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Blog July 6, 2021

Tips and Tricks for Moving Large Items

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Transporting your furniture may seem daunting because it’s not something we often do. However, with proper preparation and methods, moving large items can be easy and safe. Read on to find out how to efficiently handle and transport these for long-distance moving.

Materials You Need to Use to Protect Your Furniture

When you start getting organized to move, the right packing supplies will be paramount because your furniture should survive the transition without a dent and unscathed. This also applies if you’re taking a storage service. So, be generous with packing materials for moving. Keep in mind that whatever you choose to wrap around your belongings will do as long as it protects them from dust, stains, and the elements if they’re to wait outside. So make sure to include blankets, shrink wrap, foam, or anything that serves the purpose in your packing list.

Equipment for Moving Heavy Furniture

Having the right tools gets half the job done, so another vital point here is finding equipment that will facilitate the process and keep it all in one piece. If you don’t want your household inventory list to change and stay without some pieces of furniture, ensure you have moving essentials that you can’t go without. You’ll need:

  • Sliders – protect the floor, but don’t help with stairs,
  • Lifting straps – help your body bear the weight in a more healthy way,
  • Dollies – these are crucial if stairs are involved,
  • Gloves and boots that keep you safe.
room prepared for relocation Take care while wrapping each item

How to Move Heavy Items?

If you are seeking the answer to the question how do I move large items, we’ll tell you upfront that there is no universal answer here. Each piece requires different preparation and technique. But, don’t worry, with our moving hacks, you’ll be safe and sound.

How Can I Move a Couch by Myself?

When you’re moving a couch, use a dolly. Put a blanket and wrap the couch in the protective packing paper for moving. Place your couch on the dolly and wrap its handles together with the couch to minimize the risk. If you are crossing the stairs, take care not to scratch the walls and take your time.

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How to Protect and Carry Chairs When Moving?

Depending on your chair’s shape and size, try to cover it, so the legs are well protected. The inside of the chair should be covered with a blanket and taped together with the stretch wrap (especially important if you’re shipping it to storage.) If you are not using a dolly, put the chair in the L shape since it will be easier to carry.

chair and moving boxes Make sure you wrap your chair well before putting it on the truck

Remove the Clothes and Start With the Closet

When it comes to learning how to go about moving furniture, closets are perhaps the easiest. What you want to do for these is disassemble all the components you can, take out all the clothes, and, if possible, the drawers too. If you don’t have sliders or dollies, but you’ve got helping hands for last-minute moving, make sure you take advantage of the high-low technique (one person should carry the upper end while the other is holding the bottom part.) Take a look at the following video if you’d like to see an alternative method.

YouTube video

Useful Tips for Moving Large Items

Now that you’ve learned the basics of how to move something heavy, you can get down to some useful tips. These are the essential things you should pay attention to avoid getting injured.

Most Important Tip Is Safety First

Always prioritize the safety of the people involved. And don’t forget to communicate, you must say what you want and what you’re doing at the moment to avoid moving stress and problems with bulky objects.

Lifting Is Better Than Pulling

It’s all about the squat, so what you want to do when lifting is to bend your hips and knees and keep them as straight as possible. This will help your back and add to your stress-free moving.

men lifting a couch when moving safely When you lift the couch, try to bend your knees and save your back

What Is the Easiest Way to Move Large Furniture?

If you find this intimidating, the easiest way to solve your problem is to hire reputable long distance movers. The cross country moving services they provide will not only facilitate your relocation in other aspects such as auto transport and getting appropriate storage services.

However, there are more than long-distance moving services you can take advantage of. You’ll also have a crew from a reputable long-distance moving company to ensure you’ve got the right packing supplies needed to protect all your pieces of furniture. The impeccable packing services professional long-distance moving companies pride themselves on is certain to spare you from any headache and help each item arrive in the same condition it left the old home.

Can You Hire Movers to Move One Item?

Professional east coast movers provide full and partial service that helps pack your things when moving to a new home or sending them to storage facilities. Depending on what item you wish them to help with, they can let you know whether it’s possible. Since there’s no universal price for this service, the best tip is to contact long-distance moving professionals and enquire how this will affect your budget.

long distance professional movers Long-distance movers have all the answers

What’s the Best Way to Move a Large or Heavy Object?

How you want to finish moving large items across the country will ultimately depend on your needs, experience, and budget. There’s not only one right way, and as long as you manage to finish the task with no injury or damage, you’ll be fine. Still, if you have doubts, professional long distance movers are the safest best you can go for, and a reliable long-distance moving company can give you all the information you need about the service you require.

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