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Blog August 6, 2021

Ultimate Checklist of Things to Do After Moving

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Jane Davis

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We believe that the very first thing you’d like to do once you reach your new home is to sit on a couch, order a pizza, and take a break. However, the reality is quite different since there are plenty of things to do after moving to get your place in order. Here is the ultimate list of things to do when you move once your household items are delivered at your step door and how to organize your first days in the new home.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving into a New House?

When relocating, we all search for the best ways on how to move efficiently and facilitate the whole process that is everything but simple. However, keep in mind that the long-distance moving process is not over once the cross-country movers deliver your stuff. Just the opposite, the party is just about to begin!

Planning what to do after moving is one of the essential preparatory steps you need to take when organizing your cross-country move because you’ll want to have your home move-in ready as soon as possible, and we’re sure you don’t want to lose any time. Here is what you can do to organize the after-relocation process and use your space and free time to the maximum.

Create an After-Moving Checklist to Have an Overview of Done and To-Do Tasks

Relocating to a new home requires a strategy. Organizing a packing is an essential part of every relocation, and without a household inventory list is almost impossible. So, the first step is to create one and submit it to the chosen long-distance moving company. The best thing is, at the same time, this inventory list will be a final packing list, and consequently, the unpacking list. This means that all items you’ve listed and packed by priority will be unpacked after relocating in the opposite order.

And of course, this implies that labeling all the boxes properly is a mandatory step if you want to know precisely the content of each box, so don’t forget this step either!

woman is creating a list and using laptop Have your checklist both in digital and paper form to follow the progress more easily

Things to Do After Moving Into a New House

Believe it or not, unpacking won’t be the first thing to tackle once the long-distance movers deliver your items on the move day. Before you start with this demanding project, you should prepare for unpacking and prepare the space to bring in the furniture and all other stuff. Here is the list of things to do after you move!

Clean the Property in Detail or Hire Professionals to Do It for You

Cleaning an apartment before moving in is non-negotiable, although the previous tenants or owners have already done it. Knowing that all the rooms and bathrooms have been cleaned in detail, disinfected, and prepared according to your standards is crucial. Since the cleaning process can be pretty tiring, and you might not be able to do it by yourself, hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of the household is the most convenient solution in this case. Consider if a local cleaning service can deal with this task and book it in advance so your home can be ready when you arrive.

Recheck the Security Systems, Set Passwords, and Change All Locks

Although you might have already checked all the security systems during the final home inspection, once you take the keys, make sure to inspect everything once again. This involves checking the entire security system, including fire alarms, security cameras, and changing all the locks in the house. This way, you’ll be sure that your family is safe.

Arrange a Room for Unpacked Boxes

We believe you don’t want to have your home cluttered with all the unpacked boxes. For that reason, creating an unboxed zone in the house will be of tremendous help to keep your living space organized and functional until you don’t set everything in its place.

Assemble the Furniture and Organize All Other Large Pieces

If you use cross-country moving services, then taking care of your bulky items and furniture pieces will be a piece of cake! Usually, packing services include the disassembling of furniture and reassembling it in the next property, as well as relocating large items, organizing your new living space will not be that difficult after all. Moreover, if you go for long-distance moving services when the time to move comes, it means professional packers will protect your items using all protective packing materials and unpack them (although removing tape residue might be left up to you), and all other packing supplies carefully without any risk of damaging them.

Once your furniture has been assembled, it means you can start unpacking all the other items and organize your living area since you’ll have enough space to store everything.

Tip Movers and Reward Them for Their Hard Work!

Another thing to do after the move is to tip movers and reward them for their hard work. This is especially important to do if you’re relocating from a house to an apartment since those relocations can be more difficult to organize. Stairs, handling all the heavy items, and unapproachable buildings are some of the potential challenges your movers can overcome and provide you with a stress-free move. Also, you can do the same if you choose to use auto-transport services and professional movers who can transport cars from state to state and drop off your vehicle right at your door.

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Now It’s Time for – Unpacking! Here Is How to Unpack Your Home

Now that the whole household is ready to move in, it’s a good moment to start unpacking all the items and arranging them in the new home. The first things to start with are relocation essentials, suitcases, or boxes that contain the most necessary stuff, like bathroom essentials or linen. Here is how the unpacking should flow step-by-step.

