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Blog July 8, 2021

7 Tips for Moving to a Big City for the First Time

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Blake Shaw

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Moving to a big city for the first time can be genuinely exciting. There are a lot of things to be excited about, especially if you are moving to a big city from a small town. There are greater opportunities for personal and professional growth in big cities, as well as endless options when it comes to entertainment options at any time of day, and most importantly of all, a chance to rediscover yourself and figure out what you want in life.

You will most likely be thrilled about the upcoming relocation, but you might also be worried that you do not really know what to expect when you get to your destination. You might even be a bit nervous about moving to a big city.

Do not worry and do not be afraid, the following 7 tips should help you to avoid any severe mistakes when moving to a big city, and will also help you to familiarize and adjust to a brand new way of living and seeing the world around you.

Here are the 7 helpful tips for moving to a big city for the first time and what you should know when planning your own big city move.

1). Research the city you are moving to

When relocating to a big city for the first time, being well prepared is crucial. If you know someone who lives or has lived in the city you, get in touch with that person and obtain the necessary information that will give you an advantage after your relocation is complete.

Do some research to find housing options to find a home that you like and can afford. Research what employment options are open to you in case you are moving to a big city without a job already secured. Familiarize yourself with the city’s laws and regulations so you can stay out of trouble when you move there.

Find out more about the weather in the city you are moving to, and the climate of the region to know what clothes you should pack.

2). Get a job

If you have already secured a job in the city, you are moving to, and then you are going to have one less thing to worry about. If the main reason for your move to a big city is to find a good or better job, then it is time to begin thinking about diving into the vast and often unpredictable job market.

Update your resume but and get mentally ready for a hard fight. In large cities, it is normal to have hundreds of applicants who are all vying for the same job. Try not to get depressed by the fierce competition, visit career fairs, seek free services and look for personal recommendations to help make your resume stand out from the rest.

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3). Only pack the essentials

One thing you should keep in mind when moving to a big city is that your new home is likely to be a lot smaller than the one you have in your small town or rural neighborhood. So, with a more limited living space to work with, it is essential that you only take your most essential belongings with you.

It is a good idea to reduce the number of belongings that you bring to make the significant relocation easier and cheaper as well. Ultimately, the more items you choose to take with you, the more you will have to pay to transport them, and it will be harder for you to find sufficient storage space for all of your things.

4). Prepare for the high cost of living

Relocating to a big city with no money to spare can be really difficult. You will soon learn that living in a big city is more expensive than living in a small town, the cost of food, transportation, utilities, housing, services, and even the tax rates will mostly be much higher than what you might be used to paying.

The higher living cost in big cities will require much more control of your finances, and you will want your cash to last as long as possible. The good news is that living in a big city will give you the chance to become a canny shopper and a careful consumer of goods, keep an eye out for clearance sales, freebies, promotions and discount coupons.

5). Learn about the city’s public transportation

You might have some good reasons to move to a big city. In case one of your reasons to move relocation is to enjoy driving around the city, then you may as well forget about it.

One thing to keep in mind is that big cities are not car-friendly areas. The continual heavy traffic, frequent traffic jams and occasional road rage are likely to make you sell your vehicle and use the public transportation system to make your life less stressful.

You may be wary of using the public transit system at first, but we encourage you to try out the convenient subway and bus systems, you will soon learn to love it. Usually, good cities will have a well-developed network of bicycle lanes as well so you can use your bike to get around.

6). Explore the city

When moving to a new city, separate some time and initiate exploration trips around your new city. At the start, the unfamiliar surroundings and the lack of familiar faces can confuse you and might cause depression.

Yes, moving to a big city alone can be puzzling at first, but the only way to adapt to your new surroundings is to get to know it better. But where to begin? It is all about the little things, explore your immediate neighborhood first, then get to know the big city little by little to discover and enjoy its many secrets.

7). Make new friends

Moving to a big city is very different from the life in a small town, everything in big cities appears bigger, and everything seems to be moving much faster than the pace you have grown used to. One thing you will notice right off the bat is that life in the big city is moving more quickly.

When moving to a big city, do not barricade yourself in your new place, as spending too much time alone can bring about relocation depression. To start, get to know your neighbors, then see if you can make some friends with any of your new colleagues at work. Think about joining clubs joining clubs or groups that share the same interests as yours, sign up for dance classes or practice sports, any activities that will help you meet and interact with new people. Be open to new experiences and take every opportunity to spend time with people whose company you enjoy.


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