt with, right? But what if one night becomes two in a row and then three and so on. Medical recommendations for an optimal sleeping time is eight hours, so imagine what happens with your body and brain without a good rest.

There are many causes for a sleeping disorder, and the most common one is trauma. This trauma can be caused by simple things, like not finding cheap moving supplies because every penny is important for this process. Others might still realize they are relocating to a small town, and it’s just too overwhelming. No matter the reasons that triggered this disorder, you need to tackle the problem at the root.

Things That Often Are the Major Causes for the Sleepless Nights Before West Coast Movers Come

Before you get to the point of looking for some tips for making friends in a new city, you should consider preparing yourself for the upcoming stressful event. Luckily, we’ll show you some red flags you need to avoid because your health should be your number one priority:

  • Relocating in a hurry – not being able to properly prepare for the relocation process is bad, no matter if you’ve done it before or not – time is essential. There are a lot of things to think about, such as how to pack candles.
  • The long-distance moving company you don’t trust – the relocation crew that can’t offer you reliable services, from storage facilities to efficient packing services, can easily cause the chronic sleeping disorder.
  • Relocation budget – saving money for relocating is very stressful for some people since the average relocation process costs at least $1,000. That’s why you should consider some free options for boxes and other materials on Craigslist.
  • Packing entire household items – if you start packing without thinking about what movers won’t move and what not to pack, then you might end up worrying at night about how to pack all those items instead of sleeping.

Take Advantage of Hiring Reliable Long-Distance Movers and Their Services

A trustworthy cross-country moving company doesn’t mean just a positive experience and polite crew that will move your boxes and help you disassemble furniture. The professionals will offer you many services that could be very helpful. For example, if you’re relocating very expensive items, then relocation insurance is something you must consider.

What to Do After the Move and Prevent Mental and Physical Issues

There are a lot of things to do after the move – cleaning your new place, and the next one is unpacking after the move. Once you take care of these first tasks, ensure you feel comfortable with the surroundings and feel at home. Adjusting to the new environment isn’t an easy task, but doing it is essential because if you don’t do it, you won’t help your medical condition.

A good mood will impede symptoms of sleeping disorder and depression

Actions You Can Do by Yourself and Reduce Stress During the Move

Professional treatment isn’t necessary, especially if you spent only one sleepless night. However, you surely don’t want this problem to become chronic, so do everything you can to prevent the negative thoughts and take your sleeping and resting time. The essential thing while getting organized for the relocation is not to neglect your daily routine. So, if you’re used to running in the morning or taking your dog for a walk, don’t skip it.

dog girl Falling asleep will be much easier after all of your daily routines are done

How Do I Overcome Sleep Insomnia – Ask for Help From the Professionals

Sometimes, positive thoughts and your daily routines can’t help. That’s when the best possible way of dealing with this issue is to turn to a professional. It’s important because if you don’t treat the problem correctly, it can cause much worse consequences – depression. Ensure you understand every condition and term that the doctor advises you to do.

Sleep Should Be One of the Top Priorities When Planning Your Move

You’ve been so concentrated on all the benefits of this relocation and all tasks you had to do and make it happen that you forgot to take a rest?

Sleep Should Be One of the Top Priorities When Planning Your Move

You’ve been so concentrated on all the benefits of this relocation and all tasks you had to do and make it happen that you forgot to take a rest? Sleeping eight hours will not only do you good physically but mentally as well. All those obstacles you thought were unbeatable will be a piece of cake in the morning, after a good sleep. as well. All those obstacles you thought were unbeatable will be a piece of cake in the morning, after a good sleep.

Most common reasons why people feel anxious and depressed is because of lack of sleeping hours

Trustworthy Long-Distance Moving Company Can Be One of the Main Reasons Why You Won’t Have to Deal With Sleeping Issues

Having a reliable relocation crew that will take care of all the services you’ll need is crucial. Imagine you don’t need to worry about all the little tasks for this relocation, from figuring out how to pack fragile items to getting the best-sized boxes for other items that need to be stored. The whole relocation process will go much smoother with an experienced crew and your wellbeing won’t be a thing to worry about.

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