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How to Pack Toiletries and Medication When Moving

We are here to help you with packing, relocating your vehicle, providing you with storage and anything else you might need while moving. We are open for consultation at any time and would be happy to advise you on what you should do when moving cross country. For this reason, East Coast West Coast Express has created a guide that will be helpful when you are packing your bathroom and everything in it. If you are interested in learning more information about this topic than keep on reading.

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Packing Tools for Moving

When we plan to relocate, garages are places we think of last, which is why most people have difficulties with packing tools. There are heavy, pointy, bulky, and sometimes dangerous objects we keep in our garages, which makes them very hard to pack. Thus, you should check out some great tips and tricks on how to pack tools for moving.

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How to Move a Refrigerator

If you’re preparing for cross country moving, transporting heavy appliances such as refrigerators might be one of the most challenging bits. There are many things to think about if you want to learn how to move a refrigerator, which adds to the challenge. But, there’s nothing to worry about because we’re breaking the process down for you from preparation to unpacking. Read on to find out how to pull this task out like a pro.

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How to Move a Washing Machine

If you’re thinking about cross country moving, and want to bring a bigger appliance with you, don’t forget to think about how to move a washing machine. The transport of your household and heavy appliances is something you should think about in advance because it can be challenging.

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How to Pack Candles for Moving

Candles bring light to spaces, and they can improve home decoration tremendously. If you plan to continue using yours even after moving cross country, it is essential to know how to pack candles. Bear in mind that they are not only prone to breaking when mishandled, but they can also melt and cause damage to your other things. Read on to find out how to store them safely when moving interstate.

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Last Minute Moving Guide

Life is unpredictable. A sudden job offer, short notice education opportunity, surprise inheritance – many things can turn your life upside down and make you leave your current home. Ideally, you will need a minimum of two months to plan your long-distance relocation. However, last minute moving is more common than you think, and most people end up planning and packing in less than a month.

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How to Change Your Address When You Move?

With the moving date just around the corner, you probably feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the things that have to be done. Among other tasks, you should figure out how to change your address when you move. At first, you might be wondering, Do you have to change your address when you move? No matter how busy you are, remember that this is one of the crucial steps to take when changing homes, and it’s essential that you do it on time.

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Create a Master To-Do List for Moving

Whether you are moving out of a home or an apartment, moving somewhere local or to another state, a Moving Checklist is an essential tool for planning and peace of mind. It’s no small task packing your things and keeping the whole process organized. You may not be able to move mountains, but you can plan a coordinated move with a little help from this step-by-step timeline. For example, will you be able to transport any of your stuff in your car or rental truck, or will you be leaving everything to the professionals, such as East Coast West Coast Express? What’s the maximum amount of money you can spend on the movement? Do you have any family members or friends who could help during relocation? The first thing is to stay stuck with the big plans, so you don’t get bogged down in the nitty-gritty details of the move.

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How to Pack Paintings for Moving

Whether you’re a dedicated art aficionado with a sizeable and valuable collection, or just happen to have a few pieces with sentimental value, you should take some time to learn how to pack paintings for moving without damaging them.

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Office Relocation Safety Tips

If you are planning to move your company to a different building or a new city, it can bring some health and safety concerns that are not usually brought into question in your day to day activities. Particularly when packing and the day of the relocation. This article will give you some safety tips to follow during an office relocation so that you avoid any potential damage or disruption during the move.

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