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What to do after moving into your new home

What to do after moving into your new home

What to do after moving into your new homeAfter the final box has been removed from the truck and placed into your new residence, you will probably find yourself sitting there staring at the pile of boxes placed around your new home and it will take a while for the feeling to sink in. You have officially moved and the process is complete, all the hard parts  are over and you are probably left wondering if there is anything left to take care of or is that all. We are the first to congratulate you on a job well done and wish you a happy life in your new residence, but before you start there are a few things that you might want to get done before you go back to your normal routines.

Inspect your belongings

One of the first things you should do upon finishing the move is to go over your belongings. This should be done as soon as possible and should include checking your items and comparing them to your inventory. Make sure you inspect all parts of your belongings, especially the bigger furniture and items. If everything is alright, then you are good to go and should proceed, but if you happen to find any damaged item or even any items missing don’t hesitate to contact your movers right away and inform them about the problem. Do not waste any time in contacting them, since the more time passes the more they will feel they are not the ones responsible for the damage.

Check appliances

Kitchen appliances that have been transported should be checked for damages and reconnected. This should be one of the first things you check and again if you find anything wrong with your belongings contact the moving company as soon as possible.

Reconnect your utilities

Having a new home is great, but sitting in the dark in a new house is not. It is time to have the essential utilities reconnected to your new residence, it is best to arrange this be done before you move in and then you just carry out an inspection, but if you haven’t done that then don’t worry you can take care of it now. You should start off with power, contact the local power supplier and have them visit your home. Right after that is water, contact the water providers and arrange when they should come over and connect you to the water services, the sooner you take care of these two steps the better. Once you have power and water you can then focus on the other services such as the telephone, the internet, and others.

Start off by unpacking your essential items

No matter how great your desire to finish the unpacking as soon as possible is, you should take it one step at a time. This process will ensure that you do not get confused and make a mess by removing everything from the boxes at once. Firstly you should focus on removing the things you need on a daily basis first, after that you can easily take your time and organize the rest of your home. Set up the things you will need such as the couch, bed, and bathroom. These will give you a place to rest, sleep and take a nice warm shower to relax for the first night in your new home.

Make an inspection of your new residence

You probably new your old home like the back of your hand and had no problem spotting anything that was wrong or out of place. You will want to have the same kind of mental image of your new home, so it is a good idea to scan the residence before you unpack all the items. This will give you a mental image of what the home looks like without anything there and will also give you inspiration on how to organize your home. When inspecting look out for any damage that might be present. Get to know the home as you knew your old home. See where all the important things like the fuse box, water valve, and other things are. Check to see if there are any signs of leaks or mold. Be very meticulous when carrying out this step and after you finish looking through the inside you should also check out the outside of the house.

Change your address

Changing your postal address is one of the things that you should carry out before you move, but if during the chaos of moving this step was overlooked, then don’t worry.  Just make sure that you make this crucial step as soon as possible. Head over to the closest post office and set it up. If going there is a hassle for you then you can do it online and save yourself the trip.

Register your vehicle if you have one

If you have relocated to a new state then you should definitely register your vehicle in your new state as soon as possible, you should also transfer your driver’s license. Make sure this is done as soon as possible since some states only give you a limited time to do this. Look into the laws of your new state and see how much time you have to register your vehicle and schedule a trip to the local DMV to get this step out of the way. Before you go to them in person, contact them to find out what documents you will need to get this done, you don’t want to go there twice.

Keep all receipts and documents

Be sure to keep all the receipts of the move as well as all important documents in one file, and keep this file in a secure location.

Find a good school

If you moved with kids and have gone through the first few tasks then it is time to find a suitable school for your children. This should be done quickly, visit the school or look it up online and if it is suitable for you then you should enroll your child as soon as possible. The sooner your child gets to school the sooner he will be able to make new friends and establish a routine, which will help them through the transition period.

Get to know your neighbors

If you are new to a place then it is understandable that you will want to get to know the people around. Don’t hesitate to say hi to the people you meet and to introduce yourself, you could meet some people you don’t particularly like but you can also meet people that can turn out to be really good friends.

Get to know your neighbourhood

You are now in a completely new place and it is time ti tap into that spirit of adventure and map out the area. If you have any free time you should walk or drive around so that you get the feel of the new neighborhood. This will help you out in many ways, firstly by letting you know what kind of services and shops you have around you. It will also let you see the state of your neighborhood and if there are any special things you should take into consideration.


Once you go through these steps you can officially say that you have finished you move. It is time to crack open a bottle of champagne and get started with your new life.