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Blog July 7, 2021

6 Best Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

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Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to do something in a hurry? If you did, then you know how frustrating and demanding it can be. However, one of the most stressful moments in a person’s life is relocating in a rush. That’s why we’ve prepared useful packing tips for moving in a hurry to help you stay relaxed and able to perform your relocation without a hitch.

couple on the sofa If you’re planning to relocate in a rush, don’t panic - it’s possible

#1 One of the Most Important Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry Is to Make a Checklist

Yes, you might feel overwhelmed with all the stress, different plans, and must-do things, but everything will be futile if you don’t have a proper starting point. No matter how much time you have left until the big day, you should put in an additional effort to create an inventory of your stuff and a moving checklist. Thorough planning is out of the question at this point, which is quite reasonable, but you still need to pack all your belongings and bags somehow. So, the following tasks could speed up the whole process and therefore, should find their place on your relocation checklist:

  • Organize important papers and store them in a labeled box
  • Dispose of hazardous and toxic liquids
  • Put aside some cash for additional requirements, such as tipping your movers
  • Empty your fridge and perishables. Contact your mover and ask if taking caned nonperishables is permitted
  • Set aside clothes for your final days in the old home and first days after moving in
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#2 Book a Moving Company

Since your relocation is going to happen in a week or even sooner, avoid procrastination. If you decided to employ expert help, find reliable moving services as quickly as possible. Shortlist several reputable movers and ask for quotes. Once you select the most suitable offer, it’s time to book a moving company. If you want to relocate DIY, rent a van or truck for your household items. Also, you can always rent a truck from professional movers. Just keep in mind that your packing process should start ASAP.

movers Avoid backbreaking labor - leave it to the experts

#3 Obtain Enough Packing Supplies

Of course, your belongings need to be packed and stored somehow. Having huge piles of books, clothes, chairs in the middle of the room is not just irritating but makes everything messier than it has to be. Packing many possessions at the same time means you’ll have to employ the right techniques and the right materials to prepare everything for a long-distance trip. Don’t wait for the last moment to get boxes and other packing supplies. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish.

You probably have original packages of your appliances and electronics somewhere in the house. Whatever you can find, it’s a win-win. For other things, you should have enough boxes in different sizes. The heaviest items need to be placed in the smallest packages, while for the bigger and lighter ones, the best solution is a larger package. This method will facilitate the lifting and loading process and will spare you of backbreaking labor.

Find Free Moving Materials

If you don’t have a sufficient quantity of boxes, call your friends and family members. You can never know who can help if you don’t ask. Also, consider the nearest liquor stores – their boxes are usually sturdy enough to pack anything without worries.

If you don’t have high-quality packaging paper, old newspapers are always an excellent replacement. Old blankets and sheets can also come in handy if you’re wondering how to pack fragile items. We all know that purchasing brand new bubble wrap or paddings may significantly affect your final relocation costs. So, what should you do? Roll up your sleeves, look for household trifles, and use them instead of pricey cushioning materials:

  • Rice packings
  • Popcorns
  • Balls of wool
  • Old socks
  • Pillows
couple unpacking If you don’t have new materials, use free supplies to prepare your belongings for transport

#4 You Don’t Have to Organize Everything – Just Pack Room by Room

What’s the most crucial thing when relocating in a hurry? To pack all your stuff as efficiently as possible. That means if you start overthinking and overplanning, you’ll get stuck, and your schedule might have to be rearranged. To be productive, without setbacks, pick one room as your starting point. When you box and prepare everything, you can clean the space and move to the next room. Of course, if there’s someone to give you a hand, even better. Taking care of several rooms simultaneously will just make things faster and provide you with a sense that the job is going forward.

Forget About Detailed Planning

As we’ve said before, thorough planning is welcome when you have plenty of time for every little detail in your house. But, if you’re wondering how to pack in a hurry, it’s all right to skip placing all the similar items in the same box. Your creativity can reach its full potential at this very moment. It’s alright to pack your mugs with your underwear as long as you carefully tuck them in.

Make Categories and Leave Old and Unnecessary Things Behind

Moving in a rush doesn’t mean that you should ditch that old clock you inherited from your grandfather, but some sacrifices regarding your items have to be made. When relocation at the last minute, let practicality be your guiding principle instead of sentimentality.

When you start to pack, create three piles – keep, toss, and donate. That’s the way to reduce the amount of stuff that you’ll be transporting, as well as the final cost of the relocation. In case you have some bulky possessions you want to keep, but they cannot fit into your new apartment, take into consideration storage units. Your new beginning should be perfect, so leave behind everything that is inappropriate or unnecessary at the moment.

Find the Time to Pack an Essentials Bag

Some of the clothes you have put aside after the “purge” should be included in this bag. Besides, don’t forget to place some of the fundamentals inside. They will become your best friends after getting your foot through the door of your new home. We narrowed down the list for you, but you can modify it the way it suits you.

  • Toiletries
  • A towel
  • A change of clothes
  • Sheets, blanket, and pillow
  • Chargers
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Scissors
  • Medications
girl with suitcase Pack your essentials first and keep the bag near you during the relocation

#5 It’s All Right To Ask for Help

Every relocation is strenuous work, especially when it has to be performed in a hurry. Don’t spend these last few days in your old home panicking and being anxious. Preparing everything for the move is often impossible if you do it by yourself, so any kind of help should be welcomed with open arms. Your friends and family should be involved in this process, if possible. But if they cannot be there for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to call your movers and ask for packing services. Professional packers can do miracles in an amazingly short span of time.

sad girl You shouldn’t do everything by yourself

#6 Professional Home Cleaning – Why Not?

Besides skillful packers, you can pay for professional cleaning services, as well. Being overwhelmed with too many tasks before the big day leaves little time to finish all your obligations.

Before leaving your old home and relocating to a new one, you might be asking yourself how to clean before relocating. One of the solutions is letting reliable house cleaning services do that instead of you. Being efficient doesn’t mean you should finish everything, no matter what. That means asking for help when needed and paying for indispensable services. With our packing tips for moving in a hurry, you’ll enter your new apartment carefree and happy because you finished all assignments successfully and promptly.

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