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Blog July 6, 2021

Moving Cross Country? Here’s How to Create a Home Office in Your New Home

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Blake Shaw

Bostonian and residential moving and packing expert. Blake Shaw enjoys bar-hopping, music, and writing insightful content.

Are you moving cross country and looking for ways to make your new home office functional and organized? Whether you’re a startup business or a telecommuter, there are a few key things to consider when setting up your new workspace. Check out these tips on how to create a home office in a new home.

How to Create a Home Office in Your New Home – Some Basic Tips

When you’re moving into a new home, one of the first things you’ll want to do is set up your home office. Here are a few basic tips on how to do it:

  • Decide where you want to put your office. It’s important to choose a space that’s both comfortable and functional.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space. You’ll need a place to store your books, files, and other office supplies.
  • Invest in a good desk and chair. Your desk should be big enough to fit all of your materials, and the chair should be comfortable enough to sit in for long periods of time.
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting (that’s why you should pack lamps you had in the old home). You don’t want to strain your eyes when you’re working.
  • Keep your office organized. A cluttered office will make it harder to focus on your work.
  • Make the office your own. Personalize it with photos, plants, and other items that make you feel comfortable.

Creating a home office is a great way to increase productivity and make working from home more enjoyable. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to setting up a space that works for you.

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Give Small Shelves a Chance to Impress You

Bigger is not always better, keep that in mind when installing shelves in your workspace. No matter if you put small shelving units on the desk or hand it on the wall above, you can use the vertical space to store glasses, papers, or notes. These vertical spaces can also be great if you want to brighten up the space with a few small pot plants.

Decorate Shelves With Mugs and Cups

If there is too much empty space on your shelves, don’t worry, you can always decorate them with well-placed trinkets. You can also repurpose existing things into tools and utility storage, such as pens, scissors, clips, USB drives, and so on. Wrap reused tin cans with rope, colorful yarn, or attractive paper for a unique look. Keep them close at hand on your desk so that everything has a place to go.

home office A few shelves can brighten up the space significantly

Invest in Some Good Lightning

Remember to enable natural light in the room to blend in with chosen items when designing the lighting for your home office. If you’re doing your work with natural materials, try to put your desk as close to the window as possible to get as much light as possible. Allow for the angles of natural light during the day if you’re working with computers or other screens, and avoid glare.

With this in mind a custom-designed desk lamp is a must-have, but establishing the perfect atmosphere in a home office is also critical, and clever lighting is key to that. To set the mood, use a lampshade to soften harsh light, and pendant lighting is a fantastic method to brighten an area without cluttering it.


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Custom Furniture Will Give the Office Extra Spark

Let’s suppose you packed up all the furniture from the previous residence and brought it with you. However, that furniture might not fit into a vision you have for a new space. With that in mind, you could find that custom furniture is the greatest way to maximize the available space in the workspace. Built-in storage and workstations allow you to place everything exactly where you need it and in harmony with the room’s existing characteristics.

Although custom furniture is more expensive than off-the-shelf solutions, it’s worth it if you use the room every day. It’s also a good choice for a versatile space like a guest room.

Thing Thoroughly About the Flooring Solutions

When creating a home office, custom wood flooring or laminate flooring are both terrific choices. If you want to use a rug or runner to add interest to the room, consider one with a smooth texture and dense pile. Also, the color should correspond with the overall vibe of the room.

Put Some Shades on the Windows

Consider your window treatment options carefully while planning the look of your home office. Shutters will let you manage the amount of light that enters your workspace at different times of the day. If your computer screen is near a window, consider using a light-colored blind, because it will block glare while still allowing in natural light.

window blinds in home office Some shutters will give a room special vibe

Hire Long Distance Movers to Do the Heavy Lifting While You Are Decorating

While you are taking care of paint samples, new furniture, and other things that come with the move, let cross country movers do the grunt work. By hiring long-distance moving services, you won’t have to worry about packing stuff, or even loading the truck. A professional long-distance moving company will do that instead of you. All you have to do is get creative about the new space.

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