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Blog July 9, 2021

How to Unpack After Moving?

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Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

You’ve gone through all the logistics of hiring a long distance moving company and now you need some unpacking tips to help you learn how to unpack after moving? Let’s face it, after organizing your items, packing everything up, and relocating, you thought your struggles are over once the movers have left your home. But now, in front of you are packages of your belongings, waiting for you to arrange them around your new home. That’s where our tips come in.

Unpacking After a Move – It Starts With a Good Packing System

How long should it take to unpack after moving? It usually depends on the number of boxes you’ve relocated. However, successful unpacking begins way before, when you start to wrap up your home. The first thing to know – you can’t just throw your stuff into boxes randomly. Cross country relocation alone can cause a lot of moving stress, so you must make a good packing plan. Here are the main steps to make unpacking after a move easier and save yourself a lot of time.

Color Label Your Boxes

This is probably one of the most important things needed for effortless unpacking and one of the simplest tasks. If you’ve packed your belongings in boxes that you’ve color-coded for each room, it will be easier for you, as well as the long distance movers you’ve hired.

Best to Pack Essential Things Separately

Items that will probably be needed right away are basic toiletries, clean linen for each bed, and a few things for your kitchen, so you can prepare something simple to eat. It’s best to pack these things separately, so you don’t have to dig in through the rest of the items. Label them differently, package by package, and they will be easy to find. Another good idea is to bring them in your car with you unless you’ve relocated your car using an auto transport service.

Taking your necessities with you is a smart move

Where Do I Start Unpacking After Moving – Room by Room Guide

It may sound easy to just have your cross country movers pile up all the boxes in one place. But believe us, that’s not such a good idea, as it makes a cluster which will be next to impossible to manage. If you’ve followed the color-coding system, have all those items put in the right place, as it makes unpacking after a move so much easier and you’ll save up on time.

Start With Your Bathroom

After you’ve entered your new home, there’s a high probability that you’re going to need to use the restroom. Unpack everything you’ll be needing in the next day or two, such as a few towels and those toiletries from the essentials box.

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Unpack the Kitchen

When you’ve unpacked your kitchen essentials, needed for quick meal preparation, think about unpacking a few more boxes. You would probably love to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee. Leave the heavy pots and pans for another day, but plug-in kitchen appliances, like a toaster and coffee pot. You might also want to label kitchen drawers and cupboards with sticky notes, to make organizing them simpler.

New City – New Furniture Arrangement

Perhaps you’ve decided, among other long distance moving services, to use storage facilities for large furniture pieces. Before all your belongings are brought to you, it’s useful to know how to clean an apartment before moving in, or at least the space where you intend to put heavier furniture. That’s why thinking through the placing of large items should be done long before moving into a new home, so you don’t have to move them twice. And it’s best if you’ll assemble pieces of furniture like bookshelves or entertainment centers in the end, when you’re sure where all the other items go.

Decorate When You’re Done

You’ve placed all the essentials, along with kitchen necessities, and organized your linen closets. What then? Maybe you would like to start decorating your home, so you can make it feel more like your own. Hanging paintings and placing your potted plants will give the place a finished look. Changing wall colors or rugs are all optional steps that you can do after a while. As the experts say – to get a good feel of the place. Don’t rush into shopping either – give yourself some time to arrange all the decorations you already own.

Decorating makes your new home feel like your own

Tips on How to Unpack in One Day in Your New Home

Long distance moving can be exhausting and you may want to go through unpacking as fast as you can. You’re probably wondering how do you unpack fast after moving, or maybe even how do I unpack in one day? The secret to a speedy unpacking lies in good planning and it starts with good preparation before relocating. As we said before, a bag or box with moving essentials is crucial. But here’s a few more tips that can help:

  • You should closely plan each room before you end up with too many of your belongings unpacked and in your way.
  • Let each family member organize their room. If you are relocating with kids, let them participate in this way and arrange their belongings. It should be fairly easy if you’ve followed the ideas on how to pack toys for relocation.
moving checklist Make an inventory list of your belongings

Now You Know How to Unpack After Moving

So that’s about that. But the relocation is a lot more than just unpacking. Good moving tips also include checking out those packing services when you’re hiring moving services. Another useful thing is the household inventory list, a written record of all of your belongings. It is important not only as a reminder, but also in case you need to claim any additional moving insurance.

There can be a creative input afterwards, since some of the packing supplies can be reused, such as cardboard packages and other packing materials. You can put them away in a utility room, or use them to make Halloween costumes for your children. And in the end, congratulate yourself on the job well done and spare some time to make friends in a new state.

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