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Blog July 9, 2021

Cross Country Moving With Pets

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Jane Davis

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For many pet owners, moving cross country causes stress. There are many things to think about when moving with pets, and it calls for thorough planning. You need to prepare your pet for the move as well as sort out the administrative and other requirements. Read on the best moving with pets tips and you’ll know how to make the transition as comfortable as possible for your little friend.

Moving With Pets – How to Prepare?

Pets, especially cats and dogs, don’t understand interstate moving in the same terms as humans do. Houses form the biggest chunks of their life experience, and they feel most comfortable in them. Moreover, they might not be used to traveling at all. Having this in mind, you should take your time to prepare so that your animals don’t feel anxious and sad on the big day.

Decide on the Transportation Method

Have you hired a cross country moving company to assist you during the relocation? While cross country movers will offer different long distance moving services for your belongings, it might be good to consider in advance how you want to transport your beloved four-legged family member. If you are traveling by car, you should organize short car rides before so that your cat or dog can get accustomed to being in a vehicle. Take them to a park or a place they like in order to have them establish positive associations with traveling. In case you are traveling by plane make sure you check the airline company’s policies and if your animal cannot travel in the same space as you, consult the vet for preparation advice.

Devote Time and Follow the Pet’s Usual Routine

Don’t let the moving process get the best of you and allow long distance movers to assist you because oftentimes cats, dogs, and other animals feel our moving stress and anxiety and thus feel insecure themselves. Try to keep their favorite things around during your packing process. Also, try to be consistent when it comes to feeding and walking habits.

Get the Documents Ready

While long distance moving company handles your stuff, you’ll have enough time to research the legal aspects of relocation. There are different policies in different US states and countries world-wide regulating traveling with pets. Depending on which animal you have, you should make sure to check what is obligatory in your new location. Some places require the animals to be vaccinated and others insist on them having proper documentation. If you travel by plane, make sure your pet conforms to the airline rules and check whether you should buy it a ticket.

Moving pets across the country requires detailed preparation

Tails Up – Travel Time

Even while you are traveling, you should organize the trip so that your furry friend feels comfortable.

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Safety First

Make sure your pet is safe, and it cannot escape or get injured during the ride. Find a transportation kennel or a box that will fit your friend. Let your cat or dog get cozy and familiar with it before the relocation day. Place a treat inside and let them come to like it, perhaps even sleep inside. If you are not using a kennel, make sure you fasten them properly so that they feel comfortable and protected at the same time.

Find Pet-Friendly Places

Although certain hotels and restaurants claim to be pet-friendly there are often restrictions (only small animals are allowed, only a small number of rooms is provided for pet owners, there are extra costs and more.) You should check and double-check, especially when it comes to hotels, whether you can stay for the night with your furry friend and whether there are additional charges for it.

Pack for Your Pet

While you should definitely think about moving essentials when packing your household, it might be a good idea to also pack for your pet. You should consider what it will need in the new environment and what will make your dog or cat feel at home during the relocation process. Take extra care when you are considering the best time of the year to move. If you are moving during the summer or winter months your animal might be more anxious and irritable due to heat or cold. Make sure you weigh out the pros and cons of moving in winter or in summer and pack for your pet accordingly.

When wondering how to move with pets relax and try to make traveling as enjoyable as possible

Welcome to Your New Home

Once you and your pet arrive safely, the adventure is not finished. In fact, it is only starting. Since the environment is entirely novel, you should allow your friend the time and space to explore and come to like the new home. How can you accomplish this and make it go smoothly?


Unpacking is just as important as packing. Whether you use the help of professionals or you are doing it on your own, keep in mind that your pet should be protected from all the dangers lurking during this process. It is best to assign a family member to keep it company if possible or to close it in a safe cozy space with enough food and water while you do the work.

Unexpected Problems

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the house before you let your four-legged friend wander around. There might be some potentially dangerous spots, so you definitely need to take caution and be the first one to explore.

New Pets

One of the best ways to encourage your cat or dog to like the place is to show them how many nice animals there are nearby. Go out and meet new neighbors. They might have animals of their own and might love meeting other animals. If you were wondering how to make friends in a new state, this can help you enormously. Animals can be a good conversation starter and might help you get a  companion for walks or help you with making friends in the new city.

Dedicating your time and giving encouragement is the answer to how to move pets across the country Dedicating your time and giving encouragement is the answer to how to move pets across the country

Finally, Stay Positive When Moving Across the Country

Final advice when moving interstate is – don’t worry. Whatever obstacles you face along the way, try to stay positive and enjoy the process as much as you can while trying to make your pet happy at the same time. Both of you will be better off for it.

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