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How to Pack Artwork for Move

If you are an art lover and the day to move your house has come, you will have to take special care of the artworks that give character to your home. For some people, ensuring that valuable pieces arrive intact is just as important as moving all the other furniture. But, you need to know how to prepare your framed treasure for moving. It may seem like you could get away with just being extra-careful when you move your artwork – but why take the risk? Keeping your art and paintings safe during a move is simpler than you might believe. Here is how to pack artwork for move.

Learn how to pack artwork

The process of moving the artwork starts with the packing process. The best way is to pack each piece of artwork in a separate box that is specially designed for this purpose. You can purchase this kind of boxes at a moving supply store. All boxes should be larger than the frame is. You’ll also need bubble wrap, brown packing paper, linens, to protect and wrap the piece. Markers and packing tape are also necessary.


Mark and load your box appropriately

Every box should be marked on all sides. While loading them onto a truck, professionals are going to be careful, but this extra caution is always good. Also, be sure that nothing is resting on top of them and nothing will slide into them and squish them. In fact, if you have the extra room, your best option is to transport these items in your vehicle instead of inside your moving truck.


Loading artwork onto a truck

These valuable belongings should be placed standing up instead of lying flat, in the moving truck as this reduces the risk of damage. Framed pictures are safest wedged between two mattresses, couches, or other upholstered furniture, but you can also place them between heavy, secured furniture that won’t shift in transit.


Unpack and store your artwork

You’ve successfully packed and transported your painting to your new home. Now it’s the time to unload the boxes with your valuables, and you should do it carefully. Check if each of them is intact. Prepare your destination in advance, and be aware of all your surroundings. When you are packing and moving your art, you must be cautious, gentle and diligent. If you don’t store your art in right way, six months later you may realize that a family of mice has used your valuable canvas as a dormitory.

Fine art pieces add charm and character to your home. Since those items usually have great sentimental and monetary value, you would like to take all precautions to keep them safe on a moving day. So, don’t risk, call East Coast West Coast Express because our expert movers are highly trained and educated in the techniques of transporting artwork. Our company only use the highest quality protective and packing equipment to ensure your pieces will be delivered in the same condition at your new destination. Our personalized moving services allow you to be able to relax and adjust to your new space soon after relocation.