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The Only Moving Essentials Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Are you anxious about relocating, and you do not know how to start packing? In situations like this, it is important to stay organized and to follow a moving essentials checklist. Whether you are moving out of a rental property, to college, or from an apartment to a house, it is always hard to avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with it.

Before You Pack for a New Place

You have solved the main thing, you have a place to stay, but now it is time to think about how you are going to pack your belongings and move them safely. Will you use storage or professional moving services, how are you going to find packing supplies, etc.

You cannot pack fragile items the same way you pack books, and you have to keep in mind that some of these things you will need the minute you enter your home, while others may stay in boxes for a day or two until everything falls into place.

What People Tend to Forget While Preparing Their Moving Essentials?

When relocating, people are always in a rush, and it is expected to forget something. So here is a brief checklist of things that can be overlooked and left behind easily.

  • Mail and bills
  • Clothes at drycleaning
  • Keys
  • Phonebook
  • Items in storage
You have mail

What Do I Need to Move First When Moving House?

Well, we are glad you asked. Relocating requires organization and thinking in advance. Why would you move your piano first, when you have not cleaned the floors or placed a rug? Things have to go in a specific order, which is why we have created this checklist. It is a list of things that have to go first, together with you – everything else comes later.

First things first

Moving Day Essentials Checklist

You probably would not be in a rush to read some books or to do ironing on your first day in a new apartment. Hence we created a list of priorities, things that you will certainly use on your first day, so make sure you have these things and that you know in which box to find them.

Home Cleaning Supplies

Even if you are relocating into a brand new apartment, you will still probably have to do a little bit of dusting, vacuuming, and general cleaning before you start placing your stuff around. So, pack some basic cleaning supplies like detergents, vacuum cleaner, and plenty of cloth or paper towels.

Bathroom Essentials: Toilet Paper, Toothbrushes, Soap

You cannot spend your first night in a new place without at least these three things, but we can also add a shower gel, or a shampoo, clean towels, cosmetics, perhaps a toilet seat, a first aid kit, etc.

Kitchen, Because You Need to Eat Something

You do not have to put pressure on yourself to have a cooked meal on the first day, but you will still need some basic utensils like forks, knives, spoons, glasses, and a few plates, to be available at any time.

Chargers, Batteries

It is so easy to forget these things or to pack them and pile something else over them. Hence, it is better to keep all chargers, batteries, and electronic devices in one place. When you pack electronics, just make sure they are secured and safe and mark that box so you can easily spot it later.

Moving Day Toolkit

We all have tools hanging around in some corner of our home, but if you have not got the chance to use it before, the chances are high you might need it now. There are always some screws to be tightened, or a minor intervention that requires the use of tools, for example, a hammer, measuring tape, utility knife, screwdrivers, etc.

It’s Best to Bring Clean Bedding

It is a fresh start, and although you might spend your first night sleeping surrounded by boxes and papers, you better bring clean sheets, covers, pajamas, slippers, underwear, and your favorite pillows.

Something to Ease the Stress

Just like packing, unpacking can be stressful, perhaps even more, because regardless of how many tips for unpacking you have heard, nothing can prepare you for that mess in your brand new home when you start unboxing. So, we suggest you bring something to play with, when you take a break, like cards, or any other game you prefer.

Ask for Help

If you are relocating alone, without the help of professional packers, you have to find someone to help you with everything, whether it’s friends or siblings. Just do not wait till the last minute – ask them a few days in advance, so you have enough time to organize everything and find enough people. It will be easier, and you will have a lot of fun.

Something to Snack

Bring plenty of snacks and water, because all that work will exhaust you, and even if you have your kitchen unboxed, it is better not to bother with cooking. Order something or buy plenty of fruits that you can snack along the way.

Write down everything

Essential Tips for a Tidy New Apartment

We all know how once we clean our home, it stays all neat and clean for a few days, and then it all goes down the hill. If you do not want the same to happen to your new home, here are some tips for maintaining your apartment tidy from day one.

  • Keep it minimalistic. Throw away or donate all the things you did not use in the previous six months.
  • Remove all the boxes and packing supplies. After you are done unpacking, recycle all the materials or throw them away.
  • Do not go crazy with shopping. A fresh start requires new stuff, but keep in mind that you still have things from your old apartment, too.
  • Be regular with cleaning. Cleaning a bit every few days will keep the apartment looking fresh, and it will take less of your time.
How long will it stay clean

Time for a House-Warming Party

No matter how tired you are from cleaning and sorting things out, once it is all done, it is done, and you would not be doing it again for a while. So why not relay and throw a small party for your close ones.