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Blog July 6, 2021

When Is the Best Time to Move?

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

You’re thinking of moving but you may not be sure when is the best time to move. What are the pros and cons of relocating? You might get the best idea by weighing all your reasons against the market situation and environmental conditions that come with each season. After going through the pros and cons you will be able to decide whether this is the right moment to make that big decision and get some tips on what to pay attention to.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Move?

There comes a period in your life when relocating seems like the right thing to do. There can be many signs that tell you it’s time to move. When to relocate? You should to think about the following:

  • Your house is cramped and there isn’t room for anything anymore, or you need to make new space for another member of your family or a companion.
  • There is too much space in your home – Family members have moved out, you’re no longer living with your partner or you just feel that your lifestyle has changed. Sometimes less is more, and relocating to a more affordable home is the move you need to make.
  • You desire to live in a nicer place or neighborhood, with better heating, bigger storage, or a swimming pool. Renovating might take too much time, money, and work.
  • If you’re looking for a better job opportunityMoving for a job in a new city that fits your specific industry is the right thing to do. Maybe your current work is too far from your home and you can’t stand the commuting. If so, avoid stress and relocate to a new place!
  • Your relationship status changed – Things are not going well or you feel like you want to upgrade to another level. You may need to get closer to your family or living with them becomes impossible and you need to move out.
  • Change in your finances – You desire to upgrade your lifestyle, by moving from an apartment to a house. Or downsize and move to a smaller home to accommodate your lesser earnings. Maybe you seek to update your financial plan by spending more on hobbies and traveling and less on bills.
  • You want to relocate to a neighborhood that fits the needs of your kid’s schooling. It may be a better school, or one with less commuting.
  • You just can’t stand the weather – You’re always too hot or too cold, it’s too rainy or windy. The weather can powerfully affect your health and emotional life.
  • You desire to move to a big city from the countryside, or vice versa, because it suits your current vibe more.
girl near window thinking of cross country moving Your heart might be yearning to feel more at home

What Month Is the Cheapest to Move? Things You Need to Consider

How to know when to move? It can be broken down into an analyzable number of factors.  Important to consider are a month, day of the month, and even period of day.

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Is December a Good Time to Move?

PROS: Moving in winter allows many great deals. Apartment communities lower their rates and movers are up to 30% cheaper to hire. You can negotiate storage services to your advantage. Companies keep only their most experienced movers during off-season winter months, so your items will be handled better. Also, delays and cancellations are less likely to happen.

CONS: Icy weather can cause delays on roads, and slow your movers down. It’s a holiday season, so you might be busier and have less money available.

To get a better grip on proper preparation for winter relocation, check out the following video.

YouTube video

How About April?

PROS: Spring is considered a season for starting anew. Aside from showers, the weather is pretty much ideal, not too cold, not too hot. And since fewer people are traveling, you can get great deals with moving services and real estate. Move earlier and get ready for those hot, lazy summer weekends. House prices are lower and more available, especially in university towns that graduates are leaving.

CONS: Transition can be tough for kids, as it’s the last couple of months of school. Also prepare for a lot of rain and pollen in the air.

Go for Mid September?

PROS: The weather is cool, but not cold, with little rain. The rush has died out by this point, so it’s easy to find movers as the demand rate starts cooling off and rates are lower. Also, you have a good chance to fully settle in before the holidays.

CONS: If you’re moving with kids, keep in mind that school starts in September and relocation may result in falling behind. As for housing, you’ll have to compete with an influx of students for accommodation near universities, raising the rent in your neighborhood.

Aiming for Mid May or June?

PROS: Kids are out of school, which is a major reason why most people (about 60%) choose summer. The transition is easier, having the whole summer to meet new friends and get a feeling of the place. Roads are busy but free of ice and the weather is clear. The likelihood of your relocation to be done in one day is a major advantage.

CONS: The rush results in higher relocation rates and less availability. Companies are just overloaded with requests and charge up to 30% more. Be sure to book early, for waiting lists are long. Movers might cancel or delay and heat-sensitive items risk more damage. Due to high demand, seasonal movers are hired in large numbers which increases the possibility of accidents.

girl holding calendar with moving date With different months come different advantages and drawbacks

Best Time of the Month and Day for Moving

Mid-month is the best for making your move. Tuesday is the slowest day for movers, and therefore your best option. Wednesday and Thursday are also okay. In any case, early morning is ideal – there is less traffic, fewer schedules, and workers will be quicker and more attentive.

highway in a new state Opt for early morning

How Long Does It Take the Average Person to Move?

The whole relocation process takes about 4 to 16 weeks. It includes planning, arranging real estate deals, sorting, and packing, which can take surprisingly long, and is better left to packing services professionals. The relocation itself can last a day, a month, or more, depending on the amount of your items and how busy the company is. Make sure to choose reliable long distance movers, for a smoother process.

east coast mover holding a box Relocation takes a lot of preparation and time

Benefits and Downsides of Cross Country Moving

Maybe you’re tired of renting and want to become a homeowner and settle somewhere permanently. Or you seek to broaden your social circle, have better relationships with your community and go somewhere where you can put down your roots. Whatever the reason, long-distance moving has its good sides, but also a few drawbacks. Here are some of them

Pros of Moving From Home

Let’s starts with the pros:

  • It can be a life-changing experience. You will declutter, reimagine the way you organize your life, and start afresh.
  • Living in a cheaper place can leave you more money for hobbies and traveling.
  • Grab that chance for new job opportunities.
  • If you want to get closer to your family, friends, or a loved one, this way you can improve your relationships.
  • Sometimes the thing you really need to boost your life on is a change of environment.

Some Cons of Moving

But for every pro there is some con:

  • Achieving a stress-free move is not easy, and anxiety can be a turn-off.
  • It can be expensive, so it is best to plan enough in advance.
  • You might need to get used to novel surroundings, work environment, and way of life.
girl celebrating long distance relocation Don't miss the opportunity to improve your life

Follow Your Heart

Different people have different reasons to move. If it all makes sense and clicks, you will want to move sooner rather than later. We hope we helped you with our overview and tips in choosing the best time of year to move, one that accommodates your specific situation and preferences. Good luck!

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