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Tips for moving with children

Moving is psychologically disorienting and emotionally exhausting. Whether you’re moving across the country or just to another city, moving can be quite a stressful time in your life, both for you and for your kids. Anyway, your children can be easily adaptable. Just take the time to prepare them for what to expect, listen to their concerns, and help them to see the move as an adventure. They are not as thrilled as you are. Here are some tips for moving with children you can take to ease the transition.

See the new house

Let your children share in the experience because moving impacts the whole family. Show them how excited you are about the move. Ask them about how they feel and what worries them. Let them know that you are depending on them during the move and plan everything with them, from packing to settling in your new home. Involve them in everything as much as possible in any selection and choice you have to make.  If you are moving to a closer place, a good idea would be to take them to see your new place in advance. If it is too far to do it, show them the pictures of the house and the surroundings, give them some interesting facts and details which would attract their attention. Make a small party with them after you have chosen a house to show them how happy and excited you are and they will start behaving the same way as you.

Sort your belongings

Then get the kids to go through the house, room by room, and decide what should be taken to the new home and what you all should get rid of. They can take part in a yard sale or a garage sale and that way they will feel important and make some pocket money working with you. They can think about the price of an item and collect the money from the people who come to your sale.

Encourage research

Learn as much as possible about the new place and share any good information with your children. Encourage them to do their own research and ask them what information they have collected so far. They can inform themselves about all schools available to them in this area and about their prospects there. They can get informed about sports clubs and other social activities in their new community.

Take them there

Let them start being connected with the new place in any way. The best way would be to have a trip there at the weekend and maybe stay in a hotel. Choose a nice, sunny day to have a drive around the town or the nearby places which can be interesting to them.

Let them say their goodbyes

The most difficult thing to them will definitely be saying goodbye to their schoolmates and their friends in the neighborhood. Make a party to all their friends and explain to everybody that they are welcome to visit your family any time in your new home. Advise them to exchange all their phone numbers, addresses and e-mails, so they can stay in touch all the time after you move.

Keep in touch

Let everybody know that you are planning to return for a visit and that you won’t forget anybody, from your relatives to your neighbors and former colleagues. You should also be advised not to ignore it and stick to your promise. It is not hard at all to connect your all friends with the new ones. Most people like making new friendships and especially children are fond of having many friends for socializing.

Make yourselves at home

After you have finally moved, have some things in mind. The boxes are still all around the house, unpacked yet, and you are trying to settle and adjust there. Take your time unpacking, but also make it a priority to hang or display some of your cherished and familiar personal items as soon as possible. Familiar things will help to make a new house feel like home for both you and your children.

Explore the new surroundings 

Now it’s time to settle into your new community, so buy a guidebook of your new city. Grab it and sit down with the kids to plan some fun outings around the area. Whether you decide to take a look on a local farm, visit a museum, or hike at the nearby state park, it’s important to engage your kids and show them all what your new hometown has to offer. If they’ve met some new friends in your neighborhood or at school, encourage each child to bring a friend along on your trips around the area.

Keep old habits

Another way to ease that entire move is to maintain some of your old routines. Try to keep rituals like family meals and the games you used to have in your old home before. It will build a sense of consistency. A new home means new friends and new opportunities, so get out and explore all the cool new attractions that you can visit or take advantage of all the great things your new home can offer that your old home didn’t.

Meet new people

Be sure to give your children lots of opportunities to meet new friends. This might be the time to let your kid sign up for as many activities as he wishes, such as sports, or any kind of youth clubs. You want your child to try out new experiences with different groups until he finds the ones that he is interested in. That way you will also have a chance to meet other parents and share your spare time with them.


If you keep these tips, moving with your children will instantly become a breeze, and soon they have a wide smile back on their faces, brighter than ever.