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Blog July 9, 2021

Moving to a Big City From a Small Town

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Moving to a big city has countless benefits. Still, it’s not an easy decision to make and this life-changing choice requires careful consideration. Multiple approaches to the exploration of the topic, with numerous relocation tips, are in order. In the US, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are at the top of the list when it comes to the number of inhabitants, while Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia aren’t far behind. So, before you take a leap of faith and decide to conquer a concrete jungle, make sure to gather all the facts.

Reasons to Live in a Big City

Life in the big city seems harsh to some. On the other hand, many rural residents dream of vibrant environments and cultural diversity. Hence, many rearrange their priorities and make extensive lists of reasons to move. Some of the principal advantages of leaving a small town include:

  • Grasping career opportunities,
  • Getting formal and informal education,
  • Personal growth,
  • Meeting diverse people,
  • Encountering multicultural communities,
  • Finding brand-new hobbies,
  • Tasting new foods on every corner,
  • Learning about fresh entertainment options.

To sum it up – these are the reasons why you should move to a big city. If you are up for an adventure, and you don’t mind the noise and crowds, you might give it a shot!

Does life in Houston sound tempting? It’s in the top five most densely inhabited cities in America.

Disadvantages of Moving to a Big City

Nevertheless, some skepticism and criticism on account of this lifestyle and neighborhood choice are inevitable. So, why is it bad to live in a big city?

The downsides of urban living include:

  • Busy, crowded streets and public places that feel tiring,
  • Typically smaller homes,
  • Public transportation problems,
  • Higher living costs,
  • More air pollution and fewer green areas.

Additionally, if you’re relocating with pets, finding a suitable flat might be more challenging. Moreover, relocating from a house to an apartment often feels somewhat dissatisfying. So, if you are keen on having a pleasant garden view, you might want to reconsider relocating to a metropolitan area.

Rural areas have some advantages over urban neighborhoods.

The Ultimate Guide to a Big City Life

Moving from a small town into a non-rural district requires guidance. You’ll need to adopt much information, from figuring out how to choose the right moving company to determining the best time of the year to move. That is – if you already know your destination. If you’re uncertain regarding your new home, take your time to decide where to move. If financial matters play a significant role in your decision-making, you can partially rely on the statistics. According to Statista discoveries, northeastern US residents spend the most throughout the year.

Without further ado, here are some actionable tips and tricks you must know:

  • Do your research,
  • Pack thoughtfully,
  • Save up for the significant change,
  • Acknowledge that questioning your choice is normal,
  • Find a few locations that make you feel comfortable,
  • Make hiking and bike ride part of your routine.
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Doing the Research

Consulting people, the internet, and all relevant databases will give you a headstart. Finding a new place to live must match your goals. People who move with kids have different priorities than those who relocate right after college. You must determine housing prices, living costs, local districts, schools, jobs, and culture. Calculate your risks and gains before acquiring long-distance moving services. If you are considering the City of Angels as your next destination, begin your research with this video.

YouTube video

Thoughtful Packing

If you’re not relocating in a hurry, dedicate some extra time to packing. Since a change from a small town to a densely populated area means less personal space, don’t label every possession as “essential.” Also, if you get rid of things before the relocation your overall cost of hiring east coast movers or west coast movers will be significantly lower.

Making Budget Adjustments

Day-to-day costs differ from one location to another. Explore the stores, malls, and grocery shops to plan your budget accordingly. If you can save up and bring along some extra cash, that would achieve you a stress-free move and enhance your life in a big city by far.

Was It Wrong to Move to a Big City?

Are you at the point where the existential dread kicks in? No worries, you’re not alone. Every time we make the right choice, we feel sort of ambivalent. Good decisions aren’t necessarily pleasant from the start. Give yourself some time and focus on the core stuff – and all the small things that accompany it.

Questioning your decision to move is a natural response to change. Give it a while.

Your Coffeeshop, Your Favorite Bench

It’s like the old saying – find what you love and let it distract you from anxieties. So, you’ve moved to a brand-new environment. Now’s the time to make it yours. Find as many places as you can that make you feel like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. This way, you’ll find friends in the new town with ease.

Dispose of Motorised Transportation

Instead of taking a bus or a subway, consider walking when possible. That way, you’ll get to know the area in a blink of an eye. Additionally, being outdoors is healthy and makes you more sociable. Take a walk around the block and meet the neighbors. Still, when you move to a new environment, you might want to use your car. Car shipping service is something you can count on.

Take a trip downtown without using a car or public transportation

How to Move to a Big City Alone?

How do you move to a big city on your own? Pack light and learn the meaning of the word “extra.” You’ll need to save extra, be extra friendly, and put yourself out there. Come up with a plan and stick to it. Your agenda should comply with the previous research and your preferences. Consider using cross-country moving services as a way to speed up the whole process. Also, if you don’t work remotely – learn how to find a job quickly.

If you’re not a solitary-life fan, check out websites for finding roommates. If you’re more of a texter, engage more in social networking to meet new people. And once you’re ready and informed, make a check-list and seek reliable packing services.

Explore, look for a new job, and socialize

Are You Ready to Go?

Is it better to live in a big or small city? Both options offer a multitude of benefits. Relocating to a big city from a small town is pretty challenging. However, it is a rewarding experience. You’ll unquestionably make valuable connections and develop some positive habits. Stick to your plans and knowledgeable sources. And then find a suitable long-distance moving company and embrace the hasty inner-city charm.

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