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How to pack and prepare furniture for the move

How to pack and prepare furniture for the move

How to pack and prepare furniture for the move

If you are relocating your entire household and have decided to move most of your large furniture, here are some tips to help you pack, disassemble and prepare furniture for moving while avoiding injuries during the heavy lifting. Here are some tips to follow when wondering how to pack and prepare furniture for the move!

Take inventory of what you want to move

Go through your house and take note of all the item that you want to move, how much time it would take to disassemble and prepare each item and what items you can prepare before the move.


Measure the hallways and doorways in your home

Before you start moving furniture its a good idea to make sure that everything will fit through all of the doorways, stairwells, and hallways that are in your house. You could move some of your furniture without disassembling it, but large pieces such as couches and sofas might require either disassembly or for you to remove the door to allow them to go through. It’s a good idea to keep furniture that can fit through doors and isn’t too heavy in one piece as this will minimize the chances of damage or breakage during the move.


Having the right tools for the job

Once you know which items of furniture need to be disassembled, then you need to get the proper tools and equipment to do the job properly. You will need elect tools to disassemble any legs, table tops, frames or doors. You will also need plastic sealable bags and a marker, the bags are for the screws, and things you remove from the furniture and the marker should be used to write on the bag where the screws and other small parts came from. You will need furniture blankets and packing tape to help protect table tops, table legs and other valuable parts of furniture to protect them from damage during the move. You should rent a dolly with straps to help you move the heavier pieces and help prevent any injury to yourself.


The first step is to disassemble

This is the most time-consuming part so you should prepare all the pieces that require disassembly first while you are still full of energy. Remove any components that can be removed such as table legs, glass tops, bed frames or shelves. You should do one piece at a time and save the washers, nuts, and bolts in the aforementioned plastic bags. Write on the bag which piece it belongs to and what tools you will need for reassembly.


Make sure parts don’t get lost

After you have stored the nuts and other parts in the bags and labeled them, tape them to the underside of larger pieces, make sure you don’t secure the tape to areas that can be damaged by removing the tape. If the piece of furniture has lots of parts, you should number the parts, eg, 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc. Use a small sticker and apply it to the underside. If you still have them, it’s a good idea to securely tape the instruction books that came with the furniture to the underside to help reassembly the items. If the books are too large, then pack them in a separate box and mark the box, instruction manuals for reassembling furniture.


Remember to pack everything that you can

Start by removing all of the pillows and cushions and placing them in clear plastic bags and fasten the bags well. Make sure there are no holes as you will be using these bags to protect fragile piece or to fill any empty spaces between the furniture on the truck. Wrap the pieces of furniture up in blankets or bubble wrap and secure them with packing tape or rope. Make sure you don’t tape any painted or finished surfaces directly. Don’t clean your furniture or upholstery before you move, save some money and wash everything after it has been moved. If you have particular pieces that you are worried about, wrap them in moving blankets which you can rent from the same store as the moving truck, and wrap it around the furniture that you don’t want to get damaged. Make sure the piece is covered and secure it with packing tape, again make sure not to secure the tape to the furniture if it damages it.

If you have hired movers to pack the moving truck, then don’t worry they will pack everything the way it should be packed, if you are doing the packing yourself then remember to pack all of the heavier pieces first and that they are moved to the back of the truck.