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Blog September 5, 2021

House Hunting Tips – How to Find a New Home

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Searching for the home you’ve been dreaming of will become, at some point, just an overwhelming event if it takes too long. This can happen if you don’t have the best house hunting tips checklist that will ease the whole process, no matter how stressful it may seem. From checking if the future home has everything you need to setting up the budget, it’s completely normal you want to give up.

You decided to move to the suburbs because you want peaceful surroundings. Or you’re tired of the slow pace, and it’s time to move to a big city. It doesn’t matter – you still have to find a place to live. However, some buyers don’t realize that the housing market has rapidly grown in the past few years. Although it could seem like an impossible trend, the market is thriving because the post-pandemic rebound is now affecting all industries. If you’re one of those buyers who are struggling to find the perfect place, check out our tips and enjoy the research.

What to Look for When House Hunting and Where to Begin

Finding the perfect home that you’ve been dreaming of for years turned out to be a time-consuming and exhausting process? It’s because you didn’t have the right guidance from the start, and now you feel like it’s just too much. Moving stress can affect your search a lot, and that’s why you should give yourself time and begin planning the relocation as soon as possible – once you decide it’s time to move, get to the planning.

When you get organized to move, think about what you want from the future place. Do you need a bigger kitchen, a spacious living room, and a yard? These are just some of the things to consider before you begin with the big hunt. The first thing you’ll probably feel when you see how many options you have is confusion. So, to make sure you don’t forget any details you want the future place to have, write down all your wishes, and then you can embark on the adventure.

How to House Hunt – Additional Things to Consider

Besides learning all the relocation hacks for the effortless move, as a buyer of a property, you should also consider some other things and be sure you find your dream place. Here are the facts all buyers should be aware of:

  • The number of rooms – it’s important to know how many rooms you need in your new place because that way, you’ll narrow the research. However, if you’re making an office relocation checklist because you’re working remotely and an office move is not optional, then add one more room for the desk and other equipment.
  • Storage space and a garage – have you already planned auto transport for your vehicle? Then the garage and storage space should be on your new place checklist.
  • The lighting – if you prefer the natural light, then ensure your new home can offer you that.
  • Appearances – choose the place that will meet your esthetic preferences (both interior and exterior).
Plan everything because choosing between homes is a challenging task

How to Arrange Everything and Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Moving to a new state is not the easiest thing you’ll do in your life because there are many things to think about, from finding reliable long-distance moving services to managing all other tasks. Buying homes seems like just another task you need to get over with. But at some point, you realize that managing everything isn’t as easy as it looked. It involves more than just picking the right home and making the best deal – you need to know how to act and learn not to say something that could be misunderstood. So, besides the moving tips that you have to learn, be aware of all the red flags to look out for and make the whole process quicker and easier with the following things to consider:

  • Online listing includes only a few photos of the place,
  • Homes nearby have much higher prices,
  • A home is sold for a bargain price,
  • Strange odors inside the place and cracks in the foundation,
  • Pest problems.
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Don’t Neglect Online Research

When you decide to take a significant step in your life by buying real estate, you need to know that it can be quite a stressful experience. When relocating alone, it can take longer to do the research and get to the rest of the tasks, but don’t let this come in between your decision to buy a property. S searching at least one month in advance because the average real estate hunt takes four to six weeks.

To reduce the stress, you need to move efficiently, but before figuring out how to do it, you should use the power of the internet and start market research online first. Bookmark every listing you find interesting and avoid losing time viewing something you won’t be interested in. Be sure you understand the price and look for the most suitable ad that meets your interests. If you still need some tips on how to begin with your research, check out the video below.

YouTube video

Make a House Hunt Checklist and Don’t Worry About Forgetting Anything

People tend to forget things, and that’s why it’s best to create a checklist, similar to the relocation to-do list that keeps you on track during the whole move. All those processes that require more than one thing you have to do are like walking on thin ice because if you forget even the smallest thing, it can ruin the chances of a safe move. Don’t let that happen – write down everything and track all tasks.

Check the House’s Kitchen and Garden

The reasons why people move are various – whether you decided to start your life with a partner or you want to find a job in a new city because you need a fresh start. For those who have never moved before and never bought real estate, know that you need to look for some signs that could become bigger problems later. So, when buying homes, first check the rooms you’ll spend most of your day in. If you notice some bad odors in the kitchen or other rooms, know it’s a red flag. The same goes for the yard (if the property has one) and every other corner in the home. Sellers should offer you a place in great shape, and there’s no excuse for those cracks on the walls or a broken window.

big house Examine every corner and ensure there are no works you have to do after moving in

One of the First House Hunting Tips – Set a Budget

The first thing you have to think about if planning to move across the country is your budget. The average long-distance move costs around $4,0000, and it’s an amount you surely don’t want to throw away, right? In addition, if you’re among the potential property buyers, you should start saving up for those expenses, as well.

When setting the budget, include all the services you’ll need. From efficient packing services, if you can’t pack fragile items on your own, and reliable moving insurance to being able to keep some of your stuff in the storage facilities that the relocation crew will offer you. Once you know how much money you can spend on certain services, you’ll be able to save on relocation costs and make one of the most stressful events of your life a breeze.

Take Into Consideration the Pre-Approved Mortgage When You Plan Your Finances

Having a clear picture of your finances is more than essential when you want to buy your own residence. The pre-approved mortgage will assist you in that, but there are some things you need to consider and ensure before applying for one. For example, you have to prepare your Social Security Number before applying for a pre-approved mortgage and keep your debts, credit card score, and income in mind.

Figuring out your finances will help you hunt more easily for the perfect place

Find a Suitable Location for Your New Home

When choosing the place where you’ll live, it’s not just the building that counts. The surroundings and the neighborhood play a very big role in this whole process. That’s why, if you’re relocating with kids, ensure there are good schools and amenities nearby so you and your children can spend some quality time together. The same stands for relocating with pets. Plenty of greenery and parks will be on top of the checklist when finding the perfect nest. Check the website Zillow and see if the price of a neighborhood you have in mind meets your budget.

Choose wisely the neighborhood and ensure there's everything you need

Ask for Help From a Real Estate Agent if You Need a Professional House Hunting Guide

After days of searching and not finding anything, you probably caught yourself wondering if your dream place even exists. It turns out that you’ll need a lot more patience and positivity to survive this whole event. It’s not just picking the best time of the year for moving or figuring out how to pack everything when you’re in the last-minute move. Even with some useful tips for house hunting, you feel it’s something you can’t pull off alone. That’s when you should find help from a professional real estate agent. When you find a reliable realtor who can guide you through this adventure and keep your wishes a top priority, then you’ll be right on track to having the perfect property buying experience.

Tips for Finding a Reliable Agent

The main question is how to find a real estate agent that will respect your wants and needs. Since the market is vast, word of mouth might be the safest solution, especially if you’re new at this. So, ask your family and friends who were recent buyers for a recommendation. Don’t forget to look at the price and what services the agent can offer you. A stress-free move is, in the end, the ultimate goal, right?

working Find a realtor that can handle your home hunt professionally

Let a Long Distance Moving Company Take Care of the Relocation Services

Relocating is one of the three most stressful events in people’s lives. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you feel like you need a helping hand from professionals. Reliable cross-country movers will offer their services to ease the whole process and let you dedicate your time and energy to picking the right place to live. This means that the only thing you have to worry about is making a household inventory list and deciding what not to pack; the professional movers will be in charge of the rest.

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