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Blog July 9, 2021

How to Pack Makeup for a Cross Country Move

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Jane Davis

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If you are going through cross country moving, learning how to pack makeup will eventually come up as one of the tasks you’ll have to deal with. And naturally, you’ll want to get the best of it so that your beauty products arrive at your new home in one piece, and you can be ready to try out new looks from the word go. We present to you some of the best tips and generally asked questions.

Preparation – the Right Bag and Other Things You Need

First and foremost, you need a vanity bag. Based on how many items you have, you should determine the size and type of the bag. Anyway, it needs to have pouches and pockets so that you can separate your products. Also, always choose padding bags so that you can protect your things during transport.

Besides, one of the moving essentials you can go for are the so-called organizers that come in many different shapes and designs and help you keep all your items neatly. This is an excellent opportunity to take your time and go through all your items in order to make a makeup packing list and see what falls under the category of what not to pack when moving to avoid taking things you don’t need.

You should shop for special cases because they can go a long way here

How to Deal With Items From Your Packing List – Best Tips

There are things throughout the process that you should be mindful of. Getting your items prepared and sorted out before your relocation is one of the things to do before moving, but there are also other tips and tricks. Read on to find out some of the greatest moving hacks to ensure you have a stress-free moving:

  • Don’t put everything in one bag,
  • Bottles with liquid contents should be packed separately,
  • If bottles are made of glass, use packing paper for moving and wrap each one individually to grant them maximum protection,
  • Anything you believe could leak and stain your other belongings has to be packed to avoid this. It would be great if you could use a vanity case or something of a sort, among other packing materials for moving,
  • Another thing that could find its way to your packing list is a contact lens case. These are handy and convenient because they can take in large quantities of liquid, and you needn’t worry about any leakage.
You should pay special attention to liquids

How Do You Pack Makeup So It Doesn’t Break?

Eyeshadow and powder require special attention while they’re being packed because they tend to break easily and get scattered all around. That means that if you’ve learned how to clean an apartment before moving in, you want to avoid this at all costs. If the powder has its cushion, make sure you leave it in the box. Also, ensure that some cushioning or cotton pads are added in between. If your eye shadow palette or powder box is broken for some reason, protect these by wrapping them in plastic wrap and putting them in a zip-top sack. It would also be wise to protect everything with tape in the end. Powder and shadows should go on top of your box or organizer.

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Use Mini Caps if You’re Packing Brushes

No matter how thoroughly you cleaned your brushes, there’s always the risk of them smudging or staining your other items, which you naturally want to prevent, and spare yourself that aspect of the moving stress. Thus if you’re wondering how to pack makeup brushes, it’s best to use brushes with caps that every shop has because they can easily fit any bag, and you needn’t worry that the brush will be damaged.

How Do You Pack Light Makeup?

If you are moving from house to apartment, you must face the period everybody goes through, deciding how to bring fewer things. And, don’t worry, there are some ways that can help you bring all you need. Regardless of whether it’s last-minute moving or you’re on the clock about everything, one of the best tips here is to invest in multi-use products. For example, you can try to use your favorite bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadow. Or apply cream lip items instead of powder blush. This way, you’ll economize on the space and still have your favorite look. Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn more about this.

YouTube video

How Do I Pack My Makeup for Air Travel?

If you’re getting organized to move and travel by plane, the main decision you should make here is whether you want to take your beauty things in your carry-on baggage or in the bag you’re taking with you. Both travel solutions have their pros and cons, and we’ll go through both.

Can You Pack Makeup in Your Carry On Bag?

Many people who travel by plane wonder whether they can take their beauty items with them. And most companies do allow you this, but you must follow certain rules. If you’re putting things into your carry-on when the time to move comes, you should learn what you can bring on a plane. Some specific rules apply for liquids, so you want to get acquainted with those too. You can take your foundation, moisturizer, and liquid eyeliner with you in your bag, but you must use travel-size packaging.

Is Checked Baggage a Good Option for Women’s Makeup During Travel?

This solution is excellent if you’re learning how to pack to move in a hurry because you can wrap your beauty products in clothes while you pack them in your suitcase. Still, if your luggage gets lost, you’ll stay without the items you like, and you should also beware that rough handling and air pressure aren’t the bestest of friends of your belongings either.

If your items are not in your carry-on, make sure you protect them well before traveling

Now You Know How to Pack Makeup, But Do You Need Help With Your Relocation?

Cross country moving is never easy, but with immaculate long-distance movers, it can become much easier. Cross country moving services such as auto transport and storage services are all covered by moving insurance, which should give you peace of mind. Besides, cross country movers also provide their clients with efficient packing services, including packing supplies and foolproof techniques. If you opt for professional help, not only will your belongings be safe, but you’ll reach your new home happier than you left.

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