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Blog July 8, 2021

Best Tips for Smooth Moving With Kids

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Blake Shaw

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Starting a family is a dream come true to many people. Although parenting can sometimes be challenging, it is also one of the biggest joys in the world. Once you have a little one to care for, everything changes. If you weren’t moving with kids before and want to find out how to move with kids easily and comfortably, the following text can be surprisingly beneficial.

Start Preparing Months Earlier and Include Them in Packing

Getting organized to move always requires a lot of planning. In case you are relocating with your kid, you should start the process of preparations earlier than you usually would, considering they might slow down the regular tempo. If you made a list of things to do before moving and you’re ready to start packing your household items in boxes, keep your little ones involved in the process. Let them decide on things that are important to them, and if you need to get rid of some of their old toys, do this when they are asleep. Leave their favorites stuffed animals for the end and keep something to carry with them on the day of the move.

girl-sad Include your kid in the process from day one

A Few Weeks Before the Move, Do a Research on the Best Neighborhood, Schools, and Family-Friendly Activities

Before deciding to move, make sure you research the neighborhood – is it safe, what are the best schools in the area, are there any free things to do or is there a nice park for family recreational activities nearby. If you meet new neighbors, be curious about their children, and try to stay connected. They can give you some useful information once you’ve moved.

couple-checking-computer Research your future neighborhood

How Do You Move With Children? Useful Tips for Moving With Kids

As with every other type of relocation, you should be aware of some of its specific aspects. Inform yourself about the area you’re relocating to, keep your child involved in decision making, talk to them about their needs and concerns. On the day of the move, keep some boxes with moving essentials close so that they can grab some cozy blanket or a favorite toy. That can comfort them and remind them of a familiar environment. Keep reading to find out more details about the mentioned subjects.

Before the Move: Discus Details With Your Kid and Respect Their Concerns and Proposes

If you are moving with kids out of state, you might find yourself wondering how to explain to your child what are the reasons to move and how to prevent relocating depression. Before you start packing and preparing, the most important thing is to discuss every aspect of your transition with your child and mention potential bad sides as well. Ask them about their worries and solve problems in advance. Keep them updated about changes because the crucial thing for them is to feel like they have control over the following events.

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After the Move, Sort Their Room First

Once you move into your new home and start unpacking the essentials, you should get your child’s room in order first. The similarity of bedroom environments will soothe the moving stress. Don’t forget to check if there are any potential dangers around your new home, such as hazardous surfaces or unsecured plug-ins. Don’t protect just their room, do this in the whole house before you move on to other responsibilities. Check out this video for some useful baby proofing tips:

YouTube video

How Does Moving House Affect a Child?

As to any other living being, change of environment, climate, and other factors can provoke many problems and challenging situations. Changing old school and meeting new friends is a big deal for children, especially if they are introverts and not good at making new acquaintances. Teenagers can be very stubborn while they insist on refusing to move. This age is already hard enough for them, so try to understand them and be gentle with their feelings and needs.

Does Moving a Lot Affect a Child?

Imagine changing your school once you finally make some friends and your grades start going up. Then you have to transfer to a new school, where you don’t like your history teacher and you have no friends. You finally start dealing with them, and over the night, everything changes again. Stability and routine are crucial for developing healthy habits and a peaceful living environment. If your business or other life circumstances require frequent moves, the best thing to do is make a quality and stable connection with your little ones. They will establish some new rituals that can help them cope with stress and anxiety, and you’ll be ready to help them out with any problem that might occur.

What Is the Best Age to Move a Child?

It is considered that the kids under the age of six are the easiest to move because their capacities for understanding changes are limited. They can reorient quickly if you guide them properly and clearly. Act out the move using toys and tales, and try keeping most of their bedroom furniture and favorite toys. In this period, avoid other significant changes like potty training or changing the sleeping schedules.

Your Kids Will Be Happy If You Are Happy

According to numerous psychological studies, children are very good at recognizing emotions, even at the youngest age. They are most likely to decide on their emotional reaction judging their mother or other parental figures’ reactions. Now when you know that, if you want your kid to stay positive and relaxed during this challenging time, try your best to offer them positivity and encouragement by staying in a good mood, even if some things go off the plan. Every now and then, unexpected problems may occur; that’s why you should consider hiring a cross country moving company. They can handle the technical stuff while you stay focused on your loved ones.

happy-family Stay positive around your little ones

Which Common Mistake You Should Avoid When Moving With Children?

Moving out of state with children can be stressful. The best way to help yourself is to hire professional long distance movers. They can advise you on how to organize important documents at home and other useful moving hacks and tips. It is crucial that you prepare your child’s medical records and school papers, especially if they are transferring. Last-minute moving is never a best practice, particularly when moving with children. The other important thing is to keep them involved and informed – the worst thing you can do during this period is to keep secrets from them (like the reasons why you are relocating) or exclude them from packing while managing everything on your own.

family Explain your little ones why you need to move and use your time wisely, let them help you pack

Things to Know About Professional Cross Country Moving Companies When Relocating With Children

Relocating to a new home with kids might be too challenging without the help of a professional long-distance moving company. In most cases, cross country moving services include packing service and additional packing supplies, such as boxes, tapes, and wraps. If you need auto transport, that can be arranged as well. Just make sure that their services have moving insurance included if something gets damaged in the process.

If your new home doesn’t have a garage or other unit for keeping some things that you don’t use frequently, you can transport them to a storage unit. Make some extra time to explore other options and long-distance moving services, such as the possibility to get a free quote. That way, you can calculate your expenses in advance and keep everything running smoothly while your kids have your much-needed attention.

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