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Blog July 7, 2021

How to Organize a Successful Office Move

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Eva Johnson

Digital nomad born in New York but currently living online, Eva knows everything there is to know about packing and moving.

Organizing an office move is a multi-phase and complex process that requires in-detail planning and careful preparation. It is certain that office relocation is more challenging than “simple” residential relocation since there are more people to participate in the entire process. And the whole story becomes even more complicated when it comes to cross-country moving. And if you start to panic and ask yourself how do I plan an office move, we might have an answer. Take a look at an ultimate guide on long-distance moving procedures that will help you plan a flawless experience of relocating your company to another address.

How Do You Plan and Organize an Office or Business Move?

There are three essential steps to follow when organizing workplace relocation in order to make the whole process flow seamlessly:

  • Set the timeline that will follow all the needed actions,
  • Communicate with your colleagues and relocation company regularly,
  • Attain your workflow’s continuity while changing location.

Still, some processes you will not be able to control entirely. Those are usually connected to the transition of workflows, reorganization of the working place, adjustments periods, and employees’ satisfaction. Here is what you need to do at least six months before starting the preparations for establishing your next workplace.

Setting the Timeline: How Long Does It Take to Move an Office?

The time you will need for organizing the company moving will actually depend on the fact how your enterprise is sized. For example, small businesses will need around three months to prepare for moving, while big businesses may require up to eight months or more in order to organize the whole process. For that reason, it is tremendously important to inform all your team members in advance so that they could be up to date with all happenings.

Office Moving Announcement

Once you confirm relocating to your new space and set the date when you will leave the current location, it is the right moment to inform all the employees and prepare them for the upcoming changes. You could make this announcement in the form of an in-detail email, conference call, or a meeting. Whatever method you choose, present to your co-workers how everything is going to work.

When creating a relocation announcement, you should include these pieces of information:

  • Explain to your employees everything about the new location and the reasons why you change the working environment,
  • Set the date when you will leave your current space,
  • Don’t forget to highlight if moving will happen on the weekend days,
  • Present them what means of transport and the long-distance moving company you will use,
  • Inform them about the next steps and their obligations,
  • Provide them with a schedule,
  • Ask for volunteers to participate in planning the relocation and organize the team who will be in charge of the entire process.
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Form the Team in Charge of Relocation

If you run a small business, you may conduct moving to a new space by yourself. Yet, suppose you run a medium-sized business that is divided into multiple divisions and departments. In that case, you will definitely need to organize the team and assign the team leader who will take care that all the employees will pack their desks, documentation, and that everything will be done in time.

meeting Planning an office relocation with your personnel is necessary for establishing the relocation agenda and organizing the whole process seamlessly

Make Sure That Co-Workers Will Be Able to Participate in Moving to a New Space

Don’t forget to check the vacation schedules and confirm which of the co-workers will actually be there to help pack everything. Also, try to provide your personnel with checklists, so nothing is left behind after you leave the working space.

How to Plan Stress-Free Relocation

Check the video below and find more ideas on how to organize and properly prepare your enterprise for changing the location.


YouTube video

Hiring the Cross-Country Moving Company Is an Important Step in Relocation Planning

Cross-country movers are usually very busy and overwhelmed by their dense schedules. And we are sure you wouldn’t like to organize such an important thing at the last minute. Not only would you start to panic, but it could also tremendously increase your costs. For that reason, once you confirm the date when you are entering your new space, try to fix the term when the long-distance movers take over the scene. Additionally, an early date schedule could give you an opportunity to choose your ideal moment and try everything to finish during the weekend.

Before you decide which mover will help you with the whole process, check all the details regarding cross-country moving services thoroughly. Since there might be valuable equipment, ask if their long-distance moving services cover the insurance policy. Also, explore what kind of services they provide. Can they offer you professional packing services? Make sure they can disassemble your furniture such as tables, and ask if they have any additional regulations you should be aware of?

Last but not the least, whether you live on the East or West Coast of the US, make sure that the East Coast movers or West Coast movers are truly specialized in long-distance relocations. Before choosing the company, ask for recommendations from your family and friends, and check the testimonial pages on their website or other unbiased platforms.

professional-movers Hiring professional movers who will take care of the office equipment is especially important when it comes to long-distance office moves

Final Preparations for Office Move

Now everything is set and organized, it is the right moment to think about how your business and sales will flow seamlessly and continuously while organizing the whole process. Here is how your preparations will look like up to three months before you get into that new working place.

How Do You Communicate With an Office Move Team?

Communication with your team is of the utmost importance when you plan to move to a new space. In order to keep people motivated, try to communicate on a regular basis through email or meetings, and show they could lean on you the whole time.

You could also use social media’s advantages and organize a closed group on Facebook where you could communicate with all the employees without exception. You could also do surveys via Google Forms and ask all of your employees to participate in decision-making. Surveys are a great way to ask if any person has an issue with carrying heavy boxes, or wants to change co-workers, for example.

Brainstorm Ideas With Employees on How to Improve Future Working Environment

If you want to improve the functionalities of your future working place, then it would be a good idea to ask your staff if they need any extra equipment or if there is something it should be replaced. Ask if your staff need some new desks, lamps, or chairs or is there any equipment that is already damaged. Create an inventory list, and try to compile a list of expenses based on that. Also, consider decluttering all unnecessary stuff and compile a list of equipment that could be donated or recycled.

Organize Documents

Documentation files are the most critical point of any company. No matter how hard you try to digitize your data basis, there is always a bunch of papers on the working desks, while your storage is just cluttered. Organizing those important records would be the best way to avoid the same mess at a new working place. Try to divide them into a logical order and create files that will contain contracts, insurance policies, invoices, bills, and alike.

Make Sure You Will Attain Continuity of Telephone and IT Systems

Disconnecting and reconnecting the telephone and IT system is one of the most complicated processes to organize. Yet, finding a professional technician and scheduling the date of installation is something you should consider in advance. This includes setting up all your servers, telephones, computers, internet, alarm systems, etc. Since this is a very time-consuming project, you should consult an IT technician about how much time you will need until everything starts to work. This is especially important to set because it will impact when you are able to start to work.

packed-office Proper communication with your team members in charge of relocation will help you organize the packing of the equipment more efficiently

Announce the Change of the Address and Update the Website’s Data

Inform your customers and business partners that you are about to change your work environment at least three weeks before you get to your newish space. Do it through your email contact base, announce it on social media, and don’t forget to change your data on your website. Furthermore, check if you should take any legal actions since you are changing the company’s address.

woman-working Ensure to update the address of the new office on your website

Now You’re Ready to Relocate Your Office

See, setting a strategy and answering the question of how to organize a successful office move wasn’t that difficult after all. Make sure to organize everything in advance, and definitely choose a reputable company and professional movers that will help you attain a great experience when changing your location.

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