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Blog July 7, 2021

How to Pack Toys for Moving

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Jane Davis

Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.

Moving cross country might get stressful for kids, even if they are older. Knowing how to pack toys for moving is essential if you want to make your child feel at ease in the new home. Follow these simple tips for guaranteed success.

Packing Toys for Moving

Toys are an integral part of children’s everyday lives and if you are getting organized to move long-distance, make sure you devote enough time and attention to them. Some kids have a strong bond to their toys, and having them in unfamiliar surroundings will help them overcome relocation depression, so being extra careful here is worth the effort. But before you get down to packing, you must prepare. First separate toys by kind, general categories will do here, e.g., fluffy toys, board games, fragile ones that can break if mishandled, the ones with many tiny bits and pieces, and others. Then, try to declutter the children’s playroom as one of the things to do before moving. The toys they no longer use or have never liked can be donated or given to friends and family. Consult your child about these decisions to enjoy a stress free moving with no disappointment on any side. Finally, once you know which ones to pack and which ones are on the list of what not to pack, make sure you’ve got enough packing supplies to get you going.

Boxes and Other Packing Items

Toys aren’t as tricky to pack as some other items, so you can get creative here and involve your child as much as possible in deciding what would be the best way to pack. Still, make sure you’ve got:

  • Heavy-duty boxes for big toys that can’t be disassembled,
  • Small boxes for the other types,
  • Tote bags or other reusable bags as they’re perfect for fluffy toys,
  • Zip-up bags for small pieces,
  • Tape to secure the boxes,
  • Markers to label the contents,
  • Packing paper/ bubble wrap /packing peanuts or any alternative you can find.
map and toys Make sure you have tape for the board games

Pack Dolls In 1 Step

Packing dolls for moving is easy, and it can be an enjoyable experience for your kid. Dolls such as Barbies, Bratz dolls, and the like can go straight into the box, and you don’t need to wrap them. If the doll has got some extra clothing or housing items, the best would be to pack those in zip-up bags, so they don’t get lost. Just use the packing paper for moving to create a protective layer at the top and bottom of the box. Additionally, put packing peanuts or paper in between the dolls to reduce the risk of shifting on the big day. If you’ve got space left in your container, put other toys with the dolls, but don’t overdo it. The box shouldn’t be bursting at the seams.

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Packing Action Figures  – Step by Step

Dolls and action figures are similar, but the major difference is in size and tactile features. Packing the two also differs to a degree. You don’t want to simply scatter the figures as they might break or get lost. So, you should wrap them one over the other with the packing paper. One of the packing tips for moving in a hurry is to put them in the magical zip-up bags. If you’ve got original packaging, do use it!

barbie Toys and action figures can be fun to pack!

Moving Stuffed Animals

Your child’s best stuffed friend also needs to arrive at the new home safely after long distance moving. You can put the stuffed animals in a tote or other reusable bags, which is ideal for last minute moving. But if you want extra protection, you can also learn how to wrap a stuffed animal. There are more ways to approach it, but it is best to pack the little animal as a birthday gift. Use the material you’ve got and make sure to tape your package shut if you want to safeguard against all possible risks.

child Do your best to make sure the teddy is safe!

Helpful Tips

Here are some additional tips that can help you in the packing process:

  • If possible, pack your kid’s favorite play buddy with your moving essentials so that you can cheer him or her up if the process of moving cross country gets too tiresome.
  • If you’ve got your car and you’re not using auto transport, keep the most important toys with you, just in case.
  • Tape board games and any set of games such as puzzles to avoid having their contents spilled.
  • If the toy is delicate, follow the procedure of packaging fragile items.

Extra Tips for Moving Toys

If you are using storage for your kid’s toys, make sure to find cool containers that will prevent heat from affecting them. Bags are a no in this case. Also, if the item is extremely valuable or a family memory, consider getting insurance for it, either for moving state to state or for storage.

toys Favorite toys can accompany you during the whole move

Packing for Kids

After all, don’t forget that it should all be about the well-being of your kids. Involve them in the process of packing as much as possible and try to make it fun and use it as an opportunity to speak to them about this big step, which is ahead. Don’t let them feel your moving stress, and show them how important it is to you to store their toys properly. Depending on your dynamics with your little one, you can play with toys, act, draw or have them write their farewells. Everything goes as long as you create a pleasant atmosphere. Your kids will be up and about making friends in a new city in no time!

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