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Blog July 8, 2021

Moving Elderly Parents to Another State

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Jane Davis

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Moving elderly parents to another state can be challenging, so you should be emotionally and physically prepared for the next chapter of your life. Having the situation, the most common question would probably be how do you take care of aging parents when you live far away? If you want to be closer to them because they do not feel well or have financial problems or struggle to be alone by themselves, it is time to deal with that challenge and start taking some action.

You should consider all the factors like the house, memories, and environment your folks live in and how hard it will be for them to leave it all behind. Among all these questions, the most important might be should you or can you force an elderly parent to move or even are you legally responsible for your elderly parents. With our suggestions, you will find all the possible solutions that can improve your folks’ quality of life.

How to Decide Whether Moving Elderly Parents to Another State is a Good Idea or Not?

There are many reasons to move. Before you actually get to planning a relocation, consider whether it is worth the trouble. Help yourself and go over the pros and cons of relocating your folks to another state, and when you are sure you made the right decision start getting organized to move.

Main Reason Should Be Better Quality of Life and Health Condition of Your Parents

We all want the best for our family members and loved ones. So if you notice that they can not take care of themselves or keep their house clean, or are injured, the concern is justified.

Let your family members feel comfortable in a new home

Organize Family Meeting Before Moving Elderly Parents Out of State

Once you decide that relocating elderly folks is what you have to do, one of the crucial steps is asking them about it and presenting the idea to the wider family. The whole situation is very delicate, and you need to be very conscious and precise, and extremely compassionate. Ask for the suggestion, and present this new idea as a new chapter of their life. Show them that relocation is going to be an advantage for everyone.

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Be Careful and Find the Best Way to Communicate the Idea of Relocation to Your Family

Organize family meetings with all the relatives and let everyone express their feelings. That way, you will have an active discussion and resolve any issue or misunderstanding with the family. The topics you should discuss are:

  • What is the best place to move in? Maybe they should move into a smaller home.
  • Finances.
  • When is the best time to relocate?
  • A part of relocating safely is taking the person’s medical condition into consideration.
  • Will the new community be suitable for aging people? If they are relocating to a big city, there will be plenty of opportunities for them, not only for entertainment but also for excellent healthcare and living.
  • What kind of health insurance your folks have now, and what services your area offers? It is crucial if they need various specialist treatments, which means a particular type of coverage.
  • What will change in each person’s lifestyle?
man-and-woman Take time and make the right decision - choose the right assisted services and the right new living environment.

How to Choose Home and Type of Care for Elderly Parents

When the decision for relocation is made, the big question is where your loved ones are going to stay. This decision depends on medical insurance and their health, both mental and physical. When relocating to a new home and community, keep in mind that those have to be well adapted for senior people.

What Kind of Medical or Assisted Care Your Loved Ones Need Is Crucial for Next Steps

When it is time to move, there will be a couple of options in terms of facility and accommodation for your folks:

  • Retirement communities – Many older adults opt for this type of accommodation because it reminds them of their previous lifestyle. This way, they will have a chance to find friends and avoid relocation depression.
  • Nursing home – For those seniors who can’t take care of themselves, a nursing home provides non-stop care and watch.
  • Assisted living – It is very similar to a nursing home. It’s a facility for elderly adults who can still do a lot of things themselves but need help.
older-woman Sometimes it's hard, but when assisted correctly, many medical inconveniences can be avoided

The Best Transportation for Your Loved Ones, Expand Your Options and Resources

When relocating to another state, your loved ones will face many unknowns and challenges. One of them, and it is a big one, is transportation. If you’re asking yourself, “how do I move my elderly parent,” talk with them first and decide on the best transportation options for them together. It all depends on the comfort you can give them or what they need. If their medical condition allows, you can take care of transportation yourself and it will be a great opportunity to spend some time together on the road. That way, you’ll make stress-free relocation for your loved ones. The other option is to hire cross-country moving services if you can’t handle the relocation on your own.

Considerations on How to Move Larger Items

A long-distance moving company could be the best solution if you have to move furniture or other larger things that are very significant to your loved ones, so getting storage facilities won’t concern you. With professionals, you won’t have to worry about packing services you’ll need and moving insurance – the safety and happiness of your loved ones are in place. However, if you decide to move items with your younger family members, here’s a video with helpful techniques.

YouTube video

Taking Care of Your Parents Is the Most Valuable Experience

The whole relocation process can be stressful for both you and your folks, but you’ll have to be there for them and make sure they have the best experience during this relocation. Think about it – the aging people are the perfect target for the relocation scams, so hiring a reliable cross-country moving company should be on you. So, search online and ask for free quotes. Then, once you decide to hire a moving company, don’t forget to check if auto transport is included in the moving services if your folks have a car. After you decided the type of relocation needed, you can together create a checklist of things to pack and determine which items to give away or maybe sell. And when dealing with this stressful process is done, you can help them organize a farewell party to make it easier for everyone.

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