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5 best tips for moving fragile items

Tips from the professionals


Most people who have moved at some point in their lives have made some mistake during the moving process. And a good part probably messed something up during the packing portion. As packing is usually the most time consuming part of a relocation, and probably among the hardest ones too. With moving and packing fragile items being the most important aspect of packing itself. As those items can get damaged quite easily, relocating them safely is sure to cause you lots of stress and anxiety. This is why we’ve gathered some of the best tips for moving fragile items. Tips which you will hopefully keep in mind the next time you have to relocate and want your fragile items to get to your new home undamaged.

Take your time

Safely packing and preparing any of your fragile items will take time, especially as you’ll want to take extra care to make sure nothing gets damaged during the move. So don’t rush this and do it well ahead of the moving day.


Prepare lots of moving supplies

It’s important to have enough moving supplies for all of your possessions, and especially so when it comes to the most fragile ones. From moving boxes of all shapes and sizes, bubble wrap, newspaper that can be used as fodder to proper packing tape and scissors. It’s better to overstock on packing material than to not have enough when you most need it.


Organize in advance

Take your time and organize properly for the whole process. Make a simple packing checklist of all of the items you want to pack, prepare them for it if they, for example, need dismantling or disassembling. If you can, designate an empty room, or a room with the most space, as the packing room. Once you’ve prepared all the packing material and the items themselves, it’s time to get started.


Packing ceramics and glassware

When it comes to all the ceramics and glassware pieces, it’s important to have lots of bubble wrap, newspaper, boxes of various sizes to safely pack everything. Use medium boxes for plates, wrap each one in bubble wrap and place them vertically. Use smaller boxes for glasses and wrap them individually inside. Lastly if you want to pack lamps, place them in flat side down, and if you can, separate the bases from shades. Don’t forget to place lots of fodder between all of these, crumpled up newspaper is usually most efficient.


Packing electrical devices

There’s nothing worse than finding out some of your electronic devices got damaged during the move. Especially as they’ve become an important part of every home nowadays. So take extra care to safely pack all of your electrical goods, from PCs and laptops to the usual household appliances. Dismantle them properly, take photos of all the cables and wires to make reassembling easier. And the best advice is to follow the device manuals, as the original manufacturers know how to transport them best.

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