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How to pack your garage and toolshed for a move

How to pack fine china when moving

How to pack your garage and toolshed for a moveTool sheds and garages are some of the hardest parts of your house to pack when you are moving, mostly because of all the odd sized, sharp, heavy, and hazardous materials that are in them. We would like to supply you with some tips to help you pack this mess easily and quickly.

Start Packing

Start by getting rid of anything that is hazardous such as all oils, gas, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers as none of these are allowed in moving trucks. Next, you should box up your hand tools and power tools. All of these can be packed up in small moving boxes, avoid putting them all into one moving box as it might be too heavy to load safely.


Packing small tools

Smaller hand tools like screwdrivers and hammers can stay in their toolbox just make sure to fill up all of the empty space with crumpled up packing paper which will keep them from moving around and prevent the whole box from toppling over. All power tools should be packed back into the boxes that they came in when you bought them. If you don’t have these boxes anymore, then you should wrap all the pointy and sharp ends in plenty of packing paper and secure it with packing tape.


Packing medium-sized tools

To pack your medium sized tools such as shears, hedge trimmers, etc. whap them in plenty of packing paper, secure them with packing tape and put them in into moving boxes.


Packing your bigger tools

Larger tools such as rakes, brooms, scythes, should be wrapped in a moving pad with the edges tucked in burrito style and tape the moving pads securely shut on all ends with packing tape.


Packing lawnmowers and weed eaters

Make sure to drain all the liquids out of your lawn mower and weedeater, this applies to oil, gas, and any other lubricants, and dispose of them properly.  Use a small piece of cardboard or a lot of packing paper to make a protective shell around and over each spark plugs. These extra precautions are necessary because spark plugs break unbelievably easily. Lawnmowers and weed eaters are so large and oddly shaped most of the time that there is no point in boxing them, just make sure that they are securely tied down in the truck so that they don’t fly around inside the truck and damage your other items.


Packing your grill

Begin packing your grill by making sure that you remove any charcoal or other refuse, and then give the whole grill a good spray down with your garden hose to clean it up, inside and out. You don’t want any of that grease, soot or ash to get onto your other belongings in the truck.  If your grill is a gas grill, then you should keep in mind that the movers aren’t allowed to move it. If you have to take it to your new home, you will have to do so in your own personal vehicle.