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How to pack candles when moving

What you shouldn't pack when you are moving

Candles are very functional and decorative and are items that you will want to bring with you when you move. Candles are most often an investment that you want to protect so packing them properly for a move is important. Remember that even if you pack them very carefully, delicate candles are still at risk of breaking or even melting.

Packing your candles

Packing your candles correctly will help you to ensure that they get transported to your new home without incident. Use the original packaging that they came in if you still have it. These packages are usually custom made for the specific candles and cork on relieving pressure on areas that are at risk of breaking. If you don’t have the original packaging, then you should use bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Wrap each individual candle in bubble wrap and then put it in a moving box filled with packing peanuts. The packing peanuts and bubble wrap should help to protect the candles from breaking if they are dropped. Tape the box shut and label it as fragile so you do not forget about it. When packing the truck, the candles should be placed on the top stacks of boxes rather than the bottom to avoid crushing the box and the candles in it.


Consider the temperature

When packing and moving candles, you have to take the temperature into account. It is not safe to assume that the candles will not melt during a one or two day move to your new home. If you choose to transport your candles in a moving truck, It is not safe to just assume that they won’t melt or that the temperature will hold steady. High temperatures put your candles at risk of Softening, Breaking, changing shape or even downright melting. Because of all these risks we do not recommend using a moving truck unless you are you are moving across town and the box holding your candles will be back in a cool environment before they can melt. If at all possible take your candles with you during a move. Consider putting the box near an air conditioning vent if placed in a vehicle and keep it out of the sunlight. Keep in mind that it can get very hot inside vehicles very quickly so the candle box should be the last box placed in the car and the first one removed for best effect.


Shipping the candles

If your move is a long distance move and you can not take the candles with you, then you don’t want to take the chance of them melting in a moving truck. In this case, your best option is to ship them, this will usually expedite the relocation process, and most of your items can be insured. If you choose to ship your candles, then make sure they can be signed for and moved indoors as soon as possible. Insurance is necessary because even express shipping will not guarantee that the candles will not be transported in a warm vehicle.