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Blog July 7, 2021

How to Move a Refrigerator

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Eva Johnson

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If you’re preparing for cross country moving, transporting heavy appliances such as refrigerators might be one of the most challenging bits. There are many things to think about if you want to learn how to move a refrigerator, which adds to the challenge. But, there’s nothing to worry about because we’re breaking the process down for you from preparation to unpacking. Read on to find out how to pull this task out like a pro.

A Guide for Moving a Refrigerator – Step 1 Prepare by All Means

Before your time to move comes, you need to get down to some tasks that will help you tremendously when moving a fridge. Remember, even the lightest of these weigh at least 170 pounds. That’s why knowing useful moving hacks can prevent not only damage to your appliance but also your back. If you are wondering how to pack a refrigerator for shipping, these are the things to do before relocation:

  • Clean out all the food and drinks you’ve got in – Large quantities of food fall under the category of what not to pack when relocating, so consider giving them away to charity
  • Clean and wash the surfaces – to facilitate the transition
  • Defrost – If you are wondering how long should a fridge be off before moving, make sure you give your appliance at least 10 hours to thaw the ice properly
  • Take out all the removable elements
  • Start getting organized to move and find the equipment you’ll need.

The Right Equipment Will Grant You Effective Protection

Equipment and supplies are a must on your packing list here because you won’t be able to do this task single-handedly. When you are figuring out how to pack a refrigerator for moving, try to ensure yourself a safe and stress-free relocation by getting the following:

  • Furniture slides and plywood panels – to protect your floors
  • Furniture blankets
  • Straps and rope
  • A dolly – though many people ask can you move a fridge without a dolly, it will make a world of difference
  • Packing and measuring tape
  • At least two helpers.
man-carrying-boxes Dollies are great for other tasks too

Step 2 – Think of the Best Route

Measuring tape is one of the relocation essentials because you’ll need to organize how you’ll go about the route. First off, don’t forget to measure the height and width of your appliance. And after that, do the same for all the pathways, doors, and possibly even stairs. These measurements will tell you how to plan the carrying route and avoid any form of moving stress.

If you come across problems here, which is frequent when people organize moving large items, consider removing the doors and other components to facilitate the transport significantly. Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn more about these useful tips.

YouTube video

Tip 3 – Learn the Things You Need to Know for Successful Transport

The actual transport to the truck is crucial, and all you’ve been doing was with this goal in mind. So, don’t leave anything to chance, even if you are in the middle of a last-minute move. This is what you should pay attention to.

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Pack Your Fridge

If you kept the doors, shut them completely and tape all parts of the power cord to prevent damage. Make sure it’s up and not on the side. Wrap it in blankets for extra protection.

Ensure Protection for Your Floor

Regardless of your reasons to move, whether you’re relocating to a smaller home or changing it up and moving from a house to an apartment, you don’t want to damage the floors. So how to prevent this problem? First off, you can buy numerous covers for your floor that are within the price range of cheap moving supplies. These will survive any unexpected moves, so they’re worth investing in. Secondly, rubber wheel dollies are your friends in this too since they’re designed to leave the floors unscathed.

Use a Dolly

Once you’re done with the floor, you can get down to actual business. You should use plywood boards to support your appliance as you slide it some distance from the wall. Then tilt the appliance a little bit and have someone put a dolly underneath it. Remember never to tilt more than 45 degrees up or down because you are likely to lose balance. When the dolly is set, you can start. And this tool is quite convenient because it’s got wheels and handles, which minimize risks even if you are crossing stairs.

Master Another Moving Technique to Get Your Refrigerator on the Truck

Still, some people wonder how to move a refrigerator without a dolly. Don’t worry, this is possible though harder. If you opt for this, make sure not to forget that putting a kitchen item on its side or back is a huge no if you don’t want your household inventory list to become shorter very quickly. You should learn the best lifting techniques, in this case, agree with your helpers on them and find straps that can best support the weight of your fridge. Finally, setting a ramp in front of the truck can also help.

professional-movers Technique is all

Tip 4 – Unpack It in Your New House

If relocating to a new home entails learning how to move a refrigerator up stairs in your case, you’ll be happy to know that the same principles we already discussed apply. But, you should not plug it in for at least 2 hours after the arrival to make sure all the shaking around doesn’t take its toll. When you turn it on, wait for it to reach a standard temperature to finish the last step.

kitchen-interior If you've got an automated one, it'll let you know when the time is right

So the Best Way to Move a Refrigerator Is?

Though many people have questions like, can I move a refrigerator by myself or is it hard to move a refrigerator in their minds, the easiest way to accomplish this task free of stress is hiring a professional long-distance moving company. Superb cross country moving services will not only answer the question of how to move a fridge, but they’ll facilitate other aspects too. If you opt for packing services that include packing supplies, there’ll be no object to worry about. And if you need top-rated cross country movers for other matters related to your relocation, such as auto transport or storage service, you’ll be covered too. The moving insurance is there to give you peace of mind, so there’s nothing to worry about, be it your fridge or anything else.

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