Step 1: It’s Best to Unpack the Bathroom and Bedroom Essentials First

Setting up your bathroom and bedroom and being able to shower and get some sleep are definitely details you’d like to have organized first. So all the toiletries, linens, pillowcases, and clean clothes are great starting points for unpacking.

Step 2: Get Your Kitchen Organized and Make or Order Some Food

The next step is to set up your kitchen to be able to prepare your meals. So taking some basic kitchenware and going grocery shopping are other essential steps to take when unpacking. Also, don’t forget to plug in all the kitchen appliances, such as the refrigerator, stove, microwave, and coffee maker. Otherwise, you won’t be able to cook and store your food properly. If you’re not in the mood to cook, ordering meals will be just as acceptable.

Step 3: Unpack Clothes and Remove All Empty Boxes

One of the most time-consuming tasks will definitely be unpacking clothes, so ensure to start with that as soon as you can and get rid of the chaos you made. Also, placing your clothes in the closet will help you feel that the end of the long list of relocation tasks is near, and you’ll be more mobile too. So taking care of clothing is definitely one of the top priorities when it comes to unpacking.

What Should I Do After Moving? Consider These Additional Tips

If you need to know more about relocation hacks to organize your household for unpacking, make sure to take a look at the video below and find out the best tips on how to arrange everything perfectly! We are sure it’ll help you!

YouTube video

Remember to Tackle All the Paperwork and Register Your Stay in Another State

Deciding to move to another state means you will also have to deal with a bunch of paperwork – from learning how to transfer utilities and changing your personal documents to registering your car and changing your address. Here are some helpful tips on what you need to do when it comes to paperwork. Believe it or not, the process is much easier than it sounds, so don’t procrastinate dealing with this task!

Apply for Address Change With USPS and Other Institutions

The best way to initiate the process of address update is with USPS. It is totally free, and you can do it by filing an online form through their website or going personally to the local post office and filing the PS Form 3575. Since this is the only certain way you won’t miss any important letter or package, try not to postpone it. Keep in mind that the USPS system needs up to two weeks until your data is changed.

Other parties you should definitely notify about your residential data change are:

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    Updating the address details with the IRS is also pretty simple to do since they also provide an online form which saves a lot of time. If you’re an entrepreneur and in the process of relocating a business to another state, then modifying your business details with the IRS is also an essential step to take. Consult your tax advisor or accountant and do everything by a timeline.
  • Banks and other financial institutions
    Make sure to contact all banks and other financial institutions in order to update your address. You can send them an email and ask for further instructions about the process, and you’ll have everything done quickly.
  • Social Security
    This government agency actually doesn’t require data change unless you’re a beneficiary of Social Security or Medicare benefits. Since they also provide an online system and telephone support, it will be pretty easy to manage your residential details.

Re-Register for Voter Registration

Changing the address is absolutely necessary if you want to use your voting right. Checking the official U.S. Election Assistance for each state’s regulation and changing your data using the online form, mail, or visiting DMV are the most convenient and quickest ways to finish this process.

Don’t Forget to Add Meeting New People to the After-Move To-Do List

Whatever your reasons to move are, you’ll need to adjust to a different environment and become a member of the community. The best way to do it is by making friends in the new city and spreading your social circles. Since locals know the tiniest detail about the area you moved to, don’t hesitate to ask them for help and information you can’t find on the internet.

Throwing a party to celebrate your move-in and inviting your new neighbors is a great way to meet people. Another effective method is signing up for hobbies and sharing the same interest with others who can easily become your friends. Dedicate yourself to this task and be persistent until you meet the right people!

woman is climbing the wall Devote to your hobbies and surpass all the challenges of relocating to another place

Ready to Set Up Your Living Space?

Now that you know all the details on how to organize the household after the move-in, we are sure that the whole process will be much easier to perform. Just make a proper plan, contact reliable East Coast or West Coast movers, and schedule the relocation. Soon, your place will be fully furnished and equipped, and ready for another life chapter!

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