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Blog July 9, 2021

How to Move a Fish Tank?

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Jane Davis

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Relocating with pets is always challenging, especially if you have aquatic animals. Learning how to move a fish tank doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you follow our simple steps, you’re guaranteed to finish the relocation with no stress to you or your pet. Read on to find out how to pull this out like a professional.

How Do I Move a Large Fish Tank by Myself?

Every relocation is stressful, and if you’re moving with pets, your stress might increase if you don’t take care of all the aspects. You should start getting organized to move as early as you can because fish tanks are fragile and breakable, and you need to be extremely cautious with them. Before you get to the steps, here are some things that can help you prepare and assemble the required packing materials for moving.

Things You Need for This Task

When the time to move arrives, you’ll be needing equipment to facilitate the transition for you and your pet. Make sure you have:

  • Containers or plastic bags or buckets – to put your fish inside as one of the things to do before moving,
  • Buckets for plants and decoration – to transport your pet’s surroundings,
  • Fishnet – to move your animal from one place to another,
  • Siphon hose – to pump the water in and out according to your needs.
You need the equipment for all bits and pieces of this task

How to Move a Fish Tank to Your New Home in Five Easy Steps

If you’re moving an aquarium, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking up packing tips for moving in a hurry because you’re in the middle of last-minute moving, or you have a lot of time. Since your little animal is a being that can also feel and sense things, you should prioritize finding the right supplies and learning how to pack an aquarium for moving over other things, such as how to pack furniture or how to pack sculptures. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on this.

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Step 1. Take the Fish Out

Before mounting the things on your packing list into the truck, you want to take your pet out. Use a fishnet to move it to a bowl you designated for transport, and make sure that it is full.

Step 2. Clear the Space Regardless of Its Size

When your little friend is safe, step two is to take everything out. That means all the plants, decorations, and pebbles. Put the plants into buckets for plants, and ensure they are covered with water.

Step 3. Take Care of the Water

To have a completely stress-free moving, proper handling of aquarium water is essential. You’ll need the siphon hose for this, and you should siphon the tank water you want to take into the transport containers you prepared. Once you’re done, siphon out the rest and put it into a big bucket. This bucket should contain at least 75% of the old liquid because that will accelerate establishing the biological conditions in a new house. This will also significantly reduce the stress level for your pet when moving to a new home.

Step 4. Pack Up All the Standard Pieces

When you take all the components out, ensure you put the pebbles into a plastic container or another appropriate bowl. Dry all the decoration and equipment well before packing. All fragile and sensitive pieces should be wrapped in air-filled plastic padding and packing paper for moving.

Step 5. Label Everything and Write Square Footage if Possible

You must use a good system here. The information about the tank’s size could help you find an ideal place for it in your home. Take a look at the following video to learn more tips and tricks about these steps and see what is the best way to transport fish.

YouTube video

Best Tips for Moving and Storing Your Aquarium

Once you’re done with everything, ensure you go through this summary checklist:

  • My pet is safe,
  • The aquarium is fully protected, and the upper side labeled,
  • All the decorations are stored safely,
  • Electric bits are packed separately.

Can You Move a Fish Tank With Water in It?

Even if you’re learning how to pack to move in a hurry, transporting your animal’s home with water in it is to be avoided at all costs when moving an aquarium from house to house. Tanks fall under the category of fragile items, so you’re risking causing a lot of damage if you try to undertake this.

Make sure you take out the liquid and save it for later

Taking Care of Your Pet

Making relocation safe and pleasurable for your pet is paramount, and when it’s done, there’s only one concern in people’s heads – how long do I have to wait to put my fish in a new tank? If you’ve got small fish and your long-distance moving won’t take hours on end, you can use a plastic bag that is filled with ⅓ of water and ⅔ of air, and the bag should be doubled to protect your fish. And put your pet in water as soon as you arrive, but be patient. The biological system needs some time to be restored to its best.

In the end, it's the wellbeing you share with your pet that matters most

Contact Professional Movers to Help You Out

If you are insecure about how to do this, long-distance movers can help out. A reliable cross country moving company can offer you not only superb moving services, and safe auto transport, but they can also help with their packing services in matters such as this one. All packing supplies will be provided and your aquarium covered with moving insurance, so you can sit back and enjoy the process if you contact professionals.

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