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Documents you need when you’re moving

The best time for moving

Moving can turn our lives upside down, especially when we’re crossing state lines and time zones. In those cases, it’s important to have essential documents by your side. Knowing precisely where our identification and records are in times of need, can give us peace of mind even when everything else is on the move. Once the moving day arrives, this is the list of vital documents you should have:

Personal IDs

It is crucial to have these always by your side, even during the trip to your new house:

  • Driver’s licenses, ATM cards
  • Passports and visas
  • Original or certified copies of birth certificates
  • Medical records about any conditions that could pose a risk during the move
  • Kids’ doctors’ numbers written or printed on paper and easily accessible
  • If you have pets traveling with you, the most recent vet report, including all updated vaccination documents
  • Vehicle registration records and auto insurance cards
  • A list of important phone numbers written down in case phones go missing

Moving Documents

If you decide to hire a moving company such as East Coast-West Coast Express to transport your belongings, you will be provided with important moving documents. These include a signed contract, along with a binding estimate, inventory list, moving-guide pamphlets, etc. These documents will frequently be needed throughout the moving process, so keep them secure and easily accessible during your relocation. When moving day arrives, place all moving-related paperwork in a safe spot, such as a lockbox – don’t leave it behind by mistake!


Property Documents

If you sold your old house and you are moving into a home you purchased, there will be a pile of property-related documents to keep up with, such as:

  • Selling and buying agreements
  • Lease copies
  • Mortgage documents for new and old homes
  • Property insurance policies


Financial documents

Keep all of your credit cards, saving statements, bank account statements, bank transaction statements, loan papers, tax receipts, and tax deduction bills safe and away from other people’s eyes. Consider having a separate sleeve of your documents’ folder where you’ll keep receipts for moving-related expenses. You will need all of these revenues for tax deductions at the end. of the year.

It is very easy to lose a small item like a piece of paper in the moving chaos. So, you should be very careful and make sure no one has access to them except you. Otherwise, you risk having essential documents destroyed or significant personal information stolen. To avoid trouble, you are strongly recommended to keep them with you!