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Blog July 8, 2021

How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

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Blake Shaw

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When moving state to state to a new home, it is essential to know how to pack fragile items. Preparing your stuff for the move is one of the main tasks, and if you want to do it by yourself, you will have to learn the best way to handle breakable objects when relocating. We are here to give you professional tips on how to prepare your belongings for relocation.

What to Use to Pack Fragile Items? Let Us Help You Make a List of the Best Packing Material for Fragile Items

You may ask yourself, what should you use when packaging fragile items? Well, there are many options for you to choose from, and we are here to help you make a list of the things you need, so you are prepared for this task.

Boxes – Get Various Sizes so Your Belongings Have Enough Room

Boxes are number one on our list of supplies you need to pack. Getting boxes in different sizes is the way to go because all of your belongings are not the same size, and we want to prevent any additional space in a container that can allow your stuff to fly around and get damaged in transport. If you can find pre-divided boxes, get them because they can help with bottles or glassware.

Packing Paper or Newspaper – Secure Your Belongings and They Won’t Get Damaged

Packing paper for moving is essential when packaging delicate things. You can find it everywhere, and it comes in various sizes, so stock up because you will certainly need it. If you have some old newspapers, they can be useful and free, so you can have a solution without wrapping paper. Also, towels, sheets, and old clothes can be a good replacement.

Bubble Wrap – Protect Your Glassware and Breakable Items

Bubble wrap is undoubtedly necessary if you want to protect your glassware during relocation. You can apply it to different things, but one thing is for sure – your stuff will be safe with it. And if you ask yourself, how do you pack fragile items without bubble wrap? We have a solution for you: towels, sheets, blankets, and old clothes.

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Foam Peanuts – Be Sure That There Is No Empty Space

This is one of the supplies you will need to fill the empty space between your belongings, so they don’t jiggle and break during transportation. You could also use towels, blankets, or sheets to fill the additional space in a container.

Tape – Seal Your Boxes So They Don’t Open During Relocation

Ensure you seal every box and add additional support by taping the edges and the bottom. The tape can be very useful in making sure your protective wrapping stays in place.

Marker/Sharpie or Colored Labels – Leave No Box Unlabeled as You Pack

This is a handy tip when it comes to relocating. When packing, label every single box, so when you are unpacking in your new home, you know where all your belongings are. You will know where everything is packed. If you decide to book long-distance moving services, it will help to write “Fragile” so your movers can be extra careful with them.

paper Use colored sheets for a color-coded labeling system

Tips on Packing Fragile Items for Moving and Storage

Wondering how to package fragile items for shipping? Follow these tips and make sure your belongings are safe and ready for relocation:

  • Don’t overpack the boxes – This may lead to breaking your belongings, so be careful not to overpack them. Instead, fill the empty space with some of the packing material we talked about above;
  • Put more massive things on the bottom and lighter ones on the top;
  • How do you wrap a fragile object? Each one should be wrapped separately, so they don’t damage each other;
  • If you have some in your household, use stretch plastic wrap to secure your stuff;
  • Line the bottom of every container with a protective material, so you have extra support during transport.
paintings Following these tips will make your tasks easier and reduce the pressure of relocation

How to Wrap and Secure Plates, Glassware, Electronics, and Other Valuable Things

Before you start, you should know how to wrap fragile items. We are here to help you with that. Here are some tips on how to properly prepare plates, glassware, electronics for relocation. Unless you decide to hire professional cross-country movers for their packing services, you need to learn how to handle delicate objects and ship them to your new location. So, follow our tips, and you will be ready in no time.

How Do You Pack Fragile Plates

First, you should start by lining the bottom of the box with crumpled paper. After that, take plates and individually protect them with the combination of bubble wrap and paper and, of course, secure everything with tape. Put them vertically in a container that is the right size for them. Place a sheet in between each wrapped plate to ensure them from breaking. Put some crumpled paper on top, seal the container, label it, and you are good to go.

How to Prepare Glassware for Moving Correctly

Line the bottom of the container, put each thing separately with a fair amount of protective materials around and inside the glass. Secure it with tape and put the more massive pieces on the bottom and lighter on the top. Use pre-divided boxes for bottles and glasses for extra security. Reduce any additional space with packing peanuts and keep your things in place during the move.

How to Prepare Electronics Such as a Flat Screen TV

It can be challenging to prepare flat-screen TVs for relocation; you should take photos of all cables, then remove them, and put them in a labeled box. After that, choose the best box size for your TV, protect the TV with a blanket, and secure that blanket with tape. Line the bottom and top of the container, and seal it.

boxes Electronics can be a challenge to handle if you don't know how to do it properly

Prepare Oddly Shaped Things for Relocation

When you have some oddly-shaped antiques or valuable things, you should be extra careful when preparing them for relocation. Protect the item with bubble wrap and secure it with tape. After that, use cardboard to ensure this item additionally, and don’t be stingy with tape. Find a container that is slightly larger than the object itself. Line the container with paper, place the object inside, and fill any space left with paper or peanuts. Seal the box, label it, and your belongings are ready for relocation.

figurine Oddly-shaped artwork, such as figurines, requires special attention

Time to Box Everything Up and Hit the Road

When shipping breakable things, you have to be extra careful, so the thing for you to do and reduce moving stress is to hire a professional long distance company. You can relax and forget all about stressful questions like how to transport cars from state to state, or what things to do before moving, or whether moving in winter is a good idea. Let the professionals do all the heavy lifting for you. With their services, you will even get insurance and storage for your belongings.

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