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Cheap Moving Supplies You Can Get Before Your Move

Cheap Moving Supplies You Can Get Before Your Move

Moving your home can become quite a strain on your budget, and you may be looking for any solution to optimize your expenses. Packing is one of the steps where you can save money if you use cheap moving supplies. You can even find free solutions for padding and packaging around your home. It is easy to find cheap supplies if you are just a bit more open-minded and creative. 

How to Organize for Moving

The first thing you have to know is what exactly you need for the shipping of your items, and to realize that you have to organize the moving agenda in advance. Carefully make a list of the stuff you are moving to your new home and the things you are planning to donate or throw away.

You have to know how much packaging material you need approximately and obtain some backup on top of that, too. You should also know what kind of packaging materials you need for what. For example: for fragile items, you need heavy-duty, durable boxes and padding materials, you need bags for your clothes, heavy-duty cardboard sheets, and plastic wrap for furniture, etc. 

The point is, you should be prepared in advance so that you don’t run out of supplies when you start packing, since finding them last minute is not easy. As for everything else that has to do with moving, the key is to be prepared. 

Cheap Moving Supplies You Can Get Before Your Move

Your Own “Packing Kit”

We are sure that you have a general idea about what items you need for packaging, but just to be sure, prepare your own “kit” which should include the following:

  • Boxes
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Plastic wrap
  • Padding Material
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Duct tape
  • Sticky tape
  • Sticky labels
  • Permanent markers
  • List of packed items
  • Bags

Where to Find Free Boxes and Other Related Material

If you know you are relocating a few months in advance, you can start hoarding boxes, padding materials, and other free packaging material. Besides collecting the ones from your home, ask family, friends, neighbors, even local grocery shops to collect the boxes and padding materials, that they intend to throw away, for you. 

Prepare all the materials in advance.

Free Moving Boxes

Before long, you’ll have just enough to pack your belongings and some for backup. Local grocery stores receive their products mostly in cardboard packaging, and if they are not recycling, you can get them for free. You can even buy them from them, and it would still be a fraction of the price of the new ones. 

Best Padding Materials – Your Clothes and Blankets

You can secure pretty much all the fragile items with the things you have at home, like your clothes, blankets, newspapers, pillows, etc. Before you start folding your clothes to pack them separately, choose the pieces that can be wrapped up around your plates, cups, and glasses. Blankets can be the perfect protection for TV, paintings and bulkier dishes. Wrap newspaper over your glasses and cups and secure them individually before you put them in a box. As you can see, there are many possibilities to use the items you are bringing with you anyway as the best padding materials.

Use Trash Bag as a Clothing Bag

Trash bags are durable and can serve as a cover for your clothes. Just stack your clothes on hangers and put plastic bags over them. That way, your sensitive clothing items won’t wrinkle from folding, and they will be protected from dirt and dust. This is a much cheaper solution than to buy actual clothing bags.

“Hunt” for boxes around your neighborhood.

Perfect and Free Solutions for Every Item

Not every box will be suitable for all the stuff that you are shipping. You have to consider the size and the sensitivity of all your items and find corresponding materials. You should think “outside the box” when you start to pack, literally.

Your Tupperware Box Can Double Up as a Packing Box

Plastic, Tupperware, and other kinds of storage spaces can serve as your packaging solution. Don’t waste even a little bit of space when stacking boxes, as every plastic or wooden container should be filled with your items. 

Wine Boxes Are Perfect for Wine Glasses

Try to collect as many wine boxes as you can since they are perfect for storing sensitive wine glasses, mugs, vases, and similar items. Since wine crates have separators for bottles, they are the most secure way to transport these sensitive items, if you add a little padding material.

Even the smallest spaces can be used to store some items.

Added Value of the Things You Are Already Transporting

Have you considered filling your furniture with packed items to take up less space in a transporting vehicle? This is a great tip that can save you a lot of money. If you are not disassembling your wardrobe, nightstand, cupboard, kitchen elements, and other big furniture items, fill them with other packed stuff in the shipping vehicle. That way, you will be able to pack a lot more in a smaller van and save a few bucks.

Your Mattress Can Become a Perfect Buffer

You can make a compartment in the van for your house electronics from your mattresses. Surround the devices with 2-3 mattresses to be sure they won’t bump into other items in the van or fall over during the rocky drive.

Try to use some furniture items as storage in the transport van.

Where to Buy Cheap Packing Supplies?

Although free packaging material can be found all around you, some items you are going to have to buy. So what is the cheapest solution for you? A lot of the moving companies and shipping companies can provide you with all the packaging supplies you need. If that is not the case with the company you employed, try dollar stores, Home Depot and even office supply stores for some smaller items. The cheapest solution is to buy packaging material from specialized sellers

You can save a lot of money on packaging and transport if you prepare in advance. When you start planning your move, you should start preparing for it. One of the first steps is to contact professional movers and get a quote, and at the same time, inquire about packing materials.