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Blog July 9, 2021

Best Tips for Moving Furniture

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Whether you are relocating to another state or just down the street – you will find moving furniture equally demanding. It’s back-breaking work that could result in property damage, or worse, injuries if you don’t know what you are doing, so it’s usually best left to professionals. But if you decide to do it by yourself, check out this blog and our moving hacks so you can do the heavy lifting safely and smoothly – like a pro.

How Do You Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself?

Getting organized to move is key to successful and stress-free moving. If you want to do this right – plan ahead. Start by creating a household inventory list so you can quickly assess what goes where in the truck. The usual practice is to put heavier items in the back and on the sides of the truck, for better balance, and then fill it up with smaller boxes.

Get Some Friends to Help With the Heavy Lifting

Do-it-yourself doesn’t mean you need to do it all by yourself. And don’t kid yourself that you’ll be able to carry that bulky sofa alone. Even pro movers need a helping hand when carrying heavy objects. So, get some friends to help you out, and once you finish, you can treat them to some pizza and beer.

Even pro movers need help moving furniture within homes and so will you, so plan ahead

Get the Right Tools to Use

Getting the right equipment is one of the most important things to do before moving. Having the right equipment will make the heavy lifting much, much easier and ensure you don’t get injured along the way. You can find cheap moving supplies in your local hardware store or on Amazon, so if you were wondering – How can I move my furniture cheap? – this is the way to go.

Blankets Will Protect Your Furniture and Your Home

Whether you are moving across the country to downsize or moving from an apartment to a house in a new neighborhood – blankets and pads will be essential, along with the ever so useful moving labels for boxes and packing paper for moving. They will ensure that your fragile or not-so-fragile belongings stay undamaged while you move furniture in the house. They will also protect your doors and floors.

Check how much your move would cost Free Quote

Use Straps for an Easier Delivery

Another one of moving essentials are lifting straps, and the most popular type is the shoulder dolly. They are adjustable to your size and the size of the item and will make the heavy lifting much easier for you. Straps take some of the weight off your arms and give them freedom of movement.

Rent a Furniture Moving Dolly From Professional Movers

If you really want to do it all by yourself and do it like a pro –  you will need a dolly for large and bulky items. There are two types – a two-wheel hand truck and a four-wheeled square platform. The first one is smaller with a handle to push and is used for taller things, while the second one may not have a handle and is used for transporting things shorter in size, but still bulky. Either way, don’t forget to get the straps, ropes, and plastic tape to secure the load on a dolly.

If you have bulky and heavy items, rent a dolly

Disassemble Chairs and Other Items Whenever Possible

You want to make things easier to pack and carry. So, empty everything you can and take apart everything that can be taken apart. Legs, drawers, pad, cushions – all needs to go. You will be grateful for all the foldable chairs and tables you bought at Ikea right about now. And don’t forget to put the tiny parts, like screws, in small bags, so you don’t misplace them and have trouble later on when you have to put everything together again.

Take apart what can be taken apart to make your job easier

Proper Ways to Carry Furniture

The idea is to get all the equipment mentioned above to limit the actual heavy lifting so that you push and drag the objects instead. However, even with all the tools, you will still have to get your belongings in and out of a truck and, more often than not, down and up the stairs. Safety is the main goal here – your own and that of your valued possessions and your new home, so you should know the right ways to carry heavy objects.

Some Tips on How to Properly Lift and Unload

  • If you decided to hire a truck, rather than use moving services – park it close, so you have a shorter way to go,
  • Carry the weight from your legs, not back to avoid back injury, so squat down for the initial lift, don’t bend over,
  • Carry items close to the body for balance to avoid falling,
  • Don’t twist or make any sudden movements,
  • Last but not least – watch where you are going.

Here’s how to properly lift heavy objects with the help of a shoulder dolly.

YouTube video

Let the Pros Handle It – Consider Hiring a Professional Long-Distance Moving Company

How much does it cost to move furniture? It really depends, but it’s not cheap, especially when moving cross-country. But, considering what a back-breaking job relocating is, and how it could lead to injury, especially if moving in winter – perhaps it’s wise to leave it to experienced professionals, cut your costs elsewhere, and save yourself the moving stress. Just watch out for moving scams and make sure you are dealing with a reputable cross-country moving company.

If you are on a last-minute moving endeavor, check out our packing tips for moving in a hurry. And if you don’t want to be bothered with packaging fragile items or having to learn how to pack a computer for moving, opt for professional packing services and focus all your time and energy on settling down and making friends in a new city.

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