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Blog July 9, 2021

How to Disassemble Furniture for Moving

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Steven Rogers

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When relocating to another state, the most challenging part is dealing with your large, bulky, and heavy items. This is why learning how to disassemble furniture is a crucial part of your cross country moving process. You can hire long distance movers to help you with this task, but you can try and do this alone if you want to save some money.

Measure Doorways and Furniture Before Contacting Moving Service

Before getting organized to move, the first thing you need to do is to measure your doorways and furniture to see what can be transported as a whole and what must be torn apart. Measure to see if the hallways and doors at your home are wide enough for the objects. All the things that can’t pass through must be disassembled, and if you are getting a headache just thinking about how to move a piano, don’t worry. Professionals have dealt with this so many times. Do the assessment and make a household inventory list before you ask the movers to come to give you an estimate. This way they will be able to give you an accurate quote for long-distance moving services. Furthermore, if you are moving to a smaller house, know that it is an excellent opportunity to get rid of all the large and old items you don’t want or need.

Measure your home and objects correctly for a safe passage of your stuff.

Can You Disassemble Furniture?

Part of the assessments of your belonging is figuring out if they can be torn apart and if they can, can they be reassembled again? Some old objects won’t take very well being disassembled. That’s why if you have a coffee table with wobbly legs, don’t touch them. Because you might have difficulties attaching them again.

Moving large items is tricky, and that’s why the easiest way to transport them is in pieces. Measure everything and make sure the assessment of furniture for disassembly is correct. Also, when you take everything apart, keep the pieces in one place. For better organization, just use labels to mark each piece to its corresponding part.

How Do You Disassemble a Sofa?

Put your sofa sideways on a floor, take a screwdriver, and unscrew its legs. If it’s possible, try to turn the legs counterclockwise for safe removal. Wrap your sofa’s legs in blankets for safe transportation and put the screws in a Ziploc bag to prevent loss. Also, remove armrests if you can. Pillows and other soft parts of the sofa should be stored in separate plastic bags.

Prepare Your Bed for Moving

Take the mattress off and put it in a specials matters bag if you have one. Remove drawers and pack them and their content separately. Unscrew the back of the bed and sides, protect them with plastic wrap or blankets, and put them aside. Remove moldings from the bed and put them in a plastic bag too. Every screw must be stored in a Ziploc bag to prevent loss. If you have your bad manual, use it to do this, or if not, just download one from the internet.

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Disassembly of Wardrobe Like a Pro

Empty all your drawers and cabinets content along with your hangers and put them in plastic bags or boxes. Remove all the shelves and drawers if possible, and pack them separately. Also, remove all the doors by unscrewing the hinges that hold them. If your wardrobe is attached to the wall, make sure to unscrew that too.

Desk and Table Disassembly – Step-by-Step Furniture Disassembly Guide

  • Empty drawers – Pack everything that is in it in a separate box.
  • Remove drawers – Most drawers from desks can be removed, do this, and your transportation will go easily. If they cannot be removed, duct tape them, so they don’t move while carrying them. You will have to find out how to remove tape residue afterward, but taping them is necessary if they can’t be removed.
  • Remove legs – Like with drawers, some legs can be removed, and some can not. The ones that can be removed, you should just unscrew. If you are stuck with those that can’t be removed, protect them with bubble wrap.
  • Remove glass parts – If your desk has glass on it, remove it and protect glass like every fragile item you have. If you don’t know how to pack fragile items, then leave this job to your cross country movers.

If all of these steps are still a bit confusing, check the video below for some more tips on DIY disassembly of house objects.

YouTube video

Will Movers Disassemble Furniture?

The simple answer to this question is yes. If you hire a long-distance moving company, your moving stress will be minimal, especially when dealing with furniture disassembling. When giving you a quote, they can even recommend to you which objects should be torn apart and which should not be.

Ask for the Right Services

When talking to your long-distance moving company, ask if they provide furniture disassembly service. Many companies are doing this service only as part of the full packing service. That’s why make sure you are informed about everything before a relocation day comes. Ask for the right services and there won’t be surprises and hidden costs.

When your mover comes to give you a quote, ask which service provides disassembly of items.

Final Step – Reassembly of Your Items

You did it, you tore everything apart. Now it is time to put all of it back together. If you followed our instructions correctly, this shouldn’t be a problem. The important part is that the pieces are not lost and that they are appropriately labeled.

However, if you hired professionals to help you with the relocation, you won’t have to worry about the parts. The crew will take care of everything as a part of relocation services. All you will have to think about is how to tip movers and just how much. Furthermore, if you are moving with children having someone to help you with reassembling and unpacking will be a blessing. That’s why hiring professionals to lend you a helping hand in the relocation process is a smart decision.

When you come to your new home, you will be happy to see movers reassemble your stuff.

Hire Professionals to Deal With Your Objects

Are you still wondering How much does it cost to disassemble a couch? Well, the price will depend on many factors. Are you DIYing the whole process, or are you hiring professionals to do it instead of you? Doing it on your own might seem more affordable, but in a grad spectrum of things hiring east coast movers to dismantle objects will pay off more. Because when the time to relocate to your new home comes, a professional crew will take care of everything. They will even ship your car if needed and provide you with top-notch storage units, while you kick back and relax.

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