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Blog October 6, 2021

How to Move to a New City – Everything You Should Know When Moving Cross Country

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Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

Relocation is one of the three most stressful events in people’s lives. Changing surroundings, different work, and meeting people can seem overwhelming for some of us at first. Knowing how to move to a new city will help you overcome all the negative feelings. A fresh start can bring you many positive changes in life. Don’t let disorganization step in your way of having relocation experience to remember. 

Getting organized for the move isn’t as easy as you thought. If you’ve never done it before, it can even get chaotic. All things to organize and tasks to take care of can be just overwhelming. It’s best to prepare everything before the relocation day and avoid as many relocation mistakes as possible. Answer questions like how much money should I save to move to a new city and how do you move to a new city and start over and you’ll see that, with a few relocation tips, this process will be a breeze.

How Do You Move to a New City – Set the Priorities First

At some point in life, you realize that all things you’re doing are a routine. Then change is more than needed. One of the best things to achieve is changing your home and starting a completely different adventure. However, there are some things to do before the move, and one of them is setting priorities.

Of course, you have to consider all reasons for this move and then check if this big change is even worth it. The priorities will change depending on whether you’re relocating alone or if you’re relocating with kids. For example, if you’re relocating after college, then the future place should have some restaurants and bars, right? On the other hand, checking the proximity to good schools and work is the most important when having children.

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Do You Prefer Metropolises or Towns?

Another significant criteria is the size of the location you want to live in. Moving to a metropolis brings many advantages. From bigger housing and job opportunities to better medical options. However, bigger areas are more crowded, and traffic jams are annoying.

Smaller towns, on the other hand, can give you those quiet noons after work. You won’t spend hours commuting and losing nerves every time you get out of the house.

Ensure you consider both options and decide what lifestyle will suit you best. When this one is settled, answering is it hard to move to a new city will be a lot easier.

People who live in smaller places pick to stay there rather than move to a bigger area

Moving to a New City Means Some Neighborhood Research Time

Once you decide when it’s the best time to move, the first thing to do is get organized. And there’s no better way than making a checklist of moving essentials. This list of tasks should have everything essential for every successful move. In fact, exploring the future neighborhood should be the first thing on that list.

This process will take some of your free moments, so starting as soon as possible is more than recommended. If you have a chance to visit the place in person, then you should do it. However, it’s more complicated than many think (not only do you have to pay for travel expenses, but you’ll lose precious moments.)

Luckily, there’s a solution for those who can’t visit their future home – the internet. There are many online cities databases where you can easily check everything needed. Numbeo is the website where all information about the cost of living, the housing markets, and crime rates can be found.

How Do I Move to a New City – Explore the Job Market and Prepare for the Interviews

A huge role in deciding where to move plays the job market. Getting a job in a different place will take an extra effort, especially if you’ve never done it before. The first step would be to check the most popular ones in the area you’re relocating to. It will give you a bigger picture of whether this is the right location for you or not. Make a list of jobs you could do and begin with the research.

The next step is preparing your LinkedIn profile. Don’t forget to change the location – put the future town as your current location, although many companies have remote working possibilities – especially now that the Covid-19 hit the whole world.

When it comes to the interviewing process, it’s important to prepare and update your resume, as well. Also, get to know some basic information about the company and prepare the answers to common interview questions.

Most people change more than five careers in a lifetime

Set the Budget and Start Saving Some Money

We all are looking to save some money, especially when we’re talking about relocation expenses. The average long-distance move costs from $2,000 to $4,000, and you could use some relocation hacks to cut some costs. In fact, many people won’t contact and hire professional cross-country moving services because of the amount of money they have to set aside. But don’t think DIY-ing will save you money. Sometimes it’s even more expensive (and stressful) than hiring professionals since you have to organize everything.

Once you know how to choose a relocation company, start with planning and setting the finances. Count in every service you might need, from packing services to renting a storage facility for your belongings. Also, don’t forget to set aside some money to tip movers.

Find the Affordable Apartment and a Roommate If Relocating on a Budget

Relocating to the future home means you need to find accommodation that meets your pocket. All the relocation services for most of us could be just too expensive. However, finding a roommate will help you in the long run. Not only you’ll split the rent costs, but also the monthly bills for utilities. It’s a good idea for those who are relocating to another state alone. Imagine how it would be to live all alone in the unknown surroundings?

Going solo isn't for everyone, especially if you've never lived alone before

How to Move to a New City – Best Tips for Efficient Packing

Like everything in life, having an efficient move along with a safe move requires some steps first. The packing process plays a big part here. So, the first thing you should do is avoid last-minute packing and make this hard work a breeze. The proven method is to contact some of your friends and make a packing list. Extra pair of hands will pack faster than one, and a list will keep you organized. Use all the help you can get for this tedious process.

Once that is settled, ensure you have enough packing materials. It’s important because you surely don’t want to postpone everything just because there’s not enough tape, for example. Let’s look at some of the supplies you’ll need:

Plan the Relocation Day and Prepare the Essential Bag

Only the smallest tasks should be left for the relocation day, if any. There will be enough chaos when the professional East Coast movers come, so it’s best to step aside and let them do their work.

You can measure furniture and bigger appliances you wish to move and ensure West Coast movers can get them out of the house.

When you do all the packing and measuring, ensure the essential bag is prepared, too. Snacks, bottles of water, clean clothes, and sheets are just some of the things you should put in it. If relocating with pets, ensure some of their favorite toys and food are in the bag.

Decluttering the Home Will Make the Whole Process Easier

The process that saved many lives during the packing process? Decluttering. Use this method to downsize and save some money. The fewer items you have to transport, the fewer relocation expenses will be. Get rid of everything you don’t use or like anymore. The wrapping up will be much easier and the unpacking after the move as well. Here are some tips if you want to learn how to declutter your home efficiently.

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Notify Everyone About Your Move Before the Relocation Day

One of the most forgotten steps when relocating is notifying everyone and letting them know you’re changing address. You can do this task after the relocation, but it’s better to do it before and mark it as done on your checklist. Another reason is adjusting to the different surroundings. Imagine you have to unpack in a place without electricity or the internet? That’s why you should notify the following institutions and companies:

The good news is that you won’t have to do this in person and wait in lines for hours. Contact the utility companies, and they will do the rest. And for changing address or updating your driver’s license (if you opt to transport your car), just fill the online forms.

Take care of utilities and notify everyone about the move

Take Some Time to Cope With Such Big Change in Your Life

You could use some advice on how to cope with the change this big. As probably many of us already understand, it’s a delicate situation, and getting used to the fact that you’ll live somewhere else takes time. And it’s completely normal to feel like you’re not ready to meet friends yet.

Explore the Groups and Communities With Same Interests

Start with baby steps and check out some online groups with the same interests as yours. Every town has at least one book or sports club that could be an exciting way to start mingling. And after a while, you might ask someone for a cup of coffee.

Keep in Touch With Your Family and Friends

The transition doesn’t mean you won’t be in contact with your family and friends. All on the contrary. Ask them to have a video call at least once a week (nowadays, you can choose the app you prefer – Zoom, Times, FaceTime.) You probably don’t realize it now, but these calls will be a lifesaver in the first period.

Support of your loved ones is an important step when relocating across the country

Long-Distance Moving Company Will Take Over Once You Organize the Move

A stress-free move doesn’t sound so hard after our guide, right? That’s another reason why you should ask the professionals to do everything else. Relocation stress can ruin all the effort you put in before, so it’s better not to take any chances. The relocation company will take care of all the services needed, with moving insurance for the precious belongings. That way, you’ll be relaxed during the planning process that is the key to a successful relocation.

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