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Blog July 7, 2021

Packing Tools for Moving

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Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

When we plan to relocate, garages are places we think of last, which is why most people have difficulties with packing tools. There are heavy, pointy, bulky, and sometimes dangerous objects we keep in our garages, which makes them very hard to pack. Thus, you should check out some great tips and tricks on how to pack tools for moving.

What Supplies Do I Need for Packing?

In the garage, most things are heavy and oversized. Being bulky and sometimes sharp, tools require specific packing supplies. Therefore, you should get boxes in various sizes. Maybe you can even get some for free at your local grocery store. What to buy to make moving easier? You should buy the following supplies:

  • Boxes – Recyclable, durable cardboard containers of all sizes,
  • Bubble wrap – You should buy a biodegradable bubble wrap or use an eco-friendly alternative to wrap and protect objects,
  • Packing paper – Although ordinary paper works just fine, be mindful that if you use newspapers, the print could transfer onto things, and you will have to do a bit of cleaning after unpacking,
  • Packing tape – To give it extra strength and avoid opening, each box has to be sealed, top and bottom, with gummed or masking tape, so you should get at least one roll of tape. To ensure the box remains secure, run several tape pieces around the bottom of the box in both directions. Also, if you have a packing duct tape gun, it would be handy to use it.
box Get the necessary supplies

Different Tools Require Different Packing Methods

When you are getting organized to move, some of the worst parts to pack for relocation are garages and sheds, mostly because of all the sharp, bulky, and dangerous materials they contain. On the other hand, packaging fragile items and small objects require special care. Here are the best ways to protect all of them.

How Do You Pack Power Tools for Moving?

Power tools should preferably be packed into the case that they came in when you bought them and then placed into a small box. If you don’t have the box that they initially come in, cover all pointy and sharp ends in a lot of sawdust or other material, and protect them with packing tape.

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Looking for a Specific Way to Protect Small Items?

Hand-held tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, or pliers should be stored in a toolbox, if possible, and covered with a soft padding material. Since they are all relatively light, they can move a lot during transportation and even fall out of the box. Padding can not only keep them from damage but can also keep them in place. You may want to hold the toolbox near if you arrive at the destination before the shipping vehicle. Maybe something will happen, and you’ll have to fix it fast.

How to Pack Gardening Equipment?

Medium-sized items such as hedge trimmers and garden shears should be wrapped and taped extensively and packed in fitting plastic containers. Shovels, brooms, rakes, and similar objects should be collected in one package, wrapped, and taped properly as well. A lawnmower would be hard to place in a box. So just locate an appropriate spot in the truck for it and try to protect it as best as you can to keep it from falling during transport.

green-gloves In your spare time, try to prepare your garden equipment for relocation

We’ve Created a List of Tips for Packing Tools for Moving

How do I make easy packing? Sorting, labeling, and cleaning everything are some of the essential hacks that can be helpful. Check out the following tips on how to do this easily.

Sort the Items and Packing Supplies

You should create a list of things you want to take with you, just like you did with other rooms in your home. Then you need to sort and separate hand-held and power tools from other objects and place them in small containers or plastics. Avoid throwing them together in one huge crate since you won’t be able to move it or the box won’t hold them.

Label Everything Properly

Creating labels for boxes may seem irrelevant, but it is one of the most crucial tasks. Therefore, do not forget to get markers and label every box according to its content. If necessary, write brief and informative inscriptions such as warnings for fragile or dangerous objects. Make sure you mark the containers that you will be donating as well.

Clean Your Garage and Dispose of Old Furniture and Things You Don’t Need

Old furniture, toys, magazines, appliances, everything that you stored for years now has to go through a final check-up. You can’t keep these things forever, especially if you don’t use them anymore. Also, you should take care of all the liquids you keep there for different reasons, such as a gallon of petrol, fuels, pesticides, fertilizers, paint, cleaning supplies, and other specific chemicals. Since it is required by the law, they ought to be disposed of in a safe way. Cross country movers won’t transport them in a truck because they are flammable. Watch the video below to see a tip on how to dispose of old paint.

YouTube video

You Don’t Have to Pack Everything From Your Garage

You should leave behind everything you don’t need. Sort the items into many groups, separate the ones intended for donation and think of the price for the ones you want to sell at a yard sale. Ensure you have carefully calculated which things you still need in your brand new home. If you are moving from house to apartment, keep only moving essentials from your garage.

hammer Sort your things and clean out your garage storage

Hire Professionals if You Need Help

The relocation process can be overwhelming no matter what your reasons to move are. Do not hesitate to ask for professional help. The best thing you can do is to employ long-distance movers to do the heavy lifting for you if you feel intimidated by the job’s immensity. A cross country moving company also provides many other moving services, such as renting storage or moving insurance. Besides, if you are prone to last minute moving, they can help with some packing tips for moving in a hurry, if you don’t know how to pack electronics for moving or how to pack china for moving and you want to invest in professional packing service.

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