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How to pack fragile items for your move

How to pack fragile items for your move

How to pack fragile items for your moveMoving to a new home is always a very hectic experience. And it is heartbreaking that after you go through all that work to find that some of your fragile items got damaged or downright broken during transportation. Be they fine china, antique vases, or other frail items. We are happy to provide you with this guide to give you some hints and advice that we hope you will find helpful when you begin to pack your fragile items. To pack your things, you will need some easily acquired supplies such as:


-Permanent marker

-Pliable cardboard

-Packing tape

-Packing peanuts

-Packing paper

-Bubble wrap

-Sturdy boxes


Don’t rush to pack everything

The most advantageous thing that you can do is take your time when packing your things. It is easy to make a mistake or forget to pack something when you are in a hurry, which is why we recommend you set aside a reasonable amount of time to go through your house, make a note of everything you want to pack then pack everything carefully. We suggest you do this about a month before your move, so it doesn’t get in the way of all the other work you have to do while planning your move.


How to pack plates

Start by wrapping each plate in bubble wrap then securing it with scotch tape and then pack them vertically. Packing them vertically will reduce their surface area and help prevent breakage. For finer china, we recommend that you place some pliable cardboard or foam between each plate and on the top and bottom of the box. Fill the empty space in the box with crumpled newspaper or an old t-shirt. It is important not to overpack any of the moving boxes as to do so can easily cause breakages.


How to pack delicate glassware and glasses

  Start by wrapping each glass in newspaper, make sure to tuck the newspaper into the glass as well, then secure it with tape. It is best to use a small to medium double walled box as glasses are smaller but heavier when they are stacked. A good idea is to layer the box with the heavier glasses on the bottom and the lighter ones on top, naturally with pliable cardboard between them.


How to pack fine ceramics

  When packing vases, you want to use smaller boxes, wrap the vase with newspaper and stuff it with crumpled up paper. This will reduce if not remove any friction during the move. Next, you should wrap the vase up in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Pad the box with cloth such as old towels or t-shirts before you put in the vase. You can pack smaller pieces of ceramics together, just take care to have their heavier ends down and that they are separated by a layer of cushion foam or pliable cardboard. Larger vases should be packed alone in double walled boxes and fill the empty space with old towels or crumpled up paper.

  If you follow these packing steps, you will ensure that all of your items get to their new home in one piece. Make sure to label all of the boxes containing your fragile items as fragile and designate which room they should go in.