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5 tips on moving your home gym

5 tips on moving your home gym

 5 tips on moving your home gymA gym at home makes exercising convenient, but if you are moving, you might be wondering how to take it with you. Because most exercise machines are heavy and strangely shaped, there are specific steps you have to take to make sure that they stay in good condition. Read these 5 tips on moving your home gym to learn how to safely transport your many home exercise equipment to your new home.


Packing your stationary bike

A stationary bike might be the easiest piece of gym equipment to move. If you can slide a towel or flat piece of cardboard beneath the bike, you can move it with just the help of one person. If the bike must be carried up or down stairs, you will need the help of at least two people. Take care to secure any moving parts with packing tape to save protect yourself or anyone else from injury, and remember to lift with your feet when you move your stationary bike. If the bike runs on electricity, wrap up its power cord and secure it to the bike before moving.


Packing your treadmill

Treadmills are among the most popular exercise machines because they are easy to use and are great to help with losing weight. But since they weigh a few hundred pounds, moving them to your new house requires some careful planning. Because each treadmill is different, we recommend referencing the owner’s manual for specific instructions when packing. If you cannot find a print or digital copy, then use follow these tips to pack your treadmill. Set the treadmill’s incline to zero and remove the safety key, unplug the treadmill and fold the walking deck up toward the console until it locks into place. Insert the locking pin or tighten the knob to secure it and wrap moving blankets or furniture paper pads around the treadmill to prevent damaging it, your walls and your door frames. Tilt the machine backward around 45 degrees, slide a moving dolly underneath it, and then secure it with rope. Once it has been secured, carefully tilt it toward your chest and push it forward slowly. If your treadmill does not fold, you will either need to disassemble it into parts or have somebody help you carry it to the moving equipment.


Packing your elliptical machine

Elliptical machines provide another great way to work out, but can be challenging to relocate because of their particular shape. Begin by taking it apart, and they can be disassembled into four pieces, the handlebars, the base, pedals and main console.  Wrap them each in furniture pads or moving blankets. Then, place them in the original packaging or in moving boxes. If you cannot disassemble the elliptical, then secure the handlebars and pedal with packing tape so that they do not shift when carried. Wrap the machine in a moving blanket for protection and have someone help you carry it to the moving truck.


Packing your weights

Due to their wide variety of shape and size, there is a difference in ways that you can transport your weights. Never pack too many of your weights into a single box, even your lightest weights, as this will compromise the box, potentially causing it to break or make it too heavy to handle safely. Smaller, lighter weights should be wrapped in bubble wrap and put in the moving box while your heavier, bulkier ones can be wrapped in moving blanket and secured with tape.


Packing your exercise bench

Packing a workout bench is similar to packing furniture. Just wrap it in a moving blanket, secure the blanket with packing tape and then load it into the moving truck. Do not forget to use rope or ratchet straps to prevent it from moving around in the truck.


Now that you have read these 5 tips on moving your home gym we hope that you are more ready to move your gym equipment to your new home. If you are looking for a moving company to help you move to your new home, then visit the East Coast West Coast moving company website or contact one of our representatives to get a free moving quote, begin planning your relocation and schedule your moving date